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  1. There’s an attacking quality to this side that I have never ever seen in my 4 years of following us.
  2. Feel like we should of started one of Ballou or Millar on the right.
  3. It’s huge that Osorio is implying that David could be better than Alphonso Davies. We mighty actually have 2 world class players for years to come.
  4. Who said Halifax didn’t have talented young players ? Man I’m excited that we’re finding young players and giving them a chance to play.
  5. Not surprised Bayern didn’t want him playing in a game across the globe against a minnow..
  6. Nice goal, TFC playing 3 and potentially 4 Canadians...
  7. Unbelievable, he did it. He might actually be good enough to play for this Bayern team after all, truely a super sub. Can he be more ? You hear Kovacs ? Put him in.
  8. Guess he’s going back to USL L1 tomorrow cause MLS right ?
  9. I’d imagine we get Burnbury and Dero. Look how it worked out for Teal..
  10. You seem misinformed.... Orlando didn’t value him the way he valued himself, they weren’t interested in making him a DP, preferring to make Dom Dwyer a DP. also he wanted to go to Europe which he did, he’s 23 it’s not over.
  11. Of course it’s a 3-5-2 we’ll find a way. Could play Like this: Cav-David davies-Arfield-Hoilett hutch Kaye adekubge-Henry?-Godihno Borjan Holy **** this is hard, like Osorio, Ballou, Millar, Piette, Johnson and Teibert on the bench guys... with Cycle Larin... who would of ever imagined this. Swap Piette and Osorio in for say Kaye and Arfield and you still say good luck getting the ball FG...
  12. Hard to believe we actually have depth at a position, I remember the glory days when we had Kyle Bekker leading the charge.
  13. So you’d go: Hutch Arfield Hoilett Osorio Kaye Piette ?
  14. Phonzie is in the 18 of a top club in the world, just a little different ya know ?
  15. I mean he does need playing time but like he shouldn’t be there over Akindeke for example.
  16. The forgotten man, surely he can start at the GC.
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