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  1. Great depth chart, we've lost Akinola and Tomori, likely Talba too I think. some surprises but thanks, I really hope we can produce more quality players.
  2. I don't get why it's taken so long to get his paperwork done.
  3. Who are our best U-18 prospects ? Anyone on a Talba/Davies level ?
  4. I'm so excited about him, he's Alphonso to me.
  5. So I was thinking about it a bit last night, I think we're in decent shape, we've got some decent young players at multiple positions, I'll try to make a depth chart. GK Crepeau LB ? RB ? CB Morgan Henry James M Piette Chapman Laryea Osorio Davies Bustos Akindele F Larin Akindele Cavini Wright sorry about the spaces and if I'm lacking names ? thoughts ? Input ? Who are we missing ? Any up and coming guys to get excited about ? Sorry if there's another topic like this, I'm a noob here.
  6. No chance of a one time switch for Laba ?
  7. Hello, been browsing here for about 6 months, finally made an account. Could Mattias Laba play for Canada ? Is he close to meeting requirements ? Has he ever stated any interest ? What about Gershon Koffie ? Is that dream dead ?
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