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  1. Wow is right he should of stayed then left, I hope he can get minutes.
  2. I’d want Ballou and Millar there but other than that let’s send a B team, use it a scouting opportunity, I think the CPL guys can qualify to be honest.
  3. Really wondering when we’ll see Okello and Colyn.
  4. He’s probably good enough for Benfica now, but Gent clearly know he can be more than he is now and they can get more.
  5. He’s not doing terribly right now.
  6. This serves to prove that Canadian players can play though, we should hopefully now see Moreno of them with our teams because they just proved that they belong.
  7. Honestly you don’t need to spend big in MLS but it helps, some teams are having success with young players, but you have to play them... I don’t think the caps are screwed I think their management is.
  8. If they ever get competent management they’ll be fine.
  9. Also the league is depending on transfer fees, they’re embracing selling. If a couple of clubs can make even a small amount in year 1 that’s a hugeness success and only helps the league going forward.
  10. As long as these kind of kids are found and not missed by a pro club we’re trending in the right direction.
  11. It’s pretty disgusting like we talk about missing guys well let’s be real here we probably have 5-6 guys across the country at least who are being left out because they are at the academy. No way do those 3 teams carry our best 30 players.
  12. Awhile back someone had said they had reached out to David’s agent to scout Canada for more talent...
  13. Someone might actually pay it though.
  14. I think and hope we’ll see more Canadians getting minutes on American teams.
  15. And we only talk about Busti..
  16. Thought this year was better than last years ?
  17. Think it depends on where he spent his youth.
  18. Didn’t he just finish doing that ?
  19. I hope he can break into the first team, felt he should of played more at the gold cup
  20. Is no one excited that already these “diamonds in the rough” are emerging or re-emerging ? The Can PL is serving it’s purpose
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