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  1. I figure they should just really appeal to Canadians and go with Foot Hockey.
  2. I'm not gonna lie, I think those buildings just simply do not work as a design element to a logo, no matter how well they are integrated. I did really like the wings and sigma theme you were going with earlier.
  3. The generation before baby boomers was known as the 'silent' generation. So mostly like people who would be 80+ They check out to me. CFL TV ratings being strong makes perfect sense with that graph. Millenials and Gen Xers are the ones dropping TV packages for online sources, so programs that attract them will see lowering viewerships, while programs that have strong followings from Baby Boomers would remain strong ratings-wise while the younger generation cable cuts. This would explain why CFL ratings are remaining strong while the graph still remains true. The big takeaway from it is that the CPL will need creative techniques to get strong viewership, and won't be able to rely on cable TV ratings like the CFL can. The NWHL recently announced that they are on board with Twitter streaming, which surprised me as I assumed it would be the bigger leagues to jump on that first. This development makes me personally think it would be something to highly consider for the CPL (and I've seen such discussions on it in the past).
  4. Definitely a negative to "Northlands FC" as a potential name. Everyone I know associates Northlands with "That greasy dirty old area that the city would be better off without".
  5. Yeah, I don't think Calgary necessarily needs to follow exactly Flames' colors. Red is Calgary's color. Not red and yellow or anything else. The Stampeders are red, black, and white, and the Foothills could absolutely be red and beige if they so desired.
  6. I think the color used in the top left one of the 2nd post looks absolutely incredible, and makes the whole emblem look just top-notch. Really gives it a much improved feel over the grey. I don't personally like the other 4 colors too much, I feel they're all a bit 'mustardey'. I feel like the bottom part with the horse, flower, and stripes all in one place is a bit busy. Is it possible to perhaps have the flower shaft extend up the whole way, then have the horse hovering just above the striples? That might end up looking like shite, but could be worth a shot.
  7. That's a fair assessment. I just had a bit of a misunderstanding of your position. I was thinking you were implying keeping tier 1 at 20 teams then up and splitting and adding another 20 teams.
  8. I was actually feeling that my only reservation is that 16 teams feels like a bit much. Surprised to see others saying the opposite that 20 would be when you put in tier 2. I think with the markets available to Canada, 10-14 would feel like an optimal long-term size for a top flight league where I would start doing tier 2. After that, the cities available become a bit of a stretch.
  9. I interpreted it as him avoiding swearing, but your way makes more sense. I really like this plan. Pro/rel at 16 sounds like a perfect long-term goal.
  10. I, for one, predict doom and despair for the league if Calgary ever wins it.
  11. I don't see anything inherently wrong with that. NHL is the most successful sports league in Canada. This is an ongiong discussion about a new sports league in Canada. There is going to be natural comparisons made over the course of a long discussion about using it for examples as to what does and does not work in our sports environment.
  12. NHL players do in fact get paid in the playoffs. It's very low compared to their regular amounts, which makes my point somewhat of a technicality, but it's a bit. http://thehockeywriters.com/nhl-player-playoff-compensation/
  13. Well this thread is off to a smashing start.
  14. I feel saddened at the lack of Edmonton in all the news that has popped up. I mean, I get it, but I am still sad.
  15. If CFL is at 208k and NASL/USL have 41k, I would be expecting 20k-50k by the time it launches, 100k max within the first few seasons if it's really good at getting followers. Especially if twitter continues to dwindle compared to other social media platforms. The league, while public now, has still not made a formal announcement yet really. The day they sit down and say "Here's our league, here's the plan, here are the teams, here is when we launch" is when the subscriber count starts picking up, so I wouldn't be too worried on that note as of right now.
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