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  1. Let's not kid ourselves. Their D and mids are both better than ours. And their forward line is much more experienced. Maybe our starting keeper is better, but not by much. Their midfield has McKennie, Pulisic, Bradley, Roldan. We don't even come close right now lol. Those guys play on bigger clubs and have much more pedigree and international reputation
  2. And what a goal it was! He's scoring some real bangers the exact same way from that same position. Cutting from left to right and curling it into the far right side
  3. That's too bad. I met him in Toronto after TFC beat Vancouver 5-2 in the Voyageurs Cup final this year. He was one of the only players willing to take a pic with me, and even signed my Canada jersey. I respect him
  4. Yes please, I'd like one! I'm new here, Is there a way for me to private message you my address?
  5. They could've made room. That's a sorry excuse, but I was so happy to see him back for Canada today
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