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    Dicdan reacted to ThatOlCeePee in CSL (any and all info/memories)   
    Some dude was awesome enough to post Blizzard v Flamengo in 89
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    Dicdan reacted to Big_M in 2020 Premiere Ligue de Soccer du Quebec   
    For 2021 looks like amateur powerhouse Royal Beauport will enter
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    Dicdan reacted to MM3/MM2/MM in Former CanPL Players   
    Fitting, one of my all-time favorite songs.
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    Dicdan reacted to Obinna in Cristián Gutiérrez   
    Great news for Canadian fans but he's 22 and at the age where he needs to get heavy minutes. Unfortunately though he is unlikely to get ahead of Ali Adnan, who is probably the best left back in the league.
    Either way, the Caps will their left back spot sorted out for sure by the sounds of it.
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    Dicdan reacted to SpecialK in Cristián Gutiérrez   
    Can’t wait!!! To see him a Canadian red Jersey. So pumped!!! 
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    Dicdan reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in Cristián Gutiérrez   
    And now the final Chile 23 man U23 squad is out. Gutiérrez is not included.
    Time to file that one-time switch!
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    Dicdan reacted to BCM in Levi Andoh   
    Does anyone remember seeing Levi Andoh play for Thompson Rivers University in 2018 - thoughts?
    Not a great pedigree (left TRU after one semester to sign with an English 9th Div club) but my team, Ipswich Town, is signing him in January.
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    Dicdan got a reaction from johnyb in MARTÍN AMUZ   
    looks like Biello is already following him, so he has good chances to make it in olympic qualifiers
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    Dicdan reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Chaim Roserie   
    Even if Elva is strong B3, I think that would warrant a look for Canada. Third Bundesliga is probably the best third tier in the world, and is higher than other sources of players we are using for the MNT.
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    Dicdan reacted to Zem in Ben Paton   
    Harry Paton's little brother, he signed with Blackburn's academy in 2016.
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    Dicdan reacted to toontownman in Ben Paton   
    Had completely forgotten about him. Hopefully he can get some first team minutes when fully fit.
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    Dicdan reacted to toontownman in MARTÍN AMUZ   
    He has only started once in the league hasnt he? 
    Either way exciting if we can persuade him to join the cause for Olympic qualifiers. 
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    Dicdan reacted to jordan in MARTÍN AMUZ   
    Canucks abroad has been following and posting his results for 3 years. Though hard to think he would have a call accepted while starting for the first team
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    Dicdan reacted to Corazon in MARTÍN AMUZ   
    A 22 year old that is starting to to get some starts in top flight Uruguay seems like a decent dual national to pursue, especially given the fact he is a center back.  At least an attempt to bring him in to a U23 camp.
    Danubio is not a powerhouse but has had some recent Uruguayan great players play for them such as Recoba, Forlan, Chevanton, Gargano, Stuani, Cavani & Giminez. 
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    Dicdan got a reaction from BrennanFan in Guardian: North American soccer needs a real Canada v USA rivalry   
    looks like now its time to!!
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    Dicdan reacted to Shway in Andres Fresenga   
    Or afresenga on Instagram.
    He seems active, go ahead and ask him yourself. I'm sure he'll be keen to answer any questions for Canadian soccer fans, especially those who have/had an interest in him. 
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    Dicdan reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in CPL General   
    Account now deleted to add to the air of mystery and intrigue.
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    Dicdan got a reaction from Ansem in CPL General   
    prob its Paul Beirne !!!!!!!!!!
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    Dicdan reacted to fil in Vote for the CPL to be in FIFA 20!   
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    Dicdan reacted to Ams1984 in Vote for the CPL to be in FIFA 20!   
    No chance. I’ve been buying FIFA since ‘92. 
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    Dicdan got a reaction from BuzzAndSting in CPL General   
    prob its Paul Beirne !!!!!!!!!!
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    Dicdan reacted to BuzzAndSting in CPL General   
    Some random twitter account with some very detailed “leaks.”
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    Dicdan reacted to Rintaran in 2019 The Challenge Trophy   
    PEI's only men's amateur team at this level plays in the New Brunswick league (NBPSL).
    PEI last competed in 2016, when they were the NBPSL champions (for the 3rd year in a row).
    Perhaps their provincial association has determined they would only submit the team to the competition if they win their league?
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    Dicdan reacted to deschamp86 in 2019 The Challenge Trophy   
    I would hope so. There is clearly quality in these teams based on some of the names I saw, especially with a lack of L1O or PLSQ equivalent in these provinces
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    Dicdan reacted to Shway in Fikayo Tomori   
    The same youth movement that has England eyeing Euro 2020? 
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