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  1. I messaged soccer people in Hong Kong and Taiwan but while Estevez is on the radar for E. Asian football, noone has heard anything concrete about interest. Estevez' likely salary (assuming he's lower-end on the scale here) would be equivalent to a top 3 player in Taiwan. He'd probably get a raise in Hong Kong - which has a special slot for Macanese/Taiwanese players. The Chinese leagues also have a special slot for Macau/Taiwan players, though I don't think he'd be signed on by the CSL, probably the second division instead. He definitely turned heads with his world cup qualifying plays against Jordan and Australia (both decent sides).
  2. Shows up as a starter with St. Hubert in the PLSQ in my records. PLSQ very much still feels like an unmined league, and the ones that have come through (Abzi and Bona come to mind) have all done well.
  3. Considering his path to pro, I think Doner deserves a lot of respect in terms of his determination to make a career for himself. He's taken his chances and has been solid in his position. Before the season, I really doubted whether he'd even start a game. But you're probably right, I'd give PoTY to Ingham or Telfer. His actual offensive production might have been overshadowed but his wonder goal. He's also had some lapse in concentration and poor positioning at times defensively. That said, it's really his first pro season, so I do think even at 25, there is space to grow. And with his attitude, I have a lot of confidence at his ability to improve.
  4. Did he though? Cox only sat out most of the season because a knee injury. He looked great when he did play. I am actually kinda sad if stories are true that Cox has been cut. If he can sort out his injuries, I definitely think he's a starter in our league.
  5. I think I am going crazy sometimes. I like Luca and I can't see anyone starting over him, but I do get a feeling that he is overrated. He's made mistakes at times. At the same time, if Thompson hasn't had all these injuries, and been more visible as a result, I wonder if he'd be heralded a little more.
  6. I don't think we saw enough of him to pass much judgment. All I know is he had a huge fan club come to games. The times he did play, he seemed to show flashes of skills but I don't remember him being productive at all. In terms of the players that left York, he wouldn't be at the top in terms of folks that I would think would get another shot in the league. I think Gogarty, Cox, Furlano, Zambasis for example have all shown so much more
  7. I am trying to, and I think folks reading my posts can appreciate that it's a good faith engagement in trying to understand - but I can't help but think that comments like 'live a life free of racism' and 'it's the future my friend' is hardly good faith. I will gladly retract if I am misreading. Folks on this board that know me in person know that much of my professional and community organizating background is in the area of anti-racism and migrant justice, whether in my teaching, writing, research. I've literally been swamped in these past 2-3 months responding to covid19 based racism, the amount of racist **** we've received at the Chinese Canadian National Council and the need to address the immediate consequences of mass layoffs. That's just some context about where I am coming from. I mean if you think all this work = racism. Then I guess the conversation ends here. That's why I am sounding like a broken record here. But if you are trying to get at something else, I am all ears. I also have no clue how an off hand comment I made at defending UT against unfair characterization and a general comment about how discrimination still exists in society and it'd be good to create inclusive spaces everywhere has devolved into this?
  8. What does that mean? That the well established notion of race as a social construct is racism? To elaborate, we say it's a social construct as the genetic differences between so called different races carry no significance. Findings from the human genome project have indicated that genetic variations within supposed racial groups are far larger than presumed. A European person may well be closer in genetics to an Asian person than a fellow European for example. This knowledge helps us break down the notion used centrally to justify racism - though of course it has since morphed into cultural notions of race, but that hasn't been brought up yet.
  9. I don't even follow what your complaint is. Are you suggesting that my claim that certain groups of people face racism and that we need to practice anti-racism is itself racist?
  10. I guess it's inherently going to be speculative at this stage. But based just on pedigree wonder if Brian Lopez slots in over Murofushi (as much as I love Wataru). I do think it's a testament to the high standards of international signings that I really have no clue who should start. Nicholas Hamilton is another one who has done so well in the Jamaican league, and whom I think can make an impact. The backline though is probably where we can build more consensus around. As much as Arnone has done well with HFX, I really liked the Gasparotto Thompson partnership. Just hope Thompson can stay healthy. Fullbacks are a lock
  11. I'll clarify. Race is a social construct, but its continued resonance through histories of marginalization and systemic racism makes it a reality in our society. Unless you want to deny colonialization, slavery, indentured servitude and its continued relevance in the form of income disparities, disproportionate incarceration, etc., it's clear that race, despite its lack of groundings in biological differences, carry social weight. Pointing out that people in our society are arbitrarily categorized and face differential treatment, thus necessitating the need for policies and practices to ensure inclusion, is not akin to doing the categorization. This of course applies to gender and sexuality (to bring it back to where this conversation began). And guess what, calling out discrimination is a good first step to ensuring that people confronted with discrimination feel comfortable participating in certain spaces. I know as a racialized supporter myself, I haven't always felt welcome Canadian football spaces, and this type of discussion right now doesn't help. I am just thankful that most people here recognize the need to address these issues in the sport. Edit: Re-reading my initial post and the response, I wonder if there might be confusion about what I meant. From my recollection, though a mod has contested it, @Unnamed Trialist was banned after a discussion where he had complained that football fandom spaces seem to be predominantly white, and that non-white fans don't always feel welcome in the space. Macksam then suggested that this complaint was 'bigotry against white people'. I am saying that Macksam's response is groundless. As groundless as suggestions that anti-racism efforts are themselves 'reverse racism'.
  12. To clarify for others not in the know here, this so-called 'race baiting' and 'bigoted view' was @Unnamed Trialistcalling out the fact that so many football spaces seem predominantly white, and that there is a need to be inclusive of the many non-white football fans. The framing of it as 'bigoted' is just more 'reverse racism' bs.
  13. This board never ceases to amaze me ... when even an initiative aimed at bringing in fans traditionally excluded is **** on. The barely latent discrimination rearing its head again ...
  14. Hmm.. that's really curious that he'd be willing to go from $500k/year to $30k/year. Maybe he's really interested in immigrating to Canada?
  15. Ya, I can't help but feel Thompson has been underrated. He was such a solid presence assuming he stays fit.
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