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  1. Now just need to pass photos of Hunt, Clanachan, et al. to Spanish press to confirm on game day!
  2. ...the plot thickens. Looks like precontract was mentioned in the original article and then removed: The database of internationals will be fluid over the course of 2020, as new players will be added and signed to pre-contracts before being made available to all CPL clubs simultaneously. Teams will have to compete with one another over players, and sign them on a first come first serve basis.
  3. ....now I think I am going crazy .. went back to Molinaro's article and I see no mention of pre-signed contracts ... did I just make it up?? My understanding was that players in the pool would first reach an agreement with league front office about financial details and then the individual clubs will negotiate the other intangible details. The idea is to avoid a bidding war ..... but now I am wondering if I just imagined it ... I can't find reference to that.
  4. But the current location is the best of both worlds for public transit and driving. I drive to most of the games and there's literally free parking 8 minute walk away at the Pioneer Village subway station. I doubt parking would be free at the new stadium.
  5. So the latest Molinaro article dismisses the notion of a draft: https://canpl.ca/article/cpl-takes-unique-approach-to-scouting-international-players I even tweeted for clarification at Molinaro and he was nice enough to DM me: This is all very strange.
  6. Right now it's natural grass, but they are switching it out for artificial turf. The track removal isn't 'official', but it's what club officials have told some of us sshers.
  7. ya Mel Lastman is a no brainer, there's packed events there all through the week. I just started day dreaming about having a stadium where the Square itself is. That would be amazing lol.
  8. Tbf to Ben, I don't think he is in charge of pricing (thouhg I might be wrong), and he was very responsive to feedback and questions. I've heard the issue is simply resources/funding for the marketing side. I mean it's flabberghasting that they needed fan volunteers to distribute ssh scarves at the game for example. When they did try a concerted attempt at bringing people out - albeit with free tickets - it was a huge success (I am talking about the Voy Cup game against Montreal). That game showed the potential, and it truly was a top 10 all time live soccer experience for me - in terms of drama and atmosphere
  9. Yep. I also live in North York. Travesty that this isn't the focus. We just have so much more density here than the suburbs too.
  10. I'd be really curious where most season seat holders live. Most of those I know are North York and downtown.
  11. I don't know, I rather they scrap the fancy plan of building a stadium and focus on making York Lions work. It's really not bad, the location is great, capacity is where we need it to be right now, washroom/other facilities are fine. I really have nothing to complain about. The only thing they need to figure out is the pitch. If they did end up moving north to Vaughan, I know a lot of people who travel to the game from downtown who won't be renewing season tickets.
  12. Atletico San Luis wear Joma so I think it'll be fine.
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