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  1. Oh I didn't know that part. This is even more enticing for me if it does indeed give an opportunity to players like Carreiro/Gasparotto to extend their careers. But yea, I am not sure how that fits in with the 3 month season. I'd be surprised if they pay these players more than they're getting in CanPL not prorated.
  2. That said, I believe L1O is changing their format this year (if the pandemic ends), given most of the starters are USports players that leave. It made no sense playing the long season when teams like Alliance who dominated with their USports players, started losing by 5,6 goals a game at the end of the year because of their starters went back to school. PLSQ on the other hand doesn't seem to have this issue.
  3. I don't think they're intentionally looking for a different designation (though I am sure some might see a marginal benefit in marketing). Like I said, this current D2 composition cannot apply for D3 even if they wanted to. The Alberta Soccer Association won't be able to sanction teams in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and BC for e.g. At least that's my interpretation/what I heard.
  4. But D2 and D3 are just arbitrary labels. In this case D2 refers to being sanctioned by CSA and D3 by provincial bodies. It's purely an administrative piece that this is a D2 league as they have teams in multiple jurisdictions. Given the players they intend to target, it's going to be equivalent to L1O/PLSQ. I also don't understand the negative spin on reddit.
  5. Anyone know if there's anyone else in reserve besides Abzi and Farsi?
  6. Right. Inter was trying to convert him there. But he's never played a pro game there before. Tricky. I don't understand why we didn't have a single CB in reserve. Too bad about the TFC outbreak, Dunn would've been crucial.
  7. TMG is out (as is Twardek) ... While I am happy that Abzi and Farsi get their first caps ... this leaves Canada with two CBs....
  8. I would not be shocked if out of necessity with the pandemic, the CSA makes the postponed match the 2020/21 Canadian Championship with the winner qualifying for 2022 CCL. That'll certainly make things feel a little more fair for Forge .. who might not even be able to play in the CCL even if TFC forfeited because of being unable to train.
  9. Nope. Unfortunately, there's very little market for the Canadian Premier League - even though a decade ago apparently there were a lot more Canadians playing the game per-capita relative to the US.
  10. I don't think the issue is that EA isn't offering enough ... if anything CanPL would be willing to pay EA Sports to include the league. EA just isn't interested. It's not like SI Games is paying anything for the CanPL licence. In fact, it's the other way around - why do you think the league has had to so heavily promote Football Manager? And remember it doesn't actually cost SI Games much money to add the league. I mean it's volunteers like me that do all the research and add all the players for them (all I get is a copy of the game/access to alpha). Coding the league is less than a day's
  11. And to be precise, this averages out to at most $37,500 per team ($300,000 tops for the entire league assuming all 30 were making $10k divided by 8 teams). I say at most in terms of the fact that I know many players were getting paid $9-10k contracts (that said, this number could be even lower since there will be quite a few getting paid more than $10k but less than $22k). Now of course, some teams like Valour and York have way more of the bottom end contracts so they'll have a higher expenditure, but ultimately, the point stands that the implementation of this minimum salary has very little i
  12. Yep, this was literally one of the reasons why the union has been pitching voluntary certification and getting things done together instead of through the media. Yet, Clanachan hasn't even returned any of the communications, let alone agreed to a meeting or voluntary certification. This is the result of that decision. I have friends who are thinking of dropping season tickets until the union is recognized. And I know a dozen people who indicated that their primary concern is the failure to recognize the union when York United pushed out their season seat holder survey two weeks ago. The l
  13. Thanks! But lion share of credit will always go to the players willing to step forward to talk to me and others who have reported on this issue, and of course the union organizing itself. This news is a testament to the power of labour organizing and the pressure exerted by fans. It's obvious, but what I was hearing was shear panic behind the scenes at the league office, with clubs angered at the bad press from the past couple weeks. Clanachan even softened his anti-union rhetoric in the colonist piece ... I'll believe him when he voluntarily certifies the union, but until them it's clear t
  14. Then I am not sure if East/West makes sense. Though I suppose to old CPSL had done that for a bit with even less teams.
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