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  1. Where do you see this Saskatoon rumour. I don't see it on reddit?
  2. Yea, I am very shocked about Gogarty. He was a very solid backup, and was tidy at CB (while offering some flexibility as he can play as FB too). But right now I am freaking out about rumours that Gattas posted thanks for the memories message on IG. Sigh .. the league needs to be consolidating its stars not releasing them (if he does leave I hope it's cuz he found a bigger club and not because york didn't want him...)
  3. Surprised Jakubec responded to me. He seems to have misread my tweet, but suggestions that expansion fee was the stumbling block.
  4. Cox has looked great the little minutes he played, so if he was gone - I'd only do it for his injury issues. Estevez is still developing, he's shown glimmers of talent but consistency has been an issue. But considering how great he played against Australia in the WCQ, I'd say he's on the spotlights of a lot of HK/Taiwan/Chinese clubs (where they have specific domestic slots for Taiwanese players - or in the case of HK, Asian slots). I'd try to develop him for another year and try to fetch a transfer fee from E. Asia. Rollocks disappointed me considering how well he's played in L1O. Silva has looked fine when he came on - just a victim of Ingham being so good.
  5. Implications on balanced schedule, expansions, representation in the capital aside, I completely forgot about some of the players on the Fury roster. Would really be excited to see Attakora, Mannella, Haworth, Monsalve player in the league
  6. While I am sure Duane Rockerbie does offer some insights, he hasn't been involved at all for CanPL besides being hired to help with Eaton's report. A lot of the details provided aren't quite accurate.
  7. I agree. Nakajima-Farran was great at TFC... shocking to trade him on his birthday after he scored the winning penalty to get us into the Canadian Championship finals.
  8. We chatted with some people after the game and turns out the club was giving out free tickets at Vaughan Mills. But it seems like it was a good decision. One of these people happened to have worked for the Lynx over a decade ago, and they were so impressed by how professional the set up was. He had a lot of fun at the game, but his only skepticism is with the pitch. He said he'd be watching to away leg to judge how the squad performs. He said he'd definitely go buy tickets to more games
  9. While I am happy to have the CSL (and I am sure onesoccer will pick up some subscribers from hardcore fans), most overseas Chinese do not really follow the league - they tend to watch European football like everyone else. I wouldn't even say the CSL has a big following in HK, hardcore supporters follow the local HK League and usually only have eyeballs on the Chinese clubs when we play against them in champions league.
  10. I was at the game, and have been very critical of turnout and york 9 marketing. This was a decent turnout. Does it match the levels of Halifax and Forge? Of course not. But it's an improvement and shows that we can get crowds at a more sustainable level when the weather is a little better. The ownership just needs to hire more staff and put more money into marketing, instead of relying on volunteers to take on some of the tasks.
  11. The amsl equivalent in bc would probably be the Pacific Coast soccer league.
  12. Ya, from my vantage point, I thought I saw Gen 9 folks pushing and punching random Hamilton fans. I later heard that a Hamilton fan spat at the Gen 9 folks after some chirping back and forth... either way a terrible look. We don't need this sorta thing in the CanPL
  13. I just got home, and I am beyond livid at York 9 FC. We all want the team to succeed, but what a terrible first impression. I was one of the lucky few who found shelter inside the building and were let back into the stadium before the start of the game. But I too was told by a security guard that the game was cancelled (but I knew better). Also heard from many others told the same thing (felt crappiest for fans who apparently travelled from as far as Montreal and Victoria but ended up leaving). And as Gopher mentions, completely appalling that families and well anyone was sent away from the overhangs. Security could have at least directed people to nearby campus buildings if they felt overhangs were unsafe. There was pretty much no communication throughout the weather. And after all this mess, security had the gall to recheck my ticket, when I walked back to the supporters section. ---- And I forgot to mention, security decided it was a good idea to funnel both Hamilton and York 9 supporters through the same exit. Unsurprisingly, fights broke out. Shame on the fans that fought but the management could've avoided it.
  14. Reminder that the pioneer Village Commuter Parking Lot is free on weekend s
  15. 100% agree. I still think the league should be providing a living wage at the minimum level and you'll need a union for that. As a byproduct, it'll also drastically improve the level of players (not that I am complaining)
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