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  1. I agree. I am not sure Dan Kruk's point was that Nick Bontis is being sent in to deal with the PFACan, but when I brought up the information I had that Bontis is involved with Labourwatch, the largest unionbusting conference/org in the country, they expressed worry that it may have influenced CSA's inaction in ensuring CanPL followed FIFA directives to consult and seek agreement with players and their unions. Haha, yes briarpatch is still around. They've published four of my articles so I am grateful. Haber might not have lit the league up, but he was one of the more high p
  2. https://briarpatchmagazine.com/articles/view/levelling-the-playing-field I had a chance to speak to Marcel De Jong and a number of players who had to remain anonymous, along with Dan Kurk and a bunch of supporters for this piece. I know there's been a lot of articles on this for the past week, but I focus a little more on union busting history in soccer leadership. The PFACan is in particular concerned about Nick Bontis links to Labour Watch, probably the largest unionbusting conference in the country, considering the PFACan was in charge of following FIFA mandates to urge leagues to c
  3. The league did not reach out to the union to design the Island Games. In fact there has been no communication between the league and the union. The closest to that was during a player meeting during the Island Games, where Clanachan promised to have a meeting about union issues after the season but as of February, he has yet to communicate. This was why players were so angry about the Island Games - some players told me they apparently only heard about the pay deferral (that later became a cut) through social media. Revenue sharing isn't a demand right now - again, the union has offere
  4. 96% of CanPL players during early-2020 signed union cards. That is unprecedented; usually it's 40-50%. The union is seeking voluntary certification, to avoid the drawn out public battle that is happening right now and both sides incurring further cost by engaging in a contested certification process in five different jurisdictions. With all the negative PR right now, the league may fold ... but then again it's lead by an infamous union buster (and not that it's 100% relevant, but Nick Bontis was a keynote speaker for multiple years at Labourwatch, an infamous unionbusting conference), so
  5. Carmine Issaco said in the interview that there are some international players getting paid 50-70k in his interview. He suggests that's a reason why salaries get pushed to the lower end for local players. Duane doesn't deny the existence of outliers. Bekker, Edgar are both known to be top earners, as was De Jong in his first season (think this was blamed for some roster issues in 2019).
  6. The only club that provides housing to the majority of the squad is HFX, largely because most of the squad comes from out of town. At York, housing is pretty much only provided to international players, hence why it's referred to as 'international house'.
  7. Based on the broader conversation, I am thinking he's implying that the pay disparities being justified by analytics means it's unsustainable for local players to stay in the game long enough to reach their prime. But also that even though there's young players right now, the algorithm will be biased towards foreign players and the tam won't stick with these players long enough (though he does say he believes the bias is caused by not having enough data with the league's short history so who knows if he thinks this changes longterm). Finally, he doesn't actually dismiss foreign players. In fac
  8. Wow scathing interview. Key points: -corroborates $750k cap and blames salaries for early retirement of players. He reveals York previously operated with a minimum salary, but this changed in 2020 w rookies offered $10k -Isacco sets aim at how the league does analytics through 21st Club, arguing that the algorithm undervalues local players and is used to justify paying them poverty wages, sometimes 5x less than some internationals -That’s why players like Zambasis, Gogarty, Sacramento don’t have that opportunity to fail, because of this algorithms. Do you know how many Osorios a
  9. It's also infamously hard to prove for something like an anti-trust case (or at least so I heard, definitely not my expertise). But these accusations go in line with the secret drafts the first dibs at hometown players etc.
  10. https://northerntribune.ca/pfa-canada-golden-spoon-athletes/ I feel like pretty significant news is getting buried under the headlines right now: ..remember, this is not 'single entity' ...
  11. https://www.fifpro.org/en/about-us/canadian-union-looks-to-improve-working-conditions Official release on PFA Canada joining FIFPRO, highlighting poverty wages, need for minimums, autocratic management + lack of independent arbitration, and addressing women player issues. Imagine how different things could've been if the league engaged in voluntary certification and worked with the players from the start. This article in front of a world footballing audience could've been about a fledging league working with players to find solutions in the face of challenges around pandemic, esta
  12. I know it's not really your main point but Adjei is probably a bad example. He was the top scorer with 27 goals in 25 games last year in the Swedish 3rd Division and managed to make a move to a first Division mid table team this year.
  13. There is a difference between supporting workers and making excuses for management, because there exists a power imbalance between labourers and bosses - there is no neutrality on a moving train. You are certainly right to suggest that fans are driven by political persuasion - so it's a question of whether you see 'this' as a community building project that includes players (recognizing as Nathan Kalman-Lamb says "athletes need a system that does not require them to sacrifice their bodies to allow other workers to feel whole") or as passive consumption of entertainment. I suppose if that'
  14. And my point all along is for fans to support the unionization efforts so that players have a seat at the table to address the issue. Players have reached out to many people, including me, to express their frustrations. Fans need to be that added leverage. It also shouldn't be up to fans to cheerlead and make excuses for the owners and management. A lack of solidarity with the labour struggle is to dehumanize players for the sake of our entertainment - a pretty repugnant act that I hope 'supporters' avoid.
  15. You have to factor in road trips though, York playing against say Pacific would be a good 12 hours in travel at least, let alone being away from the home city.
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