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  1. 100% agree. I still think the league should be providing a living wage at the minimum level and you'll need a union for that. As a byproduct, it'll also drastically improve the level of players (not that I am complaining)
  2. They were there ( I assume you mean the bucket seats), but weirdly enough they were placed right below the stands instead of the tracks, putting some distance away from the pitch.
  3. You can pay $2 at pioneer Village Commuter lot. Its a 5 min walk.
  4. I was wrong sight lines suck in that stand. Bench blocks it
  5. I would be surprised if sight line was the issue. The bleachers in question (see my photos below) are raised. But this is certainly mysterious, and is begging for a proper journalist to ask questions. The whole stadium issue has been concerning. Add this to what I had heard about York U apparently footing most of the renovations (which pisses me off to no ends as an employee of the University).
  6. From what i heard, the York Lion pitch is actually below regulation (which is why that friendly with the Italian team was abruptly moved to OSC). But apparently York has a one year excemption from CSA.
  7. Unfortunately, it pays better than what CanPL offers at the moment. Hopefully, by next year, wages will go up.
  8. I know York hasn't looked great, but Murofushi has been consistently solid, tidy passing, and even managed well defensively today with a number of blocks and tackles. Estevez-tsai needs to be more consistent but he's shown glimmers of creativity and neat passing, including today's lead up to the adjei miss. Gattas, we still haven't seen enough of but he was massive today vs Pacific
  9. I've asked peopel that work for York ... they say they don't know (or well, don't want to tell me). I am really curious. Maybe they changed their mind before contract signed.
  10. Haha, tell me about it. I actually have barely played the game this year, but spent so much time editing the db for this mod. My comprehensive examination for my PhD was due last week and I seriously think I put in equal amount of time for both last week. It's like my version of the model trainset as a hobby I suppose. But can't say it hasn't affected my family life :p
  11. Even added a bit of an easter egg, given the rumours of a Dero CanPL swansong after the MISL season. Dero is now available to sign as a 40 yearold player/coach.
  12. The biggest update yet! 11 May 2019 Changes (3.0) -Head-to-head match-ups between FCE, Valour, and Forge now determine CL qualifications (credit to modelcitizen) -Faces for each CanPL player and staff added (credit to workthespace, stevieg42) -Stadium photos (credit to workthespace) -AMSL with Cavalry and Edmonton U21 now playable -Added PCSL, MMSL, L1O Reserves, NSSL -Roster updates -Staff updates (including L1O/PLSQ) -Hundreds of minor tweaks to improve long-term play-throughs
  13. Have any of the usports draftees signed usport one year contracts. Seems to me like everyone signed so far are on full contracts?
  14. I figured out (from looking at another mod) how I might do a 10 match/18 match split. I hate that's not an even 14/14, but I should probably keep it realistic - so I'll probably release that soon. Maybe I'll leave both options. I also fixed the problem with Pacific and HFX rarely using away jerseys. And am beginning work on USports/Draft
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