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  1. Burlington is part of the Hamilton CMA, not Toronto, so... debatable? 🤔
  2. Claiming all the way up to the edge of Hamilton. Huh.
  3. I've always hated this phrase. Losing is a result too.
  4. You know what, if you get to keep bringing it up I get to keep disagreeing. Get rid of diving.
  5. Not that it makes a huge difference in the overall numbers, but the league office takes an equal cut for operations funding. So each of 9 clubs does get 1/10 of the value. Perhaps other league do similar but that's the one I know about.
  6. I'm also on team get-rid-of-diving.
  7. Not a huge fan of the name if true. At the very least anglicize to Ottawa Athletic FC or even Ottawa Athletics.
  8. I'm normally a large, and an XXL jersey fits like a regular L. 5'11 225lb.
  9. ^^^ also should have been a cup.
  10. I don't see how he's read any more into what's posted than what's there.
  11. You don't though. They turn into seedings, and with that home advantage and better schedules for better teams. I'm of the belief that to be the best, you have to be long-term consistent (ie be good enough to qualify) AND win when it's do or die (Win in the playoffs). Teams play to the format they're in. There was a playoff set out at the start, Forge didn't need to win the fall season to make it, so they didn't. You can't look at Cavalry and just say well they came first in both, when Forge and other teams as well would play differently if the playoff wasn't there. I think at 7 teams, you don't want half the league to qualify. 3 seems best to me, 3rd @ 2nd, winner @ 1st. IF a third place team goes on the road and wins two knockout games, and supposedly "better" teams couldn't finish them off with home advantage and maybe a bye, then that team earned it to me.
  12. You can't even drink out of it!
  13. Top 3 playoffs would be best IMO. 1st gets a bye, 2 vs 3 semi-final. And no more stupid split season.
  14. I really like how on the black and gold jerseys the hammer logo is sublimated behind the H.
  15. Well, there's probably a good chunk who are like me, and are or have been Ticats STH as well. So could be in year 6 of having their seats in the new stadium. Weather can play a big deal, whether you want to have the same view as the cameras do, etc. Unfortunately I didn't get to any of the CL matches to see what it was like with only one side open, but I also think I'd prefer less intense crowd all around instead of full or empty. But, no experience to base that on.
  16. West is best, imo, at THF. The stands block the winds predominately out of the West, and the sun is behind you. My Ticats tickets are on the west for those reasons. I wonder if they've already implemented the East-only strategy for single game tickets? The game against York seemed have noticeably more people on the east side from my perspective in 114.
  17. I don't really like it. Regular, year-long season with a top four, two round playoff would be preferred. Also, @Lofty, the championship game IS a playoff.
  18. We build arenas in every town instead.
  19. The rain seems to have finally stopped, let's hope that any further weather holds off until after the game.
  20. Hmm, I couldn't tell any of that. I'm pretty new to watching soccer. I couldn't see what happened and there was no replay to show. Or clock running on the scoreboard. It was stopped at 90 in-stadium
  21. My dream future is for the Hamilton Tigers to be reborn as a professional rugby team. Hoops galore.
  22. Welp, this game had everything that makes it hard to try to start watching this sport. Penalties for guys falling over their own feet. No explanation about what penalties are for. No replays to try to figure it out, or even if you know what is for to decide if you agree, or even see a better angle. Arbitrary time added that they don't even show OR keep the clock counting, so you can't even tell how far into mystery time you are. Seems like a coaches challenge or something would be useful. Frustrating....
  23. What is with the complete lack of in-stadium replays? It's infuriating
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