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  1. I gotta say, I love that the Impact are in MLS and competing at a higher level, but I really miss those nights when we used to play against opposition from divisions higher than us (Voyageurs Cup or CCL). Those nights had a feeling to them that you just cant replicate. For a minute, looking at this clip, I even miss Saputo stadium 1.0.
  2. MLS and NHL arent canadian leagues though, are they? In the north american context, the french language is negligable, yet there is french content on NHL.com and MLSSOCCER.com. I think it should be proportionnaly higher on canpl.ca given the larger proportion of francophones within Canada. Im not saying it should be 50/50, but in due time, it should represent the proportion of francophones within Canada. For the moment, its almost inexistant.
  3. Cash to burn? Give me a break. It already knows the name of the league in french. Printing it on those balls was a 0$ investment that expands the reach of the league even if in the slightest way. Also, as a profit organization, it should want to expand its brand rather than restrict it.
  4. Well, Blake Smith can play as a winger as well I guess.
  5. It seems that Legault to PCF is to be announced shortly.
  6. You do understand that there is a fair deal of marketing involved, right? Sponsorship, isnt just some philantropical endeavour. You want to expand your brand. In that sense it makes perfect sense to want to geographically stretch your brand's reach by associating it to other "popular" brands.
  7. Pretty cool that its made out of wood. I guess the usage of flares will be banned.
  8. Actually, it seems as though he served as some sort of ambassador for this signing :
  9. Agreed, he was MOTM for me. Didnt put a foot wrong all game.
  10. I was expecting "us" to go for someone big in the summer, but if we can get some reinforcements now it would help us keep us afloat until then. As you said, we do need to sign a few players. We only have two strikers, 3 wingers, and no attacking midfielders really (except for young prospects Choinière and Sejdic). @Moldy9 You're right. Hadn't even thought of that! ?
  11. From what I'm hearing, it could be 24 yr old Panamanian winger Omar Browne. He recently scored two goals against TFC to knock them out of CCL. There were rumours last week that IMFC were lining up a move for Columbian striker Miguel Borja. He would be a dp calibre signing however. The latter rumour made more sense when there were chances of Pato landing in Palmeiras to replace Borja. But now, I guess Browne makes more sense. We could play Okwonkwo up front.
  12. Well, Novillo wasnt there as well. And the absence was more than just Piatti, there was also Diallo missing.
  13. Came here to post that. Away games to the USA AND Canada. Yikes.
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