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  1. @xcalibre well wouldn't you know it, we at GRU are designing our next scarf and we are planning to add a Galt FC 1904 nod to the Olympic Champions! Want to help is design?
  2. Anyone have news about a Waterloo Region CanPL team? Any rumors out there? Because at this rate facts are way to rare of a gem to ask for . . . .
  3. @stevieeatworld Grand River Union is hosting a viewing party at Edelweiss in Kitchener. Here is the link to our FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/2114754982087259/ All are welcome! Please post above. Thanks.
  4. Farmers FC (Elmira Ontario) . . . but if population is a factor then I am using Waterloo! (Or if you want more representative cities of the CPL then just put me down for Waterloo anyway. @Levi Oakey can have Kitchener.
  5. FYI I started an MLS Fantasy league at http://fantasy.mlssoccer.com/ Click the link, pick a team, then join the "Grand River Union" league so we can play against each other
  6. @GuillermoDelQuarto that Canada v England poster is great lol. I really like the Brandon logo. Nice, clean and elegant. Im neither for or against Ferrari but why not try it with another animal say a deer?
  7. You are going to have to explain the game to me. Sounds fun. I want to play!
  8. https://www.facebook.com/events/1089317421191020/ Viewing party in Kitchener for this Saturdays game!
  9. @admin I received mine last week as well. Thanks a bunch!
  10. I dont know if ppl have gotten over the expanded format yet! But ya I am all for the idea of games in Canada!
  11. @rob.notenboom GRUnion also has a twitter presence. https://twitter.com/grusupport
  12. @rob.notenboom Good idea! I dont think we assigned that job to anyone yet.
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