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  1. His team is playing Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 Terry Fox South @ 20:30
  2. Really nice testimony from Charlie Davies on team protocole and Weston McKennie. Won’t lie, I had a tear or two.
  3. I guess drone pilot like to fly over sport field to film. I play co-ed soccer and we often hear/see drone flying over our field. #DroneGate
  4. El Salvadore back at it. 3-2
  5. Back to the game now. Really hope it doesn’t pop back in the second haft.
  6. I’m with Bell and doesn’t have access to the west coast feed. Back in the days with Videotron, we had access to west, central and east feed.
  7. This Storm warning is annoying. It’s been on for 10 minutes. Missing the game. On FOX.
  8. El Salvador defense is on a breakdown.
  9. It will be a long night for Panama too. They play after the Costa Rica/Jamaica game.
  10. He probably drank to much rakija. Never drink and twitter.
  11. I just saw that there will be 3 matches per international window (September, October, January & March) for the Octo, except for the November one. It will be a busy end of 2021.
  12. I was listening to a FB live from Haiti football federation. https://fb.watch/62fBw99jWg/ @ 1:00 I could heard that Soni Mustivar left the Nicaragua game early because he was mad and that he left the team. Not sure if the media guy said that a second player will be missing Canada game. Couldn’t heard what he was saying.
  13. Maignan to AC Milan is official.
  14. Apparently, Soumare is going to Leicester.
  15. After game interview (en français). At 1'26 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbSh7gzYFyM
  16. I fell asleep too before the second hafl. What a suprise I had in the morning when I looked at the score.
  17. Curaçao are getting concacafed by El Salvador. Curaçao doesn't look half good as I thought they would be. There are slow and no creativity.
  18. Send free resort vacation to the wives of fences sitters to [insert tiny caribbean island] and you just convince some fence sitters to join the ship.
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