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  1. After game interview (en français). At 1'26 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbSh7gzYFyM
  2. I fell asleep too before the second hafl. What a suprise I had in the morning when I looked at the score.
  3. Curaçao are getting concacafed by El Salvador. Curaçao doesn't look half good as I thought they would be. There are slow and no creativity.
  4. Send free resort vacation to the wives of fences sitters to [insert tiny caribbean island] and you just convince some fence sitters to join the ship.
  5. And that's the main reason why I hate TFC now... the freaking american coaching staffs.
  6. He must do 10 pages for his essay. Anything to gain a line or two. Haha
  7. I think that every stats count other than goals scored by the team that lose by forfeit. Might be wrong though.
  8. Dr.Dre

    Milan Borjan

    If you look at the Canada soccer social media accounts, they posted a video of "Best saves" and "Top 5 goals" of the training and it seems Borjan wasn't training. So my guess is that he won't play on tuesday.
  9. Dr.Dre

    Milan Borjan

    From Bernier's instagram story, Milan eye looks better but still swelled.
  10. I guess with all the hate Owen gets, I won't wear my signed Hargreaves's Manchester United jersey at any Voyageurs event...
  11. Would be even funnier if we made out to the knockout stage and winning the quarter and semi by penalties, just to win the final on penalties.
  12. Yes, they traveled yesterday (Wednesda).
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