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  1. I'm happy for him. He was my main concern with Ottawa folding.
  2. His position is fine. He's not going to tuck inside closer to Thiago and he's not going over commit himself ahead of Perisic. He's also not going to drop because of the press.
  3. I've watched it multiple times and I still disagree. He was also the 6th highest up the pitch when Spurs won the ball and covering Sissoko during the press. The following happened first before Davies had to scramble: 1) Thiago and Kimmich was a step too late with the press. 2) Pavard wasn't strong in the tackle against Sessegnon 3) Kimmich is drawn to the ball and fails to track Eriksen 4) Martinez was ball watching and then goes to ground for no reason.
  4. Son was playing up front on the last man, and Phonz was given the opportunity to go forward more than Pavard, so I don't agree.
  5. Petrasso hasn't played RB for over a year. What is Wotherspoon doing at RW? Borges at CM?
  6. He's probably our best defender as well, so it's about balance. David on one end and Davies on the other.
  7. He's a permanent potential world class piece in our rather doggy backline. The problem is his combination of inexperience with the other inexperienced defenders like Cornelius and Laryea. And that can only solved by games and time, not talent. Also highlights the giant hole in CSA's development that we don't have a decent defender between the ages of 26-31. Also it suits our player pool and gives players like Tesho, Millar, potentially Tabla, Borges and Nelson an path to fight for the left wing spot. My hope is David gets better as an inside forward role, Cavallini up top and Hoilett playing on the right.
  8. Based on the limited sample size where Cornelius played LB for a few games with VWFC, I would rather we play Miller then.
  9. I can see someone like Dortmund or Leipzig taking a gander at that price.
  10. The US will wise up and add another body into midfield as a 4-3-3. So there's no point in playing a box and exposing our fullbacks, especially Miller who has been exposed in league play.
  11. I'm not really a fan of him playing out of position as a winger.
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