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  1. Why not Adegukbe? He's 22 and well established as a starter.
  2. Kaye seems like a player that will make up for the ****housery in midfield.
  3. I don't think we lack depth at CB. We just have young high potential players yet to be tested. ZBG, Cornelius and Henry are MLS quality defenders at the least.
  4. Stuff like this. I haven't seen him post much about the CanMNT, especially during our Gold Cup run.
  5. The more I follow his Insta, the more I think he'll switch to Nigeria.
  6. I agree with this lineup. Also, if we're up by 2+, give Okello some minutes.
  7. Jayden Nelson looks next level. He has a mixture of speed and close control that could see him being accelerated through the ranks. I was beating people easily in his last TFC II game.
  8. On the first, Kamal was trying to recover to the right from his LCB position, and then the RB had a complete shocker and gave the ball away with a backheel? Second one, they didn't press the long passer when they played a high line. A ball over the top and it's a foot race. Will Johnson is then late to spot the late run from midfield. Both of these goals are terrible team goals to give up, and in both cases, Kamal may have been the least to blame.
  9. It must be a testament to how well he's doing in training. Vanney could have put DeLeon or Ciman there as a more experienced and natural replacement, but he felt comfortable giving time to Richie.
  10. I'm hoping he displaces Sagna at RB, or move Sagna inside and replace Cabrera.
  11. Yes it is, big guy. https://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20180729/news/667236/the-perils-and-perks-of-adding-a-retractable-roof-to-ford-field It is your goal on this forum to be an utter jackass.
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