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  1. The initial post by One American references next year, so I'm assuming that Kennedy and Buchanan will progress to a being a starter. To be fair, it's not out of the possibility of reason. I have my doubts. With regard to Oso on the left, you're right. The idea would be to give him the ability to come inside as a faux 10 and play off of Arfield. That along with the double-pivot as cover will give Davies the freedom on the left to bomb forward. This may be a better solution. Bring in ZBG at RB.
  2. Eh, it's not half bad. Piette should be changed with Kaye probably, but lots of good possessors and cover through midfield, which will give Davies and Laryea the ability to get high up the pitch.
  3. That's a bit unfair to the guy. When he was on form at 23, he looked like a real prospect. That was a year after he scored a bunch in USL.
  4. Your list is better than Oliver's. A few things I would change: 1. I think we need to bring Akinola into WCQ and we either drop Millar or Wotherspoon to Gold Cup. 2. Jakovic has to be there somewhere if he hasn't retired. 3. I'd add N'Sa and Godinho, possibly Simmons and Young for the Olympic team.
  5. He is very left footed though and should have never played that pass into the centre of the pitch. That goal was on him. He seems to have bouts of poor concentration causing some sort of error like tonight, or doesn't track a runner, get's flat footed. If he could sort out the mental side, he's be top CB/LB in MLS.
  6. Amuz, Yankov and Corbeanu are in. Akinola: Good discussions and good possibility Ferreira: preference is Portugal but hasn't closed door Marmoush and Ferdi have declined.
  7. I think Oso is our most tactical adept midfielder we have and can anywhere in a 3. He should be starting over Kaye.
  8. He seems like a hard worker and a decent system player. Hopefully he can add more end product to his game. The assist helps.
  9. He should look for a move back to Europe.
  10. His cross delivery and passing are very good. It's too bad Montreal has no decent forwards to finish.
  11. The Belgian league had a doozy this morning:
  12. He's fine. One of the bright spots for Edmonton, aside from the red card.
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