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  1. There was a point in the first half when Miller tackled Joel Campbell, got hyped, the bench was up and Laryea got involved. You love to see it especially in CONCACAF.
  2. Vilsaint should be on there as well. Looks like a very talented crop.
  3. Come on at CM in the second half. Looks like he's progressing to at least make the bench for the first game. Only one more preseason game left against Milan.
  4. It's definitely on the shorter side of most goalkeepers, but Max Crepeau is the same.
  5. He doesn't have the height but has a number of intangibles for a great goalkeeper. Happy for him.
  6. That's a fair assessment. Their midfield was non-present but their backline was excellent, especially Sands, Vines and Robinson. That's probably the only takeaway for GGG.
  7. Agreed about the backup for Johnston. My hope is that Waterman will now get a run of games with Struna out/gone/who knows?. He looked great up until his injury last month and he's just coming back. Didn't look good in the FCC game.
  8. Given how reactive this thread is based on individual games, I thought Vitoria and Miller were excellent with Dike and Zardes. The goal came from a result of not stopping the cross and not tracking the runner at the back post.
  9. Playing in midfield today.
  10. Do we need a result? If we were meeting Mexico or El Salvador in the semis, we go all out in this game to play the runner-up, but it's Jamaica and Costa Rica. Two evenly matched teams.
  11. ------Hoilett------Ayo----Corbeanu-- -Pasher---Piette-----Fraser--Laryea- ------Sturing---Henry--Johnston---- ---------------Crepeau--------------- The only person with a yellow is Johnston.
  12. Sturing Henry Johnston Sub in Miller for Johnston at some point.
  13. Exactly. Rest a bunch of players and let's see who we get in the QF.
  14. Oh, US just game up a penalty from some bad defending.
  15. Henry was exposed a lot, but I think most of the team was woeful outside of Eustaquio.
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