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  1. Based on the limited sample size where Cornelius played LB for a few games with VWFC, I would rather we play Miller then.
  2. I can see someone like Dortmund or Leipzig taking a gander at that price.
  3. The US will wise up and add another body into midfield as a 4-3-3. So there's no point in playing a box and exposing our fullbacks, especially Miller who has been exposed in league play.
  4. I'm not really a fan of him playing out of position as a winger.
  5. All I want is Coupland to land somewhere.
  6. I expect there will be a statement from the CSA soon.
  7. TBF, Davies wasn't that great on the wing when Cuba played here. I think he's still very one-dimensional on the wing and only seems to thrive during transition moments. Much like what happened against the US and when he played for Vancouver. But if it gets crowded through midfield, he lacks the ability to play well through the lines. Something Hoilett, David, Oso, Arfield do well enough. My opinion is with our dodge backline, if we have someone starting for Bayern Munich and challenging one of the best fullbacks in the world in Alaba for minutes, it makes more sense. We also have a ton of cover at DM if he bombs forward with Piette, Kaye, Hutch, and Eustaquio, possibly Fraser as well.
  8. Tactically he's grown leaps and bounds in such short amount of time. One major strength that hasn't been said is his ability to win aerial balls consistently due to his height and agility.
  9. Had a great tackle to stop a dangerous counter.
  10. They seem to have more faith in him that we expect. They could have brought Thiago or Tolisso into midfield and play Alaba, Pavard, Martinez, and Kimmich across the back four.
  11. Coman, Gnabry and Lewandowski are all on the pitch. He's at LB.
  12. I don't think we'll go with box midfield again but I hope we go for a double pilot again with the same types of players. Maybe a 4-2-3-1 with Arfield on the right, Davies on the left and Oso at 10.
  13. Maybe it's time to get a little more open minded that he can be really good (possibly world class) LB. He has all the physical tools, just needs more tactical understanding.
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