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  1. So Joe Gomez and John Stones have been displaced from their respective starting lineups. Will Keane screwed up royally for England in their last game. Tomori has now started in consecutive games so I think this thread will be closed in the near future.
  2. 3G wants a type of 6 who can deliver diagonals to their wide players. Bradley is still their best DM for that.
  3. Miller wasn't bad on left back. Maybe gives us a bit more balance if Laryea is bombing up the other flank.
  4. Yeah, making two subs in a 4 man backline is asking for trouble. The red card threw a wrench in everything.
  5. Although Gent plays him there, they play a diamond giving him license to roam with 3 CMs behind him. I don't see him in a midfield triangle unless we concede the centre of the park.
  6. Made the FIFA 19 team of the week. Go update your Canada squads. https://www.futhead.com/19/totw/totw45/
  7. If we're not basing it on promise, we're looking at his form in the CPL, and I'm sorry but he's not even a top 3 winger. Petrasso, Borges, and Pasquotti are ahead of him.
  8. https://edmontonjournal.com/sports/soccer/van-diest-road-to-world-cup-qualifying-took-a-wrong-turn-for-canada/wcm/93971632-0f70-447e-b267-905aff8dc2b0 Explains the reason why we haven't played many friendlies over the past year.
  9. Davies still playing the majority of his minutes at LB. Still a fan of it for our player pool.
  10. Akindele being recalled is probably why Millar isn't in the team.
  11. The Legoland promotion was amazing because I have small kids. If there's more of that, or half price for kids under 12, I'll be there a lot.
  12. He would automatically becomes the Concacafiest player on the pitch. He's a s*** stirrer.
  13. So be it. He has to grind to get to this point. He deserves the best chance to advance his career, and that I believe that would be with T&T. He's not going to find much minutes with Canada.
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