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  1. But Chapman and Hamilton had decent runs in the team. Hamilton especially because Jozy was injured so much.
  2. He needs a trade. Imagine waiting 2 years for your opportunity, a new coach, and then some 18 year old midfield prodigy just bodies him down the depth chart.
  3. Straith only played 40 games in B2 before dropping down a level and staying there. It's easy to assume that Scott will surpass that, unless something happens.
  4. Worth noting that JD scored against Roma last year, a Champions League team. Edit: Probably not Champions League level anymore but still a good Serie A team.
  5. The Top Drawers ratings are out. No surprise who's at the top: https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer/college-national-top-100/men National: 1. Gloire Amanda (F) 13. Kyle Hiebert (D/M) 25. Noah Jensen (M) 34. Tani Oluwaseyi (F) 80. O'Vonte Mullings (F) https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college/freshmentop100/?genderId=m&periodId=64&seasonId=2020&nopage=0 Freshmen: 19. Alex Krakowiak (M) 24. DeAndre Kerr (F) 34. Brandon Cambridge (M) 41. Jacen Russell-Rowe (F) 78. Matthew Radivojsa (M)
  6. Goes to show how good that finish against the US was.
  7. If you're speaking about 2017, I mean they won everything that year with Delgado in the lineup. You can't fault Vanney for that. Also 2011-2017 Oso was not as versatile or tactically astute as he is now. Based on what I recall, Oso always saw himself as a no. 10 but he never really had the end product for it. He seems to have a career rethink around 2017 working on his defensive commitments. Obviously now, he's better in most facets than Delgado.
  8. I haven't seen much in terms of end product with goals or assists, or be able to work in the half spaces like other modern wingers. The Altidore cross was good, but if that's his best attribute, he can easy do that on the overlap. I don't think it's an indictment to be pegged more as a wingback. He looks like he has the tools to dominate the left side with his workrate and pace in a back five. He may not have the defensive tools for a back four though and that may hold him back.
  9. Yes, I think Miller and Kennedy would be my preferred pairing, form pending. It seems the majority of our up and coming CB pool are left footed aka Cornelius, Montgomery, Miller, Kennedy and Sturing and it seems our RCB pool has only established but questionable options aka Henry, Vitoria, James and Ferriera. If any of our up and comers possess some sort of right foot, it may be worth the switch. I've seen Kennedy a few times and he seems confident with both feet, wayward passing aside.
  10. Tajon's position in the starting eleven for CA is blocked by someone named Richie Laryea. For us, he should gamble on Europe and hope he takes that next step.
  11. It must be amazing to get the shirt from a true great. I'm so happy for Neymar.
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