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  1. oh... and if u guys are truly canadian..... screw the CDN telco's! dont pay to watch with bell/rogers/telus/sasktel... if u have an android/apple tv box, u can watch it on espn2
  3. yeah yeah yeah! i took em at 3.15 with also the canucks at 1.40. stupud me... i only put down a purple! =(
  4. thnx for always posting the viewing party info.

  5. holy crap sstackho.... u got published in the guardian!! ABOUT CANADIAN FOOTBALL!?!? hahhahahhahhahah!
  6. yeah, i was thinking EXACTLY the same thing about your sage like fortune telling AND YEAH, I WAS ALSO THINKING THE SAME EXACT THING ABOUT MANY OF THEIR PLAYERS!
  7. yes, that short corner was awesomely executed. (im not sure if i got the players right) the key is watching JH after he plays it short to JO. JO turns to play it back and JH feins to go that way to support him drawing his mark. however, JH breaks to the byline and JO turns a simple backheel into space. JH correctly hits it hard with his first touch across goal, while the entire time, DC times his run perfectly... only to mess it up by not connecting. wasting a golden opportunity like that is gonna kill this team when it matters. theres no excuse for that not going in. sorry for being 'that guy' but cavalini was also very lucky hist goal in the first half went in. he was inches from bungling that wide of the open net. these two examples must be finished with more poise or else this team will never better than nz. good win. sorry to be a realist.
  8. sorry, but i disagree. i think the ref got it right by not making a call on that. player 'lunged', but he is entitled to do so. that bit about 'studs showing' is garbage. nowhere in the laws of the game does it ever mentions studs. sorry my friend, but the guys talking on the tele have probably never looked at the laws lets alone have credit to comment.
  9. im not sure he (or any striker ever) means to laser one through a defender's legs. as far as im concerned, all they wanna do is hit it hard and low to the corner. pure luck imo it nutmegged and went through. as a defender, those are exactly the chances u crave to allow b/c 9/10, its a simple block
  10. sneak f***er sure, but that looked like a really sick (maybe) unexpected play. contributed to the goal eh? loved seeing it!
  11. a little late now.... but i completely agree with you that the guy critiqueing you is absolutely smug.  i see nothing wrong with considering everything east of moscow asia. 


    i consdier myself well read, but in all honestly... everything east of moscow isnt really important.  the major cities in russia are moscow, st. petersburgh, sochi (now) and vladivistock, lenningrad and stalingrad.  oh... and for the record... i bet lotsa ppl dont know two of those places are the same.  ooops... ignorant me for inciting the second coming of macarthyism!


    like dispr said... some ppl are just idiots on these boards. 

  12. i would love for the WC to come here, but i more want morocco to win instead... i want em to qualify properly before getting the host entry i dont think a 10-60-10 split is fair at all i support the bc gov't refusing to go with the abusive stadium contract stipulations i dont want a bastardised WC with these BS play-in rounds... 32 is perfect. dont f*** with what works!
  13. a lot of u are citing individuals for this and that and concluding that this was a successful tourney b/c they got out of the group. pt1: i say bollocks to that. i agree that 2wks ago, this would be a fair goal, but seeing how poor the opposition was (all 4 matches), im angry as hell it ends here. this match vs jamaica was there for the taking! honestly, i was confused the whole match if jamaica were deliberately sitting back or if they were forced to by our lads. i was totally expecting a sucker punch but they never brought it. (that 2nd half strike doesnt count. it was a one-off like jr's). whatever... if u cant win a match when u create and out chance more than ure opponent like tn, u deserve to lose. thats another conclusion i made. jamaica didnt win tn, canada lost! pt2: to all u guys comparing cavallini's miss to larin's: it wasnt even close. larin's was from the 6 off a set piece (a corner?) whereas cavallini's was off a rainbow from the back. further, cavallini's was much harder to convert! enough with the larin excuses, u make oj's defense team look pathetic. pt3: if jamaica cleverly countered for the win, i would applaud them for the superior strategy, but more accurately, they converted 2/3 chances that fell to them. it wasnt for great off the ball play or some fantastic individual effort, it was simply them playing not to lose and canada dully fought to claim that role. all i need to do is repeat what somebody else said already: borjan had a touch on #2. if only he was able to touch it stronger, that tips it wide. on #1, the guy side footed it from about the 18 b/c he didnt have the confidence to strike it clean. he skied it, as all balls would from a first touch out there, but was saved by the crossbar. combine that with larin's miss and it woulda/shoulda been 1-1 at the half instead of 0-2 shortly after. pt4: critique vs all u cheerleaders: STOP IT! this was not a moral victory, a sign of good things to come, a positive learning experience... this was a missed opportunity. dammit, why cant u guys be critical instead of being apologists?!? expect more, demand more and when it doesnt get delivered, ask why! im sooo angry i can almost ignore why my balls are hurting so bad right now. if ude care, ude know the feeling. (sorry for long rant)
  14. hahahahha! how did u know?! do u alredy know the final score?
  15. if they somehow draw even, this will be the greatest comeback ever?
  16. uh... u insane? he responsible for 1.5 missed chances!
  17. "LARIN!!!!!!!!! Goal Kick.." gardencity: ahhhahhahahhahah! so true. understatment of the yr!
  18. hes NOT the reason why the team is down 0-1
  19. good luck with that having #24 in the line-up. he's the typical bitchface striker expecting service but never making the runs or fighting for loose balls. f*** that guy....
  20. f*** that guy. he was a serial rapist whike here in vcr ...so i hear
  21. we have a dozen here in vcr btw. how u guys doing?
  22. well, if it makes anyone feel better, the most likely outcome is 1-1 according to the bookies (live odds) oh... and f-larin!
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