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  1. Why do you suggest that your speculation is somehow fact. I have been to every Hamilton game and believe me it definitely seems like the 6000 crowd number is on par you are speculating on a picture that was taken right before half as I sit on that side of the stadium and it is definitely more full then that normally during the game, you assume everyone is in their seats at all times which is unrealistic. I am fairly certain Hamilton gets their attendance stats from scanned tickets which in Hamilton's case is mobile only, to suggest otherwise is false unless you can provide some sort of proof of your speculation. Why you comment on a league you obviously wish to fail I have no idea, obviously you are just a troll.
  2. I can't wait finally some decent weather, I expect a win from Forge here!!
  3. Forge SSH were given the option to ask for comp tickets to the Y9 opener I got 4 tickets this way, all Forge supporters tix were comped same as Y9 SSH at the forge game. But they put all the Forge supporters on the east stand.
  4. CFL starts in JUNE!!! so don't know how you are saying bulk of games aren't in the summer? In fact they play the majority of there games in the summer and play the final games of the season in the fall
  5. Forge almost gifted that game by Valour, lots of attacking possession but still lacks the finish most of the time. Happy to be 2nd in the table but Cavalry looks like they might have this spring season in the bag.
  6. Its one thing if it is raining and is like 15 or 20 degrees its another thing when its raining and it feels closer to 0 degrees, it was truly a miserable day.
  7. One day we will have good weather in Hamilton but Sunday was definitely not that day about 5 degrees and then is started to rain and continued all day, nature hates CPL!!😰 I also would like to remind people its May 13th today and the weather is still **** in Ontario WTF!!
  8. They should be showing all the Canadian Championship games
  9. I am surprised you decided to sit right next to supporters section with a child, if you have attended TFC games previously especially in the beginning it was much of the same. I do think you shoudn't have to endure it because this is a family game so hopefully they clean that part up, but I am pretty sure that chant was only said at 1 point in the game in the second half, at least I didn't hear it in 103.
  10. SSH people picked their own seats. I chose the other side I guess a lot of people did??
  11. I definitely heard the "you f****d up chant" lol, I definitely hope for some sellouts at 10,000 once the weather isn't ****, but who knows when that will be Sunday looks like it will be cold and rainy, one day it will be above 10 degrees at a game I hope. I do wonder however if the phone only tickets might cause an issue as really no walkup fans.
  12. Agreed Choiniere was definitely MotM, Frano and Awuah did really well as well. Welshman and Novak did really well to take on the defenders with their body for their goals. Great first win, this is what we expected from their lineup.
  13. It was freezing again unfortunately I am sure some people didn't come because of the weather never mind it was a Wed night. But still pleasantly surprised with the 6k turnout. The stand shown on TV was quite a bit less full on the other side it was packed up quite a bit more.
  14. Ya I think the 2 games was a bit much, definitely sucks because he played much better against Halifax. I do think though with the travel and playing away the first time Pacific should be in tough and hopefully Forge get their first win of the season. I will be dressed for the weather and hope it isn't windy!!
  15. True season seat holders are instead getting the first Voyaguer Cup game in Hamilton as part of season seat package
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