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  1. Not according to WeGlobalFootball a long-standing website that makes soccer ranking systems its business. According to them the new FIFA system does NOT let countries move their ranking up (or down) very quickly. See the "Teams Do Not Move" section in this lengthy and scathing review of the new system. http://www.weglobalfootball.com/2018/06/12/fifas-new-elo-rankings/
  2. Belan is smart. I like what he is doing. A thorough test of the market. He's gathering lots of info. For sure he's looking at the CPL attendance figures in different situations from around the league. Probably is in conversation with the other CPL owners too. But you can't beat real experiments in your own area. It will give him a lot to compare and contrast with and will build good relationships with the key people he will need. It makes so much sense. He seems like a very practical no-nonsense kind of guy. If he is convinced and decides to pull the trigger on a CPL team he will be a great owner to have in the stable.
  3. Fair enough. I may be being a bit harsh lumping MLSE in with them. I guess I see it as a birds of a feather flock together kind of thing. I don't think they are sort of active against the CPL in the way the TSN/MLS are with almost radio silence on CPL. At the same time I don't see MLSE doing anything to help CPL either. Actually, as I think about it, to counter my own argument, you can say that allowing the Telfer loan from TFC to York9 is a support for the league. I think that one has been good for both parties, actually.
  4. I'm not holding my breath. The CPL will succeed despite TSN, MLS, MLSE, Sportsnet, and CBC. I'll give credit to Sportsnet when they had John Molinaro, but now he's been let go. And I'll give credit to the CBC for televising/streaming 20 games. That's helpful for sure. But beyond that there's precious little. Considering their mandate for Canadian content and to promote all things Canadian it's disappointing for me. Given they are competing in the same marketplace it's no surprise whatsoever the snubbing of the CPL by TSN/MLS/MLSE. Beyond what they can't avoid (thanks to the CanChamp) there's nothing. It's interesting that some of TSN's on air personalities : Gareth Wheeler, Terry Dunfield, Nigel Reid support the CPL by giving commentary etc on OneSoccer. Credit to them. The CanChamp is so important to the CPL. It's where the market of new CPL sports fans will gain their awareness of the league. Other than the grassroots work of building a fanbase in each of the local cities which is coming along gradually but is more long term.
  5. Wheeler said on the broadcast last night that there were about 100 travelling supporters from Calgary in BC Place. That to me is amazing. Even if it's actually 50 or 25 I'm impressed. With the winning result and that kind of hard core fan support, the by-all-accounts amazing atmosphere at ATCO field, and the winning form, I'm feeling good about the future attendance levels for Cavalry.
  6. True. The Can Championship is probably the only way that the CPL enters the consciousness of the average fan. And even then not so much until the semis. Cavalry has made a splash with their upset and now they're in the semis.
  7. Cavalry advancing is the best marketing that CPL could hope for. Beyond our hard-core bubble that we live in, probably most future CPL fans will arrive via their contact with the Canadian Championship each year. That contact just grew with the news item of Cavalry's win today and with 2 more matches coming up.
  8. Hope the guys get rested up. Manny looked bagged near the end of Sunday's game. Understandable : he's played a lot of minutes in a short time.
  9. I don't care about the semantics or MLS. I'm just saying that a fee for new CPL teams is not something that is substantiated by fact. Yet.
  10. Too bad that both teams have such a heavy schedule right now. It'll be interesting to see what the lineups are and how much rotation there is. Even if this game was on Saturday instead of Sunday it would help a bit.
  11. Is it interesting to anyone else that soccer fans, or probably sports fans in general, really want to fire coaches?
  12. Yes, I think that's more to the point. It's all about viability. My take is they are looking for a dollar amount and number of years commitment. Guessing at least 5. As well as owners that are "invested" in the concept of growing the game in Canada.
  13. I'd like to see the quote for that because I've never heard anything from the league or any of the existing teams, or any of the potential expansion teams -- except for this FC London quote -- about a franchise fee. Now, I grant you that is a natural and fair assumption that there be one. But I would have thought we would have heard more rumblings about it -- even knowing that the league is mum on money matters...
  14. Same. I'm guessing we're not alone either. Hope they can up the ante on that
  15. On paper looks like the same ole attendance numbers. But, at least the stands felt a bit fuller today than the usual "2000" with too many no-shows.
  16. Finally some good breaks for the York9 club : Big game, great weather, great attendance, exciting atmosphere and exciting match. Hoping that it will translate into more viewers, more ticket and merchandise sales and more season ticket holders.
  17. This is a step backwards for CONCACAF and FIFA too
  18. Thanks for this very useful link
  19. Just to be clear it is impractical to have all 41 teams play each other. But I totally agree you could and should double (at least) the Hex.
  20. The obvious : in a tournament (eg World Cup and World Cup qualifying) you play head-to-head games between teams to determine who is better. Ideally, everybody plays everybody and there is no argument whatsoever. eg. CONEMBOL. Most of the time this is impractical. So you do your best to design the tournament so that using seedings based on rankings/past performance is used as little as possible and so that each team has the same path to victory as much as possible. This format violates these principles more than any other tournament I can think of. Although this year's Canadian Championship comes to mind! I've liked what Vic Montagliani has done at CONCACAF up til now. But this seems so bush. I can see that he probably has the laudable goal of trying to give the lesser CONCACAF nations more meaningful games and I suppose that it does. But at the cost of being so unfair? It's a travesty. It's interesting to note a phenomenon that occurs in the chess world. Chess players' ratings are an important part of what tournaments they will get invited to (bigger or smaller prize money) including the Candidates tournament which determines who will challenge the current World Champion. The top 8-10 rated players in the world tend to play a majority of their games against each other and few games against lower-rated players. This tends to keep their ratings higher and at the same time makes it hard for lower rated players to improve their rating. Now we're gonna have the same rating BS in soccer. Not to mention how poor the rating system is to begin with.
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