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  1. When I did the formula I got Curacao up 1.724 pts (= 2 pts) so tied with us at 1322. I'm using "I= 15 Group phase matches of Nations League competitions" in the formula and not "I= 25 Play-off and final matches of Nations League competitions". Isn't this a group phase match?
  2. So true that we are all speculating. It's hard to argue that the first season of CPL is worth 200 mil. But 10 seasons, plus Can MNT and Can WNT for 10 years which includes the 2026 World Cup in Canada that's starting to sound believable to me. I think creating the CSB packaging all these rights together is genius and might be the business key to make this whole CPL thing work....
  3. I've always figured that for next year, if there is a new team to announce, or there is an announcement that there are no new teams, it will be made in the lead-up to, or during, the first championship game, Oct 26. That will be the most impactful time to announce a new team, and also a good time to bury the "no new team" story within the excitement of the finals, etc etc.....
  4. Ok sure. Let's maximize goals against Cuba. That way we have the tie-breaker in our back pocket if plan A, beating USA, somehow doesn't come off 8D)
  5. It may not be in the list of tie breakers, but that is presumably because it is assuming the season is complete and/or that the number of games is equal. It makes no sense to say that Forge is ahead when Cavalry could leapfrog them with their make-up game. Ask Wheeldon Jr. if Cavalry are behind. Ask Smirniotis if Forge are ahead. Baseball makes it explicit with GBL Games Behind Leader (and because baseball games can't end up tied).
  6. Note to the CPL Standings algorithm, CPL writers and OneSoccer commentators : Cavalry are currently in first place. Not second. They have a game in hand on Forge so that puts them ahead. Yes, goal differential would otherwise place them second but only if they were even on games played. Or had played more games actually.
  7. Saw that too. For just a half second. Looked like the regular CPL sponsor backdrop?? So, was that a OneSoccer/MediaPro crew doing the production all along?? Did TSN buy it from MediaPro because they had the rights?? Well it's good conspiracy theory anyways ...
  8. We didn't know what the salary cap was going to be before the league launched. We don't know what the cap is now that is up and running.
  9. Not a problem for me. Spend the season doing all your due diligence and early preparation so that you have a solid addition. Then announce it between the end of the Fall Season and the championship. As a fan wanting news? Frustrating as hell. Just like the 3 years leading up to the start of the league when we were all desperate for something more than outside speculation. But, at the same time, it gave me confidence that things were being done the right way.
  10. Thanks for the link. Yeah, in general we need to do as much of this (reading main-stream media CPL articles) as we can.
  11. CPL competitive against USL team? Check. CPL competitive against MLS teams? Check. CPL competitive against Guatemalan league? Check. Okay, who wants to take us on next? !!! 8D
  12. Ohh, ok. That's bad. Thanks for the info. Which game was it?
  13. Yeah, that was new to me too. Impressive too.
  14. So what did he do? Something about dissent within the team. I guess it's mostly speculation, but what are the known, hard facts ?
  15. I just want to thank the CPL for NOT having an all-star game. And I expect they never will !
  16. We don't know what their internal benchmark is. This is just advertising. Also it's probably not coming down to one single metric but a balance of all factors.
  17. Thanks, Robin. Always appreciate getting the whole press conference for both teams.
  18. That's my perception as well. Was hoping that the good showing against the Impact would result in an up-tick in attendance. But then was concerned the heat-wave weather would keep people away. In the end I think we got our up-tick!! Certainly a fun-day for those in attendance with a good number sticking around for the post-game player meet-and-greet.
  19. Apologies. I didn't understand it right and was making a long-winded argument against something else (unbalanced brackets in a fixed elimination tournament). I would say your suggestion might be fair. However, it is a bad idea for practical reasons. If the two best teams play in round one, then the winner of the tournament may have already been decided and the interest for spectators (and even the teams involved perhaps) to be engaged in the many subsequent rounds is gone. Also, it will be hard to look at the results of the tournament when it is complete and draw any conclusions of how each team ranks against all the others. A fixed bracket system does a better, but not perfect job of that. Regarding ranking systems whether there are good ones or bad ones is not the point. Even a good one will be imperfect. That's why I say that when you have to use one you are reluctant. And it's why you try to have it impact the format as little as possible. The one format that is indisputably fair is a round-robin. Everyone plays everyone and so you can compare everyone to everyone. It's hard to argue that the team on top of a round-robin table isn't the best one. CONEMBOL does this. Also, the English Premier League season does this. Every team plays every other in a completely balanced schedule. The Brits get this and that's probably why they see no need for playoffs. The best team has already been decided in a regular season format where everyone had a fair chance. The problem with round-robin is there's usually too many games to play for the amount of time available. I don't know about the other top leagues in Europe. I would expect that many of them have fully balanced season schedules and no playoffs too.... I hope someone will inform me.
  20. Disagree. Suppose you have a 16 team elimination tournament. And suppose for the sake of argument there is a huge gap in quality between the top 8 teams and the bottom 8 teams. The top 8 teams are very close in ability and the bottom 8 are also close in ability but the gap between them is huge. If you were to randomly draw 7 of the top teams into one side of the bracket and the other top team into the other side of the bracket, then you've got a very unfair setup. On one side the good teams are going to war against each other, getting banged up getting yellows and reds, running hard and getting exhausted. On the other side one team is waltzing thru the stages and resting key players. Then in the final game it is a very close match where the team with the easy path wins on a questionable ref call or some such whim of the soccer gods. A lot of people are going to question the format of your tournament having decided the best team. Agree that ideally you don't want to use rankings if you don't have to (eg. CONEMBOL world cup qualifying). But most of the time you reluctantly need to consider the ranking info to help seed the tournament fairly.
  21. Yeah, THIS is why the CPL teams beating MLS teams in the CanChamp is so important. To even get a sniff of coverage it is required. Even though it's not much. But at least there is some here and there in mainstream media. Now, there will be a few more sniffs about the next round. If Cavalry could somehow advance again, the "sniffs" should turn into "looks". 8D
  22. I guess I'm still impressed by travelling support in general, and in this case in particular with a brand new team in a new league I find it doubly impressive. Granted for die-hard fans it was potentially and actually quite historic in the Can Champ. And true, no doubt some portion were transplanted Calgarians living in Vancouver. In NHL,NBA,NFL I was not really familiar with the idea of travelling support. Undoubtedly it happens a bit. In CFL, yes I can think of it a bit with Hamilton or Saskatchewan fans. But in soccer it's seems to be bigger. I think maybe soccer fans might just be more friendly and welcoming. (Or, at the worst extreme, more mob-mentality). They organize it as a big group activity and welcome anyone. It's more visible in the stands and on TV. The players on the field acknowledge it and the commentators often make mention of it. I consider myself die-hard CPL fan now. York9 is my team. But actually want all the teams to win and succeed somehow! Ha! I travelled with the York9 supporters to the inaugural game in Hamilton. It was fantastic. But I just don't have the time or money to do that often. As much as I would love to, if York9 makes the final against Cavalry I'm not going to be able to travel to Calgary for the away leg. So, yeah, away support amazes me every time !
  23. Ok, it was you. I wanted to thank the person who posted that. It's very informative and useful info on the subject. So thanks. It's great when a forum/post is actually useful. Agreed the rankings are seriously flawed and are damaging to FIFA/CONCACAF 's (already shallow) integrity. I've been a supporter of Vic Montagliani in CONCACAF up til now. I applaud his efforts to give more meaningful games to the minnows in the Caribbean. But it doesn't excuse this laughable system.
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