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    Zem reacted to Alex in Herdman new head coach   
    We’re one win away from getting as close to the World Cup as we’ve been since 1997.... and some people are complaining about the coach?!?!? Give me a break. Everything has worked out perfectly since WE ARE ONE WIN AWAY FROM THE FINAL ROUND! 
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    Zem reacted to RS in Herdman new head coach   
    Can you explain this line of thinking in detail?
    As in, can you enlighten the rest of us on why you seriously think the CSA would hire a manager just to "hide" him? The same manager that you constantly complain is in the media too often, no less.
    I actually agree that Herdman hasn't earned much yet in this specific job, and should his team fail to secure advancement tonight that he should probably quit, but the level of irrational hate he gets from a few people on here just smacks of jealousy.
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    Zem reacted to SthMelbRed in Herdman new head coach   
    This latest round of discussion started because one guy said "kudos to Herdman" for a particular aspect of the most-recent match, and this triggered a bunch of weirdos who can't get over themselves long enough to just support the team during a crucial week in the future of the entire Canadian men's program.
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    Zem reacted to Club Linesman in Herdman new head coach   
    Of course not.  In spite of the issues with his hiring, there is no reason to get rid of him at this time if he gets us to the Ocho.
    I also can’t say he should be fired if we don’t get a top 4 finish in the Ocho.  To be honest many teams need to experience something first before becoming successful at a higher level and most of our team has not had more than a couple games against tough teams, and none in truly hostile foreign environments.  We may have the talent to get through but experience is lacking for many.
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    Zem reacted to costarg in Herdman new head coach   
    How can you be optimistic about the team, without acknowledging the fact he got all these dual-nats to join the program (and run through brick walls for him as Davies says.)  That's also a huge part of his success, along with the wins.
    Previous coaches would've lost these guys due of lack of effort and no solid plan.  Say what you want, but Herdman has a plan, he tries different systems, he has them winning and the guys are signing up to the program and giving it their all.
    This is success.
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    Zem reacted to BearcatSA in Herdman new head coach   
    We looked mentally tough in today in Haiti.  Had some rough patches but ground out the road win.  
    Others may think differently, but I will give a kudo to the coach.
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    Zem reacted to Pottsy3 in WCQ: Canada vs Suriname - In-Match Thread   
    Hot take but I haven’t hated Henry’s game. He’ll never be the best on the ball, but we have other good facilitators back there. Always in a good position, strong going into challenges and takes the right challenges, a good presence in the air.
    Kennedy has some nice pass and on ball quality to complement it. 
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    Zem reacted to sebdeserio in WCQ: Canada vs Suriname - In-Match Thread   
    That one was for the Henry haters
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    Zem reacted to Mikmacdo in York United Season Thread 2021   
    he scored a goal today, he hasnt been starting much probably due to either injury management and or getting looks at other players seeing barnet have been in the basement for a while and heading down to the sixth tier. 
    he leads the team in scoring. 
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    Zem reacted to Watchmen in Biennial World Cup Proposal   
    The Copa America should be bigger (in terms of importance and global popularity, and it's why I think the Gold Cup and Copa should be merged), and the Africa Cup of Nations is always interesting. Only the current Gold Cup (where with one important exception it's always the US and Mexico) or the OFC (where there's no team of importance - sorry New Zealand soccer) are actually poor/irrelevant. I'd rather see work to improve the regional tournaments than a World Cup every 2 years.
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    Zem got a reaction from johnyb in Valour FC Season Thread 2021   
    Andy Baquero is one of Cuba's best players, and I think he'd fit into the league quite well. Very tricky with great control in tight and a threat from distance, much like Borges. He's a technical and flexible central mid who can play a wide variety of roles, and also plays right back.
    So even if he can't win a starting spot, he'd be a great depth player, but I think he'd be a great signing and probably a strong starter for Valour.
    Cuba recently changed its policy on professional players, until a few years back the government wouldn't allow any players playing professionally abroad to play for the national team, even if they were otherwise allowed to travel to Cuba freely. A few years ago they started making exceptions on a case-by-case basis, letting some top players like Baquero play professionally in the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. But earlier this year this seems to have changed and now Onel Hernandez and a few other Cubans living abroad who previously weren't allowed to play for the national team were able to make their debuts in world cup qualifying.
    What this means is Cuban players now have carte blanche to pursue professional opportunities abroad, so all this is to say that now is a fantastic opportunity to recruit players from Cuba who have previously never had much, if any, opportunity to play abroad despite their ability.
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    Zem reacted to Stryker911 in Pacific FC - 2021 Season Thread   
    I am probably in the minority, but I dont mind signings like this. I dont think the league loses anything by having some lower level Europeans in the league. Take Forge for example. They have Achinioti-Jönsson who they signed from the Swedish 3rd division. He has been really good player for them for 2 years now. I dont think there he necessarily took a spot directly away from a Canadian.
    Also, take a look at the MOACA list. We have players playing at low levels all over the world. Are they taking spots from a young player in that country? Maybe, but they are traveling the world playing a sport they love. It is what it is. 
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    Zem reacted to youllneverwalkalone in Pacific FC - 2021 Season Thread   
    I don't see any substantial difference between this signing and Jordan Brown or Nathan Mavilla. Both worked out ok. There are many examples of lower league English players reaching much higher levels than the CPL. I don't get the outrage. We don't even have a schedule or any guarantee of one. Who are you expecting to sign, Jamie Vardy?
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    Zem got a reaction from toontownman in Cavalry Season Thread 2021   
    I didn't hear any NT speculation about him, but the name a lot of Calgary fans and media have tossed around lately is William Akio, who was recently named WAC Offensive Player of the Year in NCAA D1 and scored 11 goals for Foothills in 2019.
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    Zem got a reaction from Stryker911 in Cavalry Season Thread 2021   
    I didn't hear any NT speculation about him, but the name a lot of Calgary fans and media have tossed around lately is William Akio, who was recently named WAC Offensive Player of the Year in NCAA D1 and scored 11 goals for Foothills in 2019.
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    Zem reacted to Shway in York United Season Thread 2021   
    Wait... why wouldn’t it?
    If Zators main goal has been to play in Europe as he stated previously to his last squad. He had offers lined up before, but due to the pandemic, it kinda of altered his plans. So that means there’s interest and potential chance to stay. Which would very much so prove Duanes point that this signing with York was a safe blanket/formality.
    The thing is Angus can’t, and rightfully so won’t admit that. And as someone who is relaunching a club and trying to put a competitive product on the field - he has to strongly oppose that.
    When the rubber meets the road, we might just here how it was a “good move for all parties”.
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    Zem reacted to Shway in Could Canada overtake Mexico next cycle?   
    okay...I had sympathy for you before, but with this post...now you're trolling. 

    I hate seeing these topics. It's a stupid baseless conversation to have. Mexico has been thee best Concacaf team for years. I feel like when these comparisons are brought up, it's as if the person doesn't watch football/is unaware of the actualities. 
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    Zem got a reaction from Dominic94 in Dominick Zator   
    2nd division
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    Zem reacted to BradMack in Dominick Zator   
    They were promoted last year, they will play in Div.2 this season. 
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