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  1. That's really not saying much honestly. The issue here is different though, it's more about how long Crepeau has been on the Impact first team and the fact he's one of Canada best young keepers, but he hasn't been afforded any playing time with the senior team, which is incredibly important to helping goalkeepers grow their confidence and develop.
  2. Good news: Obasi, Mwanga and Haworth are all back on the bench for Ottawa tonight.
  3. I'd imagine Julian will retire from the national team fairly soon. Maybe he'll take part in the winter camp like De Ro did, get his 90th cap and then retire from international football. The last few years have been fairly tough for him fitness-wise and national team duty has been a significant part of that. It'd be nice for him to play one more year of club football and focus on helping Canadian soccer at that level, he's been absolutely fantastic for Ottawa on and off the pitch in his time there so far. It would be nice for him to get involved as an assistant at club level, or maybe he joins the national team programme immediately like Stalteri and Jazic did. As for Atiba, he presumably won't be involved in the next round of qualifying at the age of 36, but it would be nice to have him for the next Gold Cup. It'd be a nice send-off for him and a nice way to help transition to the next generation. Not to mention he's still competitively at the peak of his career.
  4. De Guzman, who will see out the end of his season with Ottawa, said he hopes to continue his involvement with the Canadian team in some other role in the future. “I still want to be a part of this,” he said. “I still bleed red. This is my degree right here, Canadian football. And I still believe we’re going to go to major places. We’re going to eventually have our league. That’s going to be something that could definitely help us make a World Cup at some point, and I want to be a part of that.” Great quote from Julian there.
  5. He has started half of Ludogoets' league games this season. He's not "the" starter, but he does play league football, he's been alternating starts with Stoyanov so far. Hopefully it keeps up but he also had 9 league starts for them last year, so it's not like he doesn't play as so many people seem to think.
  6. That's probably exactly why he didn't play. He's definitely one of our best players, so there's not much point playing him in the second game when we know he'll be starting in February. That way they get to take a look at the other guys they called into the camp who are less known.
  7. Disappointing result, but at least we're doing everything else right. This is what these camps are for. Everybody got a chance to play, so the staff should now have a better idea who's going to be back and who's going to start in February.
  8. Down 1-0 now against the run of play, 15 or so minutes left. We've had a lot of possession and and lot of great chances (5+ good shots on goal) but nothing's gone in yet except for one by Twardek that was called offside. We seem to be doing really well nonetheless, Costa Rica are one of the best opponents we might run into in February, so these games have seemed promising so far.
  9. Lololol "My initial joke has become far too serious. Channelling my inner @Freakyfast8 (Dominic Oduro)"
  10. As if this day hasn't been stressful enough already. That said it's 19h30 and he hasn't posted a follow-up tweet yet so ????????
  11. And the cost of that would have been very high. Perhaps PD's budget could have allowed him to keep most of the key players, but the team would have had kiddy pool depth. OSEG has a lot of money, but the Fury are the organisation's only unprofitable sports team so they're a small-money team regardless. Moreover Dalglish put together a good roster all things considered, but the team has had a ridiculous number of long-term injuries this season. Most notably, the two forwards who were expected to lead the team, Dyego and Bruna were injured at the start of the season. Dyego is going to miss the entire season and Bruna has only recently begun practising again. The club had 11 players out injured last week, they might get a couple back on the bench tomorrow but it's hard to win games when you only have around a dozen healthy outfield players.
  12. That is true, I probably should've actually checked rather than relying on my memory, sorry. But the point is that the sudden drop in the CAD is what led so many players to ask to leave. Richie Ryan, Sinisa Ubiparipovic, Colin Falvey and Ryan Richter all asked to leave because they could make far more money in the US, the Fury did not make them leave and could not reasonably offer them enough money to stay.
  13. They've yet to break even from what I've heard. The first season in particular was a big let-down for OSEG. Fury Fanatic is one of the best sources for anything on the Fury and I agree that something is obviously happening, but I'm not convinced that moving to the USL could be a significant cost-saving measure given fees and a likely drop in attendance.
  14. They didn't "gut" their Soccer Bowl squad, many of the non-Canadian players asked to leave after the Canadian Dollar plunged in the offseason and their contracts ceased to be worth remotely as much as when they signed. Tom Heinemann is believed to have had a salary of about $50,000CAD with Ottawa. Tampa offered him $150,000USD in a league where clubs have budgets of around $1.5M. Trafford was supposed to stay, but because he had a minimum fee release clause in his contract Miami was able to steal him at a bargain-basement price because of the CAD. In short, Ottawa had trouble competing with American clubs who had far more spending power per dollar and in general. They also didn't replace their roster with USL players ffs. Most of the signings were for players who have never played in the USL. James Bailey, Gerardo Bruna, Pablo Dyego, Jonny Steele, Kyle Porter, Rich Balchan, Idan Vered and Marcel de Jong are not USL players. In pre-season alone, Ottawa signed 8 players who did not play in the USL last season and 6 who did. Of those six, Chin and Gyorio were the only disappointments, whereas Obasi, Timbo and Rozeboom have all been great for Ottawa this season. Venter was injured in pre-season. Since then they have signed another 7 non-USL players and 2 USL players, Stewart and Olivera, both of whom have been good for Ottawa as well. And I never said 10th was mid-table, I said next year they could easily be a mid-table team if they don't have massive injury problems like they've had this year. Edited because I'm a dummy
  15. Why would "staying dormant" be the alternative rather than just playing another year in the NASL? The team's not profitable sure, but few clubs are, especially in North America. Moreover, any cost-cutting benefits of moving to the USL (if any, given the possible cost of entry) would be offset by a drop in revenue because fewer casual fans are going to show up to watch the team play lower division football. They absolutely can compete midtable for one more season with their resources. If FCE literally lost half their roster to injury they'd be near the bottom of the table too.
  16. Canada Soccer officials have maintained that the launch timeline for the league is "2017 or 2018", so CPL is potentially possible. I really hope it is because I'd be pretty upset if the Fury were reduced to playing in the MLS reserve league, especially given the club's steady increase in popularity over the last three years.
  17. Obasi, Porter, Timbo and Bruna are all back in training according to Dalglish on his AMA. Bruna, Obasi and Porter will still take a little while to regain fitness since they've been out so long, but "most of them" should be on the bench Friday. By process of elimination Haworth, Balchan, Venter, de Guzman and Gyorio will still be out a while longer (as we knew already for the most part). He didn't comment on the timeline for those five players' return. Other highlights include his comments on recruiting Canadian players, saying that he believes that because of the lack of domestic opportunities the club has a "duty" to give Canadian players a chance if they're good enough. He also praised Julian's role in promoting the club in this regard. Also, Paul says the club is in talks and are under the understanding that Pablo Dyego will return next season, though he did not specify if it will be permanent move or another loan deal. Apparently Dyego is very interested in returning. The possibility of Bryan Olivera returning is unclear, no talks have occurred yet, and apparently Bryan has a European passport and ambitions to play there but the club would obviously like to have him back if he's interested, according to PD. Here's the whole thing if anyone missed it:
  18. Any word on whether the friendlies will be streamed or not?
  19. Horsens are recently promoted to the Danish Superliga and are doing quite well seven games into the season (2-4-1, 6th/14). It could be a great place for Doneil to get some minutes, but I'm not sure how easy it'll be for him to break into the lineup given that the team doesn't seem to be struggling defensively at all. In principle though, if he gets some minutes it could be a great move for him since if things don't work out in England, Denmark is a pretty good spot to get your foot in the door.
  20. Paul Dalglish is going to be doing a live Q&A on the Ottawa Fury Facebook page this Wednesday at noon in case anyone might be interested in watching or contributing. https://www.facebook.com/OttawaFuryFC/photos/a.496691347061745.115560.479606558770224/1181778188553054/?type=3&theater
  21. Apparently they're just giving him a chance according to the post-game interview today.
  22. We capped him in one of the Iceland games in January 2015. He still has his one-time switch so he could theoretically still play for Romania (or the U.S.), but that seems highly unlikely given that Romania are a very strong team, so I don't think there's too much need to be paranoid about him. At the very least, if his career starts to take off he'll be back on Canada's radar long before he's on Romania's. It does look like a great opportunity though, playing for a recently promoted club in a top flight league could be an ideal springboard for his pro career.
  23. Yeah the article is talking about Trabzonspor, I think it got confused by whatever word "claret" is in Turkish. Trabzonspor have the same colour scheme as Burnley.
  24. Dalglish said in the post-game interview that Bailey is the only player who's expected to be back for the weekend and the jury's still out on Mwanga who came off injured. Might be a rough stretch of games coming up considering how our limited player options don't seem to be improving with 10 or 11 guys out injured now. The game was a bit of a slog, but at least we got the point. It's unclear who we can expect back next and when, but if we can hold down the fort for the moment hopefully we can turn things around a bit heading into September.
  25. True enough, although I meant more along the lines of it being nice to see a lot of players being rated so highly by big European academies. I didn't mean to say that was the only thing that excited me about the roster either, it looks great because there's some good players like Tabla and Zanatta that we know and then there's some wildcards. It'll be an interesting pair of friendlies and I feel like we should be able to find a really solid group of core players for February.
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