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  1. Barbados blows it 8-1 in a game where they weren't favoured, but should have been more competitive. We know how you feel Barbados, we know how you feel.
  2. Andy Baquero is one of Cuba's best players, and I think he'd fit into the league quite well. Very tricky with great control in tight and a threat from distance, much like Borges. He's a technical and flexible central mid who can play a wide variety of roles, and also plays right back. So even if he can't win a starting spot, he'd be a great depth player, but I think he'd be a great signing and probably a strong starter for Valour. Cuba recently changed its policy on professional players, until a few years back the government wouldn't allow any players playing professionally abroad to play for the national team, even if they were otherwise allowed to travel to Cuba freely. A few years ago they started making exceptions on a case-by-case basis, letting some top players like Baquero play professionally in the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. But earlier this year this seems to have changed and now Onel Hernandez and a few other Cubans living abroad who previously weren't allowed to play for the national team were able to make their debuts in world cup qualifying. What this means is Cuban players now have carte blanche to pursue professional opportunities abroad, so all this is to say that now is a fantastic opportunity to recruit players from Cuba who have previously never had much, if any, opportunity to play abroad despite their ability.
  3. I didn't hear any NT speculation about him, but the name a lot of Calgary fans and media have tossed around lately is William Akio, who was recently named WAC Offensive Player of the Year in NCAA D1 and scored 11 goals for Foothills in 2019.
  4. You shouldn't be, in the last few years Vedat Muriqi, Mbaye Diagne and Yusuf Yazici have all sold for prices in that range after standout seasons in the Super Lig as strikers in their 20s.
  5. This year it will be players born 2000 or later, so no. The math is the same as with youth national teams, i.e. the year of the season or tournament minus the age category, so 2021 - 21 = 2000
  6. No, with 6 or fewer months left on their current contract players are allowed to enter contract talks with other clubs and can sign pre-contracts; the key point of the Bosman ruling is that when a player's contract expires in the EU they always have the ability to sign with a club in another EU country on a free transfer. Previously, a club could still demand a transfer fee from a foreign club if they wanted to sign one of their out-of-contract players. The player could still sign domestically on a free, but this meant that clubs could block an out-of-contract player from moving abroad. Regardless, the Bosman ruling itself has no relevance here because Eustaquio is in Mexico.
  7. Looks like Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé might be joining the Wanderers, he played for the Fury at the Grounds in the Voyageurs Cup in 2019. He'd be a perfect fit for them I think, exactly the kind of box-to-box midfielder Hart wants in his system.
  8. Only a third of Moncton's population is actually francophone (and only just over 40% are bilingual), so an exclusively francophone name there wouldn't make any sense. A Montreal club ought to have a bilingual name as well (being the most bilingual major city in Canada and all), but Quebec naming laws might discourage them from doing that. It might require some sort of license agreement, but the Gatineau Olympiques have never had any trouble, so I doubt it would be an issue if they wanted to use the name. Not to mention that there was an NASL team in Montreal with that exact name in the early 70s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montreal_Olympique
  9. Speaking of Eikon, I noticed that Leotrim Reka is signed with them; I wonder if he could be headed back to Winnipeg.
  10. He was a 9-goal scorer in Venezuela's top division in 2019, so it doesn't seem like much of a stretch honestly
  11. People on this forum think "cap-tying" means tying players up and forcibly capping them
  12. Apparently set to sign for a club in Cambodia, which should be a fun new chapter for him. I'd bet it's probably Visakha, the defending cup winners, who are based in Phnom Penh and are looking for a new starting striker after losing their leading scorer from last season, Croatian Filip Mihaljević. They'll be playing in the preliminary round of the AFC Cup in April.
  13. Vendsyssel fired their manager a week ago, after their last match. Unfortunate that he got benched as a result despite scoring in his last two appearances.
  14. None of Suwon's four foreign players travelled for the final knockout stage matches, so it's not just him at any rate.
  15. The Caribbean Club Championship is open only to nations whose top division meets CONCACAF's critirea for professionalism and grants two spots to each nation, with the winner qualifying for Champions League and the next two finishers qualifying for CONCACAF League. The fourth-placed finisher goes to a play-off with the winner of the Caribbean Club Shield for the third and final spot in CONCACAF League. The Club Shield is open to any and all other CFU members, who each get one spot, and only the winner gets a chance to play in CONCACAF League. The format is like this for financial reasons (both competitions are played as single-site tournaments) and to help encourage professionalism, while ensuring that club continental play is accessible to all nations in the confederation.
  16. It's possible he doesn't have his Canadian citizenship yet, which would make getting a US visa much more complicated.
  17. Petrasso with a fantastic finish in Barnet's 1-3 loss to Bromley on Saturday
  18. Highlights from his debut, for those interested His goals are at 5:28 and 15:52
  19. Deich himself says he's Canadian, Israeli and Russian: https://www.instagram.com/_vladdeich_/
  20. The game is in a week, they obviously aren't going to do pre-match coverage until a couple days before the match. Also, https://canpl.ca/video/forge-fc-to-travel-to-el-salvador-for-concacaf-league-in-october https://canpl.ca/article/forge-fcs-concacaf-league-scouting-report-who-are-municipal-limeno https://canpl.ca/video/forge-fc-back-on-the-training-pitch-gearing-up-for-concacaf-league Which seems like pretty complete coverage so far
  21. That's not technically a loan, his contract with York just doesn't come into effect until next year so he's playing with FC Phönix Lübeck until then. https://canpl.ca/article/york9-fc-signs-promising-german-striker-julian-ulbricht
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