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  1. A bunch of great signings. McKendry should make a great Tevin Shaw replacement and Kapor will be critical at CB. I'm assuming Kourouma will be played more at CF, his other natural position where he's a had most of his success in recent years, and I think he'll do much better there than at LW. Kowal demolished League1 Ontario last year and I reckon that, like Novak, he'll be a good striker in the CPL too. Phillips should be decent competition for Neufville and he's very deserving of a chance with the pros, as he's consistently been one of the best fullbacks in League1 Ontario for years. Finally, I didn't expect a Sobze Zemo signing, but Horace is a fantastic shot-stopper and I'm super happy to see him getting a chance. He obviously won't play over Zabal, and frankly he's not better than Gomes either, but if the circumstances demand he plays, I'm sure he'll do great.
  2. Twardek plays for Bohemians, the match was against Dundalk. Bohs win 2-1, leapfrogging them up to second in the standings.
  3. Don't forget that Marmoush will be part of the Egyptian Olympic team too, so there's no way in hell he's going to switch until at least after next summer. And then he'd likely be willing to bide his time for years for an Egypt call-up, if need be.
  4. Campbell wears #14, the previous #11 was Issey
  5. I agree that I'd rather see clubs come up with their own unique away kits, but this isn't really out of line with football traditions in the sense that while most clubs put a lot of focus on their home kit, usually the second colours are more to stand out against opposing home kits and aren't designed with marketability in mind. People rarely buy the away kits of European clubs because they're utilitarian while the home kits are the iconic, good-looking ones fans want to buy. Usually the away kit is just a monochrome and there's rarely any standard colour for them; it's just whatever does the job. So I think the fact that they're all black, a colour that isn't prominent in any of the home kits, is pretty much in line with how clubs have traditionally approached away kits. Again, I agree that the clubs' away kits all being the same essential design is a bit lame and I wish they could have designed their own, but I think this is totally fine. We probably won't even be seeing these kits every game since teams will likely just wear their home colours whenever they don't clash.
  6. According to the Gleaner article Cavalier's technical director said Hamilton is just waiting for his work permit, which might be another two or three weeks.
  7. Depends what kind of striker they are, David is excellent on the counter, so I doubt he would have as much trouble as guys like Haller and Samatta. Also, we have no idea if Leeds will actually be a bottom-tier team. Despite the big gap, it isn't that uncommon for newly-promoted PL clubs to be really competitive in year one (see Sheffield United).
  8. Not to mention Bielsa's system would fit him like a glove. Leeds will also have to make some upgrades up front to compete in the PL and David's quality and versatiliy is exactly what they need.
  9. Oh please, you have to be taking the piss. He spent four years with the Whitecaps, and was not only scouted, but invited to an ID camp by the CSA. They didn't think he was good enough for the U17s and neither did Ukraine. Ukraine also didn't think he was good enough for the U19s last fall after he played in a couple of U18 friendlies in August. The CONCACAF U20 tournament was cancelled, so the CSA hasn't had the chance to call him up if they think he's good enough now regardless, so there's literally no reason to claim he's "sLiPpEd ThRoUgH tHe CrAcKs". And what has you so convinced that this player you know nothing about would be good enough anyway? Have you forgotten about Josh Doughty? Have you already forgotten about Jamie Dunning? Playing for the academy of a recognizeable European team doesn't automatically mean they're better than any kid playing over here.
  10. http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/sports/20200725/marshall-ready-canadian-premier-league Quote from Cavalier FC technical director Rudolph Speid: “Why we love the Canadian League more than even the USL (United Soccer League) is that this is going to be the second season of the Canadian League and they have already sold about four players to Europeans clubs." Those transfers really do attract meaningful attention.
  11. Haber had a rough year for sure, but it was rough because of injuries. As long as he stays healthy he'll be a perfect fit for Cavalry, I reckon. He's a big target man who holds the ball up well and is great at making space for other attacking players, which is perfect for the front 4 they play and the kind of other attacking players they have. And with the service he'd be getting from the likes of Pasquotti and Escalante, I'm sure he'd bop in a fair few himself. Regardless, Wheeldon said last week that Escalante and Richard Luca are the only players under contract who aren't in training, so that implies Cordova is already with the team.
  12. Looks like it based on his two most recent Instagram posts.
  13. You're thinking of the 2018-19 season, Genk finished 7th this year and won't qualify for Europe regardless of the cup final. Brugge were champions this year.
  14. He's been retired for over a year and a half now, he does community event planning for OSEG
  15. They have 7 roster spots still open, including 1 foreign player spot
  16. They only have three natural CBs, that is far from "deep" If you were meaning to imply that he sounds like a bad signing since he didn't play a lot last year, the reason he didn't play much was entirely because of injuries. In the games he played he was very solid and he definitely deserves another shot in the league.
  17. Assuming it's de Brienne it would be where they're playing currently. They would be really digging deep to find a guy who's actually from Fredericton, but there's six players from Ottawa playing for UNB this year (Ben-Orel Mugisha played for them last year, and Lars Gierull, Ryan Jetten, Luke Rosettani, Olivier Menard and Andrew Ward joined this year). As for Windsor, maybe Noah Pio? On the other hand, the Toronto player being delayed would make sense if they were an overseas-based player from Toronto who had to wait to get back because of travel restrictions, like Simeon Jackson perhaps, particularly since listing their place of departure as Stevenage or even London might be a bit of a giveaway
  18. Now, the boots worn in the "2" tweet appear to be Nike Phantom Venoms (https://www.nike.com/ca/t/phantom-venom-elite-fg-football-boot-kkN635/AO7540-606 ), but I haven't really gotten anywhere with that info. Initially I was convinced it might be Glenn Muenkat (he did partly grow up in Ottawa, after all), but while he wore Nikes that look vaguely similar last season, they're definitely not the same boots. I've gone through every out-of-contract CPL player who fits the description and none have worn boots in the past year that match that tweet, aside from those who don't have pictures from last season with their boots visible.That said, I think it's most likely that these are a brand-new pair of Phantom Venoms and it could therefore be anyone wearing them, as I imagine this particular design of Phantom Venoms might not have been out last year anyway. I couldn't figure out the model of the boots in the "3" tweet, the striping makes them kinda look like an older model of Adidas boots, but not much to go off there. No out-of-contract CPL players I could find matching the description wore boots like those last season, either. TL;DR: I spent a couple hours squinting at player photos and looking at dozens of different football boots for basically no reason
  19. So, I did some sleuthing and neither picture is using the boots Simeon wore this past season. He wears Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Elites, which have the big Nike swoosh on the inside and only a small one near the heel on the outside. Both of those tweets show the inside but neither have the big swoosh on them. Of course, a veteran like Simeon probably has a lot of different boots and he may not want to bring the same match-day boots he was wearing on grass this past year to practices on an artificial pitch.
  20. He'd be a cool signing, but I doubt they'd go through all this build-up for a guy who is completely unknown outisde Canucks Abroad and this forum You guys may be on to something there; perhaps they'll be announcing three signings at once, and that's why they're counting down from three?
  21. Confirmation that it's a countdown, not a shirt number. He's a right-footed black player, so it likely isn't Zoom or Kourouma since they're both left-footed and if it's our Canadian international striker it certainly isn't Humey or Haber. The case for Simeon grows
  22. Confirmation that he is not only Ottawa's director of sponsorship, but also an assistant coach. https://northerntribune.ca/atletico-ottawa-mista-interview/
  23. I'm not sure I understand how you think him not making it with a mid-table top divison club means he couldn't have possibly received an offer with any other club in Algeria, a country with two professional leagues.
  24. They said a month ago that over half of the roster was already signed, this is only the 12th announcement. They probably had around 20 players signed before the season was postponed two weeks ago, given that they were about to start training camp in Madrid.
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