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  1. They have 7 roster spots still open, including 1 foreign player spot
  2. They only have three natural CBs, that is far from "deep" If you were meaning to imply that he sounds like a bad signing since he didn't play a lot last year, the reason he didn't play much was entirely because of injuries. In the games he played he was very solid and he definitely deserves another shot in the league.
  3. Assuming it's de Brienne it would be where they're playing currently. They would be really digging deep to find a guy who's actually from Fredericton, but there's six players from Ottawa playing for UNB this year (Ben-Orel Mugisha played for them last year, and Lars Gierull, Ryan Jetten, Luke Rosettani, Olivier Menard and Andrew Ward joined this year). As for Windsor, maybe Noah Pio? On the other hand, the Toronto player being delayed would make sense if they were an overseas-based player from Toronto who had to wait to get back because of travel restrictions, like Simeon Jackson perhaps, particularly since listing their place of departure as Stevenage or even London might be a bit of a giveaway
  4. Now, the boots worn in the "2" tweet appear to be Nike Phantom Venoms (https://www.nike.com/ca/t/phantom-venom-elite-fg-football-boot-kkN635/AO7540-606 ), but I haven't really gotten anywhere with that info. Initially I was convinced it might be Glenn Muenkat (he did partly grow up in Ottawa, after all), but while he wore Nikes that look vaguely similar last season, they're definitely not the same boots. I've gone through every out-of-contract CPL player who fits the description and none have worn boots in the past year that match that tweet, aside from those who don't have pictures from last season with their boots visible.That said, I think it's most likely that these are a brand-new pair of Phantom Venoms and it could therefore be anyone wearing them, as I imagine this particular design of Phantom Venoms might not have been out last year anyway. I couldn't figure out the model of the boots in the "3" tweet, the striping makes them kinda look like an older model of Adidas boots, but not much to go off there. No out-of-contract CPL players I could find matching the description wore boots like those last season, either. TL;DR: I spent a couple hours squinting at player photos and looking at dozens of different football boots for basically no reason
  5. So, I did some sleuthing and neither picture is using the boots Simeon wore this past season. He wears Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Elites, which have the big Nike swoosh on the inside and only a small one near the heel on the outside. Both of those tweets show the inside but neither have the big swoosh on them. Of course, a veteran like Simeon probably has a lot of different boots and he may not want to bring the same match-day boots he was wearing on grass this past year to practices on an artificial pitch.
  6. He'd be a cool signing, but I doubt they'd go through all this build-up for a guy who is completely unknown outisde Canucks Abroad and this forum You guys may be on to something there; perhaps they'll be announcing three signings at once, and that's why they're counting down from three?
  7. Confirmation that it's a countdown, not a shirt number. He's a right-footed black player, so it likely isn't Zoom or Kourouma since they're both left-footed and if it's our Canadian international striker it certainly isn't Humey or Haber. The case for Simeon grows
  8. Confirmation that he is not only Ottawa's director of sponsorship, but also an assistant coach. https://northerntribune.ca/atletico-ottawa-mista-interview/
  9. I'm not sure I understand how you think him not making it with a mid-table top divison club means he couldn't have possibly received an offer with any other club in Algeria, a country with two professional leagues.
  10. They said a month ago that over half of the roster was already signed, this is only the 12th announcement. They probably had around 20 players signed before the season was postponed two weeks ago, given that they were about to start training camp in Madrid.
  11. There's really no arguing that the Scottish Championship is a higher level than the Irish Premier Division, and they have played a similar number of matches at those levels. Not to mention that Zanatta hasn't been a consistent starter in the Scottish Champ this season. But yes, Zanatta is normally a striker and Twardek is normally a RW/RM, and only occasionally plays on the left nowadays, so I don't think it makes sense to compare them in the context of the final roster. He can absolutely take players on 1v1, you seem to be basing your opinion on what you saw with the youth teams 2-4 years ago and I can assure you he has improved considerably in that time (and he wasn't bad back then), which is why he's now a key starter on one of the biggest clubs in Ireland. I think you're right in that he is a very different style of winger from our other options, who are mostly direct attacking players that usually try to beat their man and get into the box, whereas Twardek is a bit more of a conventional winger who usually looks to play in a good cross from out wide. But I don't think there's anything about the CMNT's style of play that means a player like Twardek "doesn't fit," in fact the different style of play he offers is exactly what makes him a shoe-in for the final roster since he adds a lot of flexibility to our attack on top of being one of the better wingers in the pool.
  12. They aren't signing for multiple years presumably, and while Canadians won't count as domestics next year, it doesn't mean USLC clubs won't still sign some as internationals. There are 35 clubs in the USLC and only 8 in the CPL; Canadian clubs can't sign every promising young player, so it's good that the USLC provides them with another nearby option for now.
  13. Could you imagine if Saarbrucken get drawn against Bayern? Who would have thought that two former Whitecaps FC 2 teammates playing in wildly different divisions in Germany might meet in the semi-finals of the DFB Pokal
  14. He's off to a good start this season; against Waterford two weeks ago he forced an own goal, and then against his former club a week ago he started the attack which led to the opener and later scored his first for Bohemians in a 2-0 win.
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