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  1. They said a month ago that over half of the roster was already signed, this is only the 12th announcement. They probably had around 20 players signed before the season was postponed two weeks ago, given that they were about to start training camp in Madrid.
  2. There's really no arguing that the Scottish Championship is a higher level than the Irish Premier Division, and they have played a similar number of matches at those levels. Not to mention that Zanatta hasn't been a consistent starter in the Scottish Champ this season. But yes, Zanatta is normally a striker and Twardek is normally a RW/RM, and only occasionally plays on the left nowadays, so I don't think it makes sense to compare them in the context of the final roster. He can absolutely take players on 1v1, you seem to be basing your opinion on what you saw with the youth teams 2-4 years ago and I can assure you he has improved considerably in that time (and he wasn't bad back then), which is why he's now a key starter on one of the biggest clubs in Ireland. I think you're right in that he is a very different style of winger from our other options, who are mostly direct attacking players that usually try to beat their man and get into the box, whereas Twardek is a bit more of a conventional winger who usually looks to play in a good cross from out wide. But I don't think there's anything about the CMNT's style of play that means a player like Twardek "doesn't fit," in fact the different style of play he offers is exactly what makes him a shoe-in for the final roster since he adds a lot of flexibility to our attack on top of being one of the better wingers in the pool.
  3. They aren't signing for multiple years presumably, and while Canadians won't count as domestics next year, it doesn't mean USLC clubs won't still sign some as internationals. There are 35 clubs in the USLC and only 8 in the CPL; Canadian clubs can't sign every promising young player, so it's good that the USLC provides them with another nearby option for now.
  4. Could you imagine if Saarbrucken get drawn against Bayern? Who would have thought that two former Whitecaps FC 2 teammates playing in wildly different divisions in Germany might meet in the semi-finals of the DFB Pokal
  5. He's off to a good start this season; against Waterford two weeks ago he forced an own goal, and then against his former club a week ago he started the attack which led to the opener and later scored his first for Bohemians in a 2-0 win.
  6. Uzbekistan Milovan Kapor played 90 minutes for Buxoro in their season opener against Kokand 1912 last Friday, which ended in a 3-0 loss.
  7. ...because he's not remotely good enough to play for us. If we're seriously worried that one guy who couldn't make it in MLS is going to make Trinidad and Tobago too good for us to beat, then we might as well just shut down the CMNT. Trinidad already have multiple MLS players and a guy who plays in the Belgian First Division A, but yeah, Telfer is suddenly going to make them the greatest team in CONCACAF and we're going to be totally screwed. If we draw or lose to Trinidad, it's going to be because they were well-organized tactically and/or because we played badly, not because of Telfer. Moreover, Caribbean teams getting better is good, because most of them aren't great and better competition is both good for the confederation in general and for us. If players who aren't good enough for Canada are part of that, then perfect. We shouldn't be fantasizing about ruining players' international careers for our entertainment; Telfer fills a great need up front for Trinidad, while he serves no purpose for the CMNT, and that's that.
  8. Well he is a great ball-playing defender, which is why he's playing at a higher level with the CMNT, while Gasparotto is not. Gasparotto is a similarly great CB overall, but his style of play doesn't suit the CMNT's system the way Didic does. Being a top CB in the CPL doesn't guarantee that you'll move on to a bigger league after only one season. The fact that he wasn't successful in his trial with the Whitecaps doesn't say anything about his ability relative to other CPL CBs, although what maybe does say something is the fact that he got an MLS trial while others didn't.
  9. There used to be a Fury Ultras group that started after Ottawa joined the NASL; hilariously they gave up after a couple of years while the other two supporters' groups have stuck around. So these Capital "Ultras" are starting off with zero respect from the actual fanbase, particularly since they apparently weren't part of the supporter community previously.
  10. Dominique Malonga now being linked to Indonesian top division club Persik Kediri by Indonesian media: https://www.indosport.com/sepakbola/20200225/termasuk-eks-inter-ini-3-jebolan-liga-italia-yang-dapat-digaet-persik
  11. This neither confirms nor supports anything like that at all, it states that the two parties were unable to come to an agreement and Fisk took a different offer. "Ottawa would get their scouts to look at players" is supposed to indicate a draft? Is that a joke? If there isn't a draft, how do you suppose they would find Canadian talent, by getting their fortune tellers to look into some crystal balls? There are plenty of players out of contract at the end of any league season; players like Fisk considering their options is exactly what you'd expect regular free agents to do and clubs like Ottawa scouting players is exactly what you'd expect them to do if they are looking to sign free agents like Fisk. A while ago you guys talked about how Arnone leaving Wanderers was "suspicious" and yet he signed with his hometown club despite supposedly being tied up in a expansion draft for Ottawa. There has been no indication of any sort of system like this, and given that the league is not franchised and neither the clubs nor the players have any incentive to participate in such a scheme, there is literally no reason to think it would happen.
  12. Players born 1999 or later are U-21s this season
  13. Assuming it's a left-back, the only shoe that really fits is 31 year-old Congolese international Arnold Bouka-Moutou. Otherwise, if it's any defensive position, Romain Genevois also fits and makes a lot of sense given the older rumour about Valour signing a second Haitian international centre-back.
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