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  1. They're called loans. Paton has always been with Premier League clubs, he has just spent time on loan with Stenhousemuir. Zanatta was with Hearts for four years but spent most of his time there on loan with three different clubs.
  2. Yep, wing and central mid. I've always been a big fan of Haworth, but with the amount of great young talent we have at RB and on the wing there's no chance we're calling up a 30 year-old USL player for those positions.
  3. So if they advance, it'll be Comunicaciones in the quarterfinal. Hopefully they can get it done in an empty stadium, playing in Honduras is certainly a lot less daunting without the threat of fan harassment and violence.
  4. He played 90 minutes and assisted on Sligo's lone goal in a 2-1 loss
  5. Tony Tchani adds to the foreign NT list with his one cap for the US and two for Cameroon.
  6. Pepple seems like a great signing, he was the youngest player to register for the open trials and made day two in Calgary. He's currently the youngest player in the league and the only one eligible to play in the U17 World Cup this year, so hopefully he can get some minutes and get the call. He seems like a great kid, hopefully he thrives in this league like a number of other teenagers have.
  7. Kris Twardek started and scored a hat-trick for Sligo Rovers in an 8-0 win in the FAI Cup over amateur club Glebe North. He played 90 minutes and had the 5th, 7th and 8th goals for Sligo. The third goal came from the spot: Sligo fans seem to like him quite a bit, he's been a fixture for the club all season.
  8. Lansdowne Park, not field.
  9. Adjei has a much better strike rate this season than Brown. Brown has 2 goals in 677 minutes of play while Adjei has 3 in 578 (a rate per 90 minutes of 0.27 vs 0.47). Adjei maybe hasn't impressed overall this season, but he certainly has managed to score goals.
  10. This one's going to be on TV as well. I'm excited to potentially see Paolucci's debut; as much as Attardo has been good, he could be the top attacking player Valour need.
  11. Carducci is a '96, the tournament is for '97s and later.
  12. It doesn't seem like the stadium proposal has professional sports in mind. 2,200 is ideal for large amateur, varsity and high school sporting events.
  13. It's almost certainly because they don't intend on selling him this summer unless they get a really good offer. He's still under contract for another three years and is doing well, so there's no rush to get him out the door. It would also probably be better for him to spend one full season as an established starter in a good league before going to a big club and having to fight for first-team playing time.
  14. Kris Twardek played 90 minutes for Sligo Rovers in a 0-0 draw against Waterford.
  15. That's not true at all, he was born in Markham but only lived in Canada for one year before moving away. He still visits family here regularly, but he actually grew up in the US and Russia. He has Ukrainian grandparents (which is how he got in contact with his previous club there), so he is at the very least eligible to play for Ukraine and he presumably has Russian and/or American citizenship as well. That said, he did indicate in a Reddit AMA that he wants to play for Canada: It's a great AMA btw, worth the read.
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