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  1. That comment was referring to OHL, not Leicester City
  2. I don't see where you've gotten the impression that his career has been on a "steady downward trajectory" as he has spent the bulk of his career playing in the Scottish Championship (5 seasons), versus 1 in League One, 1.5 in League Two and 1 in MLS. In the Scottish football pyramid, his career has gone tier 4-3-2-2-2-2-2-4. He played a lot less for Rangers in his two years there in the Championship, but has been a top player in the league since leaving. Moreover, his unstable club situation has been primarily due to braindead Scottish football politics, not his quality of play. So really, until this past summer his career on the pitch has been on the upswing. And Cove Rangers are a club with a lot of money and are currently en route to successive promotions, so it's not crazy that he decided to sign there, particularly since it seems he was planning to come back to Canada anyway.
  3. Not in the 18, as expected. Considering he hasn't played in two months, he'll definitely need a bit of time to get fit, on top of learning the club's system.
  4. Josip Golubar signed with a club he played for early in his career, SV Neuberg, who are in the Austrian Landesliga. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=https://www.bvz.at/sport/oberwart/2-liga-sued-golubar-und-das-denken-an-frueher-neuberg-2-liga-sued-sv-neuberg-185979419&prev=search
  5. I'd love to see him back in Ottawa
  6. https://www.tuttomercatoweb.com/calcio-estero/tmw-ricordate-malonga-dopo-il-canada-offerta-dalla-mongolia-1338138 Malonga has apparently been offered a one-year contract worth $400,000 by Inner Mongolia Zhongyou in China's second tier. This twitter accounts claims the deal is official, but I can't find anything actually confirming it.
  7. I mean, it certainly sounds on-brand
  8. Honestly, I hope they integrate as many scraps of the Fury as they can. I'm hoping the guy they're partnering with is John Pugh, and if JDG, Eddie Edward and Victor Oppong want to be part of the front office or coaching staff in some capacity, I'm all for it. I'm also excited for the possibility of more local players in the team between the few former Fury guys and the handful of other Ottawa natives who are out of contract. And, of course, the possibility of a proper professional academy in the future is huge. I think a lot of CPL clubs have gotten off to a good start with the U20 teams and will slowly expand their youth systems, but I'm hoping Atletico invest in a complete system quickly and look to set the standard for the league. The other thing is that this is a direct bridge to Europe, and even if it takes a long time for Atletico Madrid to actually sign an Ottawa player, they have loads of connections that will make it a lot more likely for a standout player to be bought by another European side. That, and Atletico Madrid will surely be scouting all the other clubs in the league too, so in terms of transfers this will be huge for the league and players in general.
  9. Except they haven't had a focus on that, they've naively insisted on papering over the actual names of the communities they want to represent by using corporate branding meant to seem "authentic" and vaguely relevant to the community's history. What the hell is "Forge" supposed to mean? It's just a vague, lazy allusion to the fact that Hamilton used to have a big steel industry and is maybe supposed to make it sound like an institutional club? Except that most institutional clubs like Arsenal were founded by the workers of an institution (the Woolwich Arsenal) looking for something to do together on weekends and not by a group of rich investors looking to start a professional football club in 2018. If you actually want authenticity you either adopt something authentic that already exists (like buying a local club or adopting the name of a historical club) or you keep it simple and straightforward. Ottawa Athletic, Ottawa FC, Ottawa City FC, etc. are simple and straightforward. A. I don't think appropriating indigenous language purely for the sake of marketing is going to go over as well as you seem to think it will B. & C. These are basically pointless, they would add nothing other than confusion for people who don't know what place Rideau or Bytown (or "Bytowne" for that matter) refer to, not to mention that Lansdowne Park is in the south end of the Glebe, which was not a part of historical Bytown. "Rideau" maybe works since the stadium is next to the canal, but it's still just fancy marketing for a club that is presumably looking to represent the entire city.
  10. No, definitely not; my point was just that I can see a lot of people not getting along in the supporters' section. I'm sure people will get over it eventually and I don't think it'll affect the new club's success, but plenty of vitriol is still being thrown around over it.
  11. You say that, but they wouldn't be starting from scratch since most of the former Fury roster is still out of contract and they would have another three months to fill out the roster. If they are announcing it this month, then everything's already in place for 2020.
  12. I think everyone will be very happy about it, but a lot of bridges have been burned at this point and I doubt many people on both sides will be willing to let it go right away (certainly not if Ottawa soccer Twitter is any indication).
  13. Should be a decent move for him, hopefully he can help Galway finally get re-promoted. Even if that doesn't happen, as long as he stands out in the First Division, he'll definitely get picked up by a Premier Div club.
  14. A huge deal for the league, especially with a pretty substantial fee at $100k. Hopefully this sets a standard for future
  15. The country in question is Israel, where Daniel Kinumbe was born, so I'd have to assume it's him.
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