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  1. Kris Twardek played 90 minutes for Sligo Rovers in a 0-0 draw against Waterford.
  2. That's not true at all, he was born in Markham but only lived in Canada for one year before moving away. He still visits family here regularly, but he actually grew up in the US and Russia. He has Ukrainian grandparents (which is how he got in contact with his previous club there), so he is at the very least eligible to play for Ukraine and he presumably has Russian and/or American citizenship as well. That said, he did indicate in a Reddit AMA that he wants to play for Canada: It's a great AMA btw, worth the read.
  3. Ah, true enough. Yeah, I dunno how they'd manage that if a club qualified for CCL through both the VC and CL. I guess the club would take whichever Champions League spot gave the higher seeding (currently it would be the VC obviously), and then the other spot would go to the VC runner-up. It would be pretty weird for the VC runner-up to take the CONCACAF League spot in the Champions League that the other club technically won, but I feel like that's the only thing that would work.
  4. That happens in every league. Whenever a club wins the top league and the national cup, they'll take the higher spot (in this case, CCL) and the lesser spot (CONCACAF League) will go to the second-placed team in the league.
  5. Yup, all the extended highlights are on the OneSoccer youtube channel
  6. The fact Pacific are starting two younger holding mids at CB over McCurdy certainly says a lot. Looks like a pretty rough injury situation, on top of all of their previous injuries there's no Gonzalez, no Chung and no MacNaughton. The transfer window opens Monday, I assume they'll be looking to bring in some reinforcements quickly.
  7. All 23 Wanderers, including Hocine, Perea and Gutierrez, are back in full training. Hopefully one or two will be fit enough to play tomorrow or, more importantly, on Wednesday against Ottawa. https://hfxwanderersfc.canpl.ca/article/wanderers-feeling-good-about-fall-season-home-opener-vs-york9-fc
  8. Kris Twardek played 90 minutes for Sligo in a 2-0 loss to Finn Harps.
  9. Quill makes his debut for Guyana tonight!
  10. With the July transfer window only a few weeks away, here's a little list of interesting Canadian free agents who could potentially be significant contributors for a CPL club: Goalkeepers Sebastian Breza ('98, Ottawa/Montreal) Not 100% sure that he's out of contract, but recently with Potenza in the Italian Serie C where he made 8 appearances, former U20 international. Would still be an U21 player this year. Tomer Chencinski ('84, Toronto via Israel) Previously with Shamrock Rovers in the Irish Premier Division, one cap for Canada. Apparently back in Canada with his family, but may be retired. Ricky Gomes ('93, Kitchener) Recently with Casa Pia in the Portuguese third tier; former U20 and U23 international who received a senior team call-up in 2014. Defenders (a lot of teams could use a centre-back or two, so I was a little more liberal with this section) David Edgar ('87, Kitchener) CB, recently with Hartlepool United in the English fifth tier, 43 caps for Canada. Surely any team would love to have his experience and leadership. Andrés Fresenga ('92, Toronto) RB, previously with Cerro Largo in the Uruguayan second tier, former U20 and U23 international and received senior team call-ups in 2013, 2014 and 2017. Andrew Lebre ('97, Toronto) CB, recently with Ethnikos Assias in Cyprus. Nick Prasad ('95, Edmonton/Surrey) CB, recently with SpVgg Bayreuth in the German fourth tier and current Fijian international with four caps. Would be a fitting addition for Pacific, who desperately need help in the centre of defense. Santino Recine ('97, Montreal) CB, recently with Guadalajara in the Spanish fourth tier. Steven Vitoria ('87, Toronto) CB, recently with Lechia Gdansk in the Polish Ekstraklasa, 10 caps for Canada. Unlikely since he could probably get a contract in MLS if he specifically wanted to come back to Canada, but who knows. Midfielders Kianz Froese ('96, Winnipeg via Cuba) Recently with Fortuna Dusseldorf, where he played for the reserves in the German fourth tier. Former U17 and U20 international with two senior caps. Atiba Hutchinson ('83, Brampton) I mean there's a chance, right? Harry Paton ('98, Kitchener) Recently with Ross County in the Scottish second tier, former U17 and U20 international. Would still be an U21 player this year. Daniel Stanese ('94, Coquitlam via NYC) Recently with Energie Cottbus in the German third tier, where he made 7 appearances. Former U17 and U20 international with one senior cap in 2015. Attackers Fraser Aird ('95, Toronto) Recently on loan with Queen of the South in the Scottish second tier, former Scottish youth international with 8 caps for Canada. I believe he's still under contract at Dundee United for the upcoming season, but he was very out of favour when he was sent on loan last season so he could conceivably be on the way out via loan or release. Stefan Cebara ('91, Windsor via Yugoslavia) Previously with Vojvodina in the Serbian top tier, former U20 international with 5 senior caps. Simeon Jackson ('87, Mississauga via Jamaica) Recently with St. Mirren in the Scottish Premiership, 49 caps for Canada. Colin Jacques ('94, Richmond) Previously with Istra 1961 in the Croatian top tier. Jimmy-Shammar Sanon ('97, Montreal) Previously with the Ottawa Fury, current Haitian international with three caps.
  11. He's under contract at Fresno but hasn't made an appearance yet this season. There's definitely a few CPL clubs that could use reinforcements at CB and considering he's domestic, he'd be a pretty ideal pickup if things don't work out for him in the USL.
  12. Yup that's him, number 20. He's a '98 as well, so he's eligible for Olympic qualifying this fall.
  13. And that was over 5 games as well. The most we had ever scored in our first three matches of a Gold Cup was 6 in 1991.
  14. MLS teams have attempted to sign him twice, the first time Seattle signed him in 2014 and then he suffered a season-ending injury in preseason and wasn't resigned. The second time he was signed by Sporting Kansas City toward the end of the 2017 season, but the transfer didn't go through because of a technicality. Since Martinique isn't a FIFA member signing a player from there requires an ITC from the French federation, but since the Martinique league isn't professional and FFF rules forbid amateur players from signing abroad outside of a transfer window the request was denied by the FFF. I don't know why he hasn't had any offers abroad since, but he no doubt makes some money playing in Martinique, so signing him wouldn't be completely trivial.
  15. That is completely incorrect. The Cuban federation have long lobbied for players to be allowed to go abroad to play professionally and have specifically lobbied for Hernandez and other defectors to be allowed to play for the national team (in fact they tested the government by calling him up last November, but he was indeed barred from playing). Quote from Hernandez about what his mom told him after she contacted the federation about the issue: “It’s very sad because we have good players around the world who want to come back and help,” he says. “We don’t need the money, we want to play for free. My mum spoke with the coach and the federation; she told me they don’t know what to do but they are fighting in the hope that one day we can come back and play. She said there are a lot of politicians that don’t really want to support football. Baseball, basketball, boxing, other sports, but not football. I don’t really know what the problem is, but it’s horrible.” https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/mar/29/onel-hernandez-cuba-carrow-road-norwich-city-championship As @king1010 said, the government began allowing players to play professionally overseas beginning in 2016, and several players on Cuba's GC roster play professionally abroad (five in the Dominican, two in Guatemala and one in Panama). The difference with Hernandez is that while a law established in 2013 allows defectors like him and his family to return to Cuba after eight years, the government still doesn't allow defectors to play for the Cuban national team in any sport. This also technically isn't true anymore. The United States scrapped its policy which automatically gave Cuban defectors asylum in 2017, so in theory Cubans have to seek US residency on the same grounds as any other immigrant. The defection issue still persists however, because as noted earlier the Cuban government doesn't allow defectors to return to Cuba for eight years, so once they travel without government permission they become effectively stateless and the US is obligated to grant them asylum as a result.
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