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  1. Nah, it's clearly a calculated move by the Star to make the GTA teams look good /s
  2. Dunno how I missed this, but Kris Twardek scored the opening goal for Sligo Rovers in a 3-3 draw against Waterford last Saturday.
  3. Only two, Arnone and Skublak. It's York 9 that signed a pile of them.
  4. He's from France and coached the Laval Dynamites in the W-League back in the early 2000s, but I don't know where he was coaching before or after that. He's been managing Blainville since 2015 and has won two league titles, two league cups and a couple of PLSQ coach of the year awards.
  5. United States or Panama up next, I wouldn't mind a rematch with the US!
  6. 6,250 now and up to 74th. At least we're gaining on the USL, which has just over 21,000 votes. If we can manage to beat them, that's a win in my books. Don't forget that you can vote more than once by using multiple devices!
  7. Kris Twardek starts on the bench for Sligo against league leaders Shamrock Rovers. He came on in the 24th minute in a 2-1 upset win, had a good outing but didn't contribute to either goal as far as I'm aware, although he was on the pitch for both.
  8. They have four Canadian starters (Langwa, Kourouma, N'sa and Ouattara, who has residency) and Bona and Schaale count as Canadian because they were drafted. They follow the same rules as everyone else; I'm not sure how you people follow this forum and don't understand how the roster rules work.
  9. Hocine is, Simmons isn't according to the match preview
  10. We're currently 82nd with less than 2,200 votes, let's fix that!!
  11. The officials for tomorrow's matches have been announced: Marie-Soleil Beaudoin will officiate Wanderers v. Forge Drew Fischer will officiate Cavalry v. York 9 Pierre-Luc Lauzière will officiate Valour v. Edmonton
  12. The CPL pregame article lists Hocine and Perea as "questionable" for tomorrow, so hopefully they'll be available next week if they aren't fit for the home opener; we could really use those two.
  13. They're wrong, Juan Marquez and Erina Cho are both Canadian. They've both refereed in the American leagues, so Soccerway likely just assumed they were American when their profiles were created. https://www.canadasoccer.com/?pid=4129&t=profile& https://www.canadasoccer.com/?pid=4489&t=profile&
  14. Twardek had a pretty incredible bike assist yesterday against UCD:
  15. I agree, the highlights they posted on Twitter were kind of strange, but they've just posted new highlight packages for the matches on the CPL YouTube channel which are very good; or at least more what I was expecting.
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