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  1. Canadians should avoid NCAA if we ever want to develop real talent. American domestic players are the least skilled in the worst and playing college ball holds you back, not to mention getting substandard American education along with it. We all agree US education is as pathetic as its soccer, right?
  2. It's good that they invited a Canadian team instead of an American one. Otherwise they would embarrass the league.
  3. American domestic players are unskilled worthless hacks who won't be pros in any other country. Canada has much better domestic talent than the US, who are below Australia and China even. Before you laugh at me, I've been to China before and the average person there understands the game 100x better than any American.
  4. The US doesn't deserve to host or participate in the World Cup so Canada has to bid solo or do it together with Mexico. Right now it's a good time to be friends w/ Mexico since we share a hideous neighbour the entire world hates.
  5. ANYTHING is better than watching ****** American soccer.
  6. Well, the CCL semifinals will happen soon. Let's enjoy a good laugh as FC Dallas gets picked apart by Pachuca. Pachuca's U-18's are probably more talented than Dallas starting 11.
  7. OK, looks like I got one wrong. Canada was just unlucky to land in the group of death in the U-20's. Even from the group stage games, we played much better than the Yanks.
  8. He should be scoring in the Euro Champions League before turning 20.
  9. The CPL should be a proper league and superior to MLS. In the long term we should try to be #2 in CONCACAF and occasionally win the CCL.
  10. It's ridiculous that the US hosts this every time. They know they won't advance from the group without home advantage. Canada and Mexico are capable of hosting this and a few Central American countries can joint host too.
  11. Canada doesn't need to look to the US for ANYTHING. Ansem is exactly right. Canada has better sense than the US and better talent coming up. In fact, the CPL should be able to be superior to MLS from the get-go. MLS is only equivalent to Guatemala/El Salvador and it won't survive any other Champions League. Also, the 3 Canadian MLS clubs should join CPL at the launch or after 1-2 seasons. You'll see how quickly Canada can improve once we are liberated from stupid MLS rules that hold back quality. Canada isn't the US and unlike our neighbours we don't reward or encourage mediocrity. The US is probably the most mediocre "superpower" in the world and Canada doesn't need to sink to their levels.
  12. Canada should've gone further. It's a shame they got stuck in a tough group. The least deserving country had to end up winning this tourney.
  13. Davies is already miles ahead of the Yanks' Pulisic and he's 2 years younger. How many American 16 year olds can boss players twice his age?
  14. He can use it as a springboard for England or Spain. He doesn't need Gibraltar. I was talking about leagues outside the top 5, like Holland, Belgium, or Swiss league.
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