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    Rintaran reacted to Greatest Cockney Rip Off in Canadian Premier League   
    Not really a like for like situation.  Most of the Welsh players were developed by English clubs where they count as domestic players. There are hundreds of club throughout England that develop these Welsh players and there are five clubs that count Canadians as domestic players.  You might have a point if the US clubs were developing hundreds of young players that could be part of the Canadian player pool.  
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    Rintaran reacted to Complete Homer in Canadian Premier League   
    Very brief mention at the V-cup final intermission. In the context of being asked about expanding the size of the V-Cup, Montagliani said (to paraphrase) "we are in talks to include the semi-pro leagues, and as you know there are discussions about an expanded number of professional teams, and they would be included."
    Very rough paraphrasing, hope I captured the intent of what he said. I got the feeling that he was trying to choose his words carefully, as he stumbled and stopped himself before continuing
    Nothing to read into, I don't think, just thought I mention it
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    Rintaran reacted to ted in Canadian Soccer League 2015 & 2016 Seasons   
    It would save time if you just posted all the results now for the rest of the season. That is how this league works, right: pre-determined results for Eastern European bookies fleecing morons who think this is actually a national league.
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    Rintaran reacted to Gopherbashi in Canadian Premier League   
    At this point I think we should just double-down on the confusion.

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    Rintaran reacted to ted in Canadian Premier League   
    ^ I want that on a T-shirt!!!
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    Rintaran reacted to Gopherbashi in Canadian Premier League   
    It looks good but will leave all the french people wondering why we're talking about bears.
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    Rintaran reacted to Ruffian in Canadian Premier League   
    Many of us have as much knowledge about financial matters, marketing and revenue generation as we do about player assessment. We may make poor unsubstantiated statements, but this is an internet forum where many different people speak their minds and give us their opinions. We don't need self-important people telling us what we are allowed to discuss.
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    Rintaran got a reaction from ted in 2016 Pacific Coast Soccer League (B.C.)   
    They keep promising one and had a lot of babble surrounding it shortly after the L1O launch, but it's been pretty silent on that front since word of the World Cup & CPL launch has regained traction. A BC1 needs to be launched in order to support any BC team that may be a part of the CPL, so I think it's pretty silly that convo has stopped.
    PCSL matches change often same-day and can take 2 - 3 days to post match results. None of the matches are streamed and unless you're present, you can't watch them at all. The Highlanders were a part of the PCSL in 2015 because they literally threw themselves back together at the last minute (ownership collapse & purchase for $1 w volunteer management). They returned to the PDL for the (much) higher quality of play. Sadly, I wouldn't put much stock in PCSL running another 3 years, let alone 5.
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    Rintaran reacted to CDNFootballer in 2016 Pacific Coast Soccer League (B.C.)   
    Looks like this league may not be long for this world.
    BC soccer association should really get going on a L1O equivalent for the province.
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    Rintaran reacted to Dub Narcotic in Canadian Premier League   
    Futbaler is either completely nuts or completely prescient. Guess we'll see.
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    Rintaran reacted to ted in Canadian Premier League   
    Interesting idea. Clearly this means no broadcast on traditional TV but are we in an era where that will not matter? Philosophically I am supportive of a new paradigm but I have a nagging suspicion that TSN, et al are not dead yet.

    Now this is huge news and IMO, the key to success or failure of the league. Put "sport executives" in place with little or no knowledge of soccer and soccer in Canada specifically and we could be in trouble. OTOH put the same old characters who have been in charge of soccer in Canada for decades in charge of teams and they will screw up the business side.
    I will be eagerly waiting to see what they come up with.
    Wow, talk about a bad attitude! 
    We are already fans and have decades of experience and knowledge in and around the game. "Gaining fans" is the job of the league and the teams not us. We must be convinced the league is worth supporting and as knowledgeable fans we will not support a poorly executed business plan just because you think we should.
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    Rintaran reacted to Ruffian in Canadian Premier League   
    And we should stop discussing players and their skills, that is for club and country sporting directors and managers.
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    Rintaran got a reaction from Complete Homer in Canadian Premier League   
    The Grey Cup weekend announcement date would be speculation. If CSA chooses that weekend, then there would be a greater level of CFL involvement than Verde suggests. I wouldn't put a lot of stock in Verde's idea of which teams will or won't exist. They're likely his personal opinion, with the personal opinions of some low-end staffers in Ottawa. When I worked for TD Place, it was easy to get pie-in-the-sky & theoretical talk from almost anyone at OSEG regarding the Fury & Redblacks, but nearly impossible to get actual details on current negotiations. I doubt that has changed for an intern.
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    Rintaran got a reaction from ted in Hello from Victoria, BC   
    Hello everyone! 
    I'm Shawn Gray, a correspondent for Northern Starting Eleven ( http://northernstartingeleven.com ) who writes articles primarily on the Victoria Highlanders (PDL) or with statistical ELO rankings (as flawed as they are in a system where leagues don't play each other). Although I currently reside in Victoria, BC, I first fell in love with soccer when I was at college in Ottawa. I worked as an usher at Carleton University during the Fury's first Spring Season and was one of the team leads on the Club Level at TD Place. I loved watching, working, and talking about the matches and the potential that the Fury were displaying. Now that I'm out in Victoria, there is sadly no professional team to watch in-person, so I've taken to enjoying my seasons tickets to the Victoria Highlanders with my wife & 4-month old son (We usually sit on the Eastern stands at the southern-most end b/c lots of noise + baby = upset baby).
    My educational background is quite diverse, with a BA English, a Bachelor of Education, a graduate certificate in Event Management, and most of a diploma in Business Administration - Materials and Operations Management. My work background has taken an equally winding route including everything from retail sales, reception, ushering, tutoring, purchasing database development, and most recently, brewing specialty coffee as a barista. My hobbies outside of soccer include speculative mass-transit system cartography, multi-purpose urban infrastructure development, cycling, and politics.
    I'm looking forward to discussing NASL, PDL, the Canadian Championship, CanMNT, CanWNT, and the potential CPL. 
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    Rintaran got a reaction from ted in 2016 Victoria Highlanders (PDL)   
    Hey @rob.notenboom. I unfortunately won't be able to make a trip out to Calgary. Any word on if the matches will be recorded/streamed from that end? Would love to how the Highlanders who smoked Kitsap do compared to the Highlanders that were decimated by Calgary in our home opener. The team that was on the field this past weekend seemed completely different in the way they played and I would love to be able to watch and compare.
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    Rintaran reacted to rob.notenboom in 2016 Victoria Highlanders (PDL)   
    Actually I see you already got a response from Sean (Shermanator) in the introductions thread. If anyone would know about streaming he would.
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