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    Rintaran got a reaction from ted for a record, Spruce Meadows and Their CanPL Learning Curve   
    They are building a league. None of it existed before. It is easy for fans and followers to lose sight of what was so obvious only a few short months ago. Now people are paying attention to players, coaches, teams, formations, and results. But the challenge of winning games, learning your trade as a player or coach, or making tactical adjustments is undergirded by a league infrastructure which has an entire set of its own challenges, difficulties, and pitfalls. From marketing the teams to broadcasting the games to running your venue on game day, everywhere one turns there is a new challenge for the Canadian Premier League. And each of the teams face hurdles to overcome that are unique to their context.
    For Cavalry FC, their contextual challenges have included weather, transportation, and stadium creation. Their home base at Spruce Meadows required a significant amount of construction to get ready for this season including the construction of a large grandstand. Ian Allison, president and COO of Spruce Meadows Sports and Entertainment describes how the combination of weather and construction combined to negatively impact their playing surface.
    Read more on the NSXI Network.
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    Rintaran got a reaction from admin for a record, Sea-to-Sea Podcast S04-E01: Opening Weekend   
    This episode features a roundtable with Jason and Adam from The Young Gaffers, Ryan from Bleeding Orange, and Nathan and Rob-regular hosts of SeaToSea, and NSXI Editor, Shawn Gray. Discussion revolves around the opening weekend of the Canadian Premier League & OneSoccer.
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    Rintaran got a reaction from admin for a record, The Young Gaffers: The Ultimate, Definitive Canadian Premier League Prediction Episode   
    Wherein Our Heroes participate in a panel, co-ordinated by the Northern 90’s very own Pat Sweet. Together with Pat, TSN 1290’s Ryan Brandt, and YouTube sensation AFC Curtis, we offer up our Canadian Premier League predictions based on nothing but sheer conjecture.
    The Young Gaffers are proud members of the Northern Starting Eleven Network. 
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    Rintaran got a reaction from admin for a record, What Once Was: Remembering the CSL   
    As we prepare for the premiere of the Premier league, it’s important to reflect on what came before. The league had a game of the week on TSN and had national attention, but it’s teams came in and out of the structure every winter.
    Read more on the NSXI Network.
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    Rintaran got a reaction from admin for a record, NSXI - Interview with Vancouver Island FC Inaugural Signing Alexis McKinty   
    New WPSL expansion club, Vancouver Island FC announced their first three signings in club history on April 19th. Three players were named to the roster: Liz Gregg, Mariel Solsberg, and Alexis McKinty. Coached by Neil Sedgwick and Wes Barrett, the first tryouts were held on April 1st and the club has two more tryouts scheduled for late April. 
    Liz Gregg joins VIFC with a wealth of professional football experience including multiple seasons abroad with Doncaster Rovers Belles.
    Continue reading on the NSXI Network.
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