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  1. Maybe just the Challenge Trophy winner. What can I say, I imagine it being a REAL tournament instead of a handful of matches. I'll happily be that kind of crazy. I believe we have scarves.
  2. Given the lack of any announcements any which way, let's go with NASL team(s). Hell, we should throw in PDL teams in the first round with L1O & PLSQ. Give the high-end amateurs a chance to run with it too.
  3. I wish we would see a lot more matches between the two leagues, although my preference is for them to be the first round(s) of the Canadian Championship. L1O & PLSQ teams get whinnied down, NASL teams join, then MLS, then CanPL entering in the top-spot where it belongs.
  4. Given the history of the Interprovincial Cup, I'm going to continue to side with L1O. The play in L1O is a little higher quality than PLSQ from what we've seen over the past 3 years, with this year being no exception. I would be pleasantly surprised to see CSMRO overtake the L1O side, but my money is on another Ontario victory over Quebec. The results of this aggregate match will have some effects in next year's NSXI ELO ratings too. If PLSQ loses once again, the two league won't start at an equal score. Not a huge effect in the long run, but it will affect how teams show up in the rankin
  5. I realize this post jumped the shark a ways back, but if I had to "vote" on 8 cities the CPL "needs": 1. GTA (independent) - whether this is Mississuaga, Vaughan, or Pickering 2. Hamilton (done) 3. Quebec 4. Regina or Saskatoon 5. Winnipeg 6. Calgary 7. BC Lower Mainland (independent of Whitecaps) 8. Moncton or Halifax Future expansions (in no particular order): 1. Victoria, BC 2. Thunder Bay, ON 3. London, ON 4. Montreal Area, PQ 5. Edmonton, AB 6. 2nd Atlantic Canada Team (Newfoundland-based maybe) 7. 2nd
  6. I moved to Victoria about 2-yrs ago. Officially, the Dogwood is the "flower" of the province, but Ted's right in saying there's no local connection beyond there being some Dogwood trees. There's more of a local affinity to the Douglas Fir, bamboo, or Cherry Blossoms. If you're up for a "gag" logo, you could use a wedding veil, a cane, and a homeless man in a sleeping bag, and people in Victoria would recognise it instantly (with a sense of dread and embarrassment). Personally, I like both the Highlander W Crown (despite the royal/Scottish issues) no Dogwood better. I also liked the previo
  7. The Pacific Dogwood is the official "flower" of BC (though it's actually a tree, but let's not get technical). It is definitely found all over the place here on Vancouver Island. I like the bottom right as well, although I'm not a big fan of the city's light blue colour. Still, it would be appropriate.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I think I was confused because it was called USL PDL & USL Pro at the time, and only the first 3 letters stuck in my mind. On a related note, any word on if Toronto is losing their PDL this year then? I believe the PDL exemption was supposed to expire at end of season.
  9. Love these! I'm totally stealing the first one for my FB banner...
  10. I thought the USL ban only applied in provinces where there was an "equivalent" D3 (ie Quebec/Ontario)? Toronto & Montreal argued to get the exemption because L1O/PLSQ weren't up to USL par yet (and still aren't). I don't remember much trouble with Vancouver getting their USL reserve (but I was in Ontario at the time, which means limited West of Ontario news unless you actively pursue it). I could see Victoria getting behind a USL-team, especially with a Van-Vic-Sea-Por rivalry. If Winnipeg & Calgary (maybe Thunder Bay) entered at the same time, it would be a nice round out of a n
  11. Definitely a bit of a pipe-dream, but I know I would buy seasons tickets for a local team for my family & I. A women's pro-league is long-past due, and our players have more than earned it. With all the interest we had from the Women's World Cup and the continued success at the Olympics, I think they would have a fairly solid fan-base. Depending on where the venues are, probably be looking at 3000 - 5000 regularly (with occasional peaks & dips). Not sure if that would make it viable, but it would definitely be great to watch the quality of play continue to improve. Of course, I'd
  12. dos Santos just loves to start new teams doesn't he? Too bad he left Ottawa, they could have definitely benefited from his guidance this year.
  13. Are they still going ahead with axing the PDL teams? There's a pretty clear difference in play quality between PDL & L1O, despite the past few years of trying to step up the quality. Are they planning to axe Thunder Bay Chill as well, or just the southern-Ontario teams? As for the effects of the Windsor partnership, so far all that's visible is the renaming of the team to Windsor TFC. Not a big change, but it does hurt the optics of the very Toronto-heavy L1O. It's too bad there isn't more of a push to get a Northern Division going in the league. If they could get a couple teams from
  14. They seem to be doing a stellar job of it too! Can't wait to see if they can topple Michigan in the final on August 6th.
  15. He's joking. NPSL doesn't allow Canadian Teams. At least not yet anyways.
  16. Horrible news for the PDL. I'm sure talk of the collapse of the PNW division concerns Victoria Highlanders & Calgary Foothills a lot. Has there been any talk about BC1 since the latest round of CPL rumours started their buzz? We definitely need to step up our game out here.
  17. They keep promising one and had a lot of babble surrounding it shortly after the L1O launch, but it's been pretty silent on that front since word of the World Cup & CPL launch has regained traction. A BC1 needs to be launched in order to support any BC team that may be a part of the CPL, so I think it's pretty silly that convo has stopped. PCSL matches change often same-day and can take 2 - 3 days to post match results. None of the matches are streamed and unless you're present, you can't watch them at all. The Highlanders were a part of the PCSL in 2015 because they literally threw t
  18. I read the Windsor/TFC partnership article and am left to wonder, is this actually a good thing? I mean, TFC Academy already have a L1O team, and its near the bottom of the league with Windsor Stars only slightly better. Will this mean Windsor TFC & TFC Academy will both exist in L1O or will TFC be shrinking one team out at years' end? Will L1O end up being a TFC USL/PDL feeder league? Not sure I feel good about that. Ok, it's a little positive that there will be some coaching help & the occasional chance to train on some proper grounds, but considering that only TFC's MLS team is
  19. The Grey Cup weekend announcement date would be speculation. If CSA chooses that weekend, then there would be a greater level of CFL involvement than Verde suggests. I wouldn't put a lot of stock in Verde's idea of which teams will or won't exist. They're likely his personal opinion, with the personal opinions of some low-end staffers in Ottawa. When I worked for TD Place, it was easy to get pie-in-the-sky & theoretical talk from almost anyone at OSEG regarding the Fury & Redblacks, but nearly impossible to get actual details on current negotiations. I doubt that has changed for an int
  20. Awesome. I look forward to the highlights/interviews. Yeah, Kasey isn't exactly the most reliable for communication. I still haven't received a reply from him about whether I can come back and write my articles (I just went ahead and did it anyways, with him retweeting info about the posts, so I assume I'm good). From our conversations when NSXI was getting started, there were some pretty high hopes for what the site could become, but he seemed to have a hard time getting people together to write reports, reviews, analysis, etc. What sort of article were you hoping to write? Did yo
  21. If its streamed, I'll be happy to watch the Highlanders shock the Foothills. The team playing now is nothing like the team that Calgary decimated during our home opener. Will you be doing an article on the matches (hopefully with photos)?
  22. Hey @rob.notenboom. I unfortunately won't be able to make a trip out to Calgary. Any word on if the matches will be recorded/streamed from that end? Would love to how the Highlanders who smoked Kitsap do compared to the Highlanders that were decimated by Calgary in our home opener. The team that was on the field this past weekend seemed completely different in the way they played and I would love to be able to watch and compare.
  23. Hello everyone! I'm Shawn Gray, a correspondent for Northern Starting Eleven ( http://northernstartingeleven.com ) who writes articles primarily on the Victoria Highlanders (PDL) or with statistical ELO rankings (as flawed as they are in a system where leagues don't play each other). Although I currently reside in Victoria, BC, I first fell in love with soccer when I was at college in Ottawa. I worked as an usher at Carleton University during the Fury's first Spring Season and was one of the team leads on the Club Level at TD Place. I loved watching, working, and talking about the matche
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