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  1. Congratulations Hobema! Good luck in the finals!
  2. I can only really speak to the Highlanders home matches. We wish we had attendance numbers like that. Opening match was 305 people announced. The Friday night Seattle match was somewhere between 400-500 (estimate),while the two matches against Calgary were between 150-200 (generous estimate). From what I've heard, the Rovers are doing pretty well at Swangard, despite their position in the table. For Canadian teams outside the NW division, I believe KW was bragging about a 1k+ attendance, and WSA Winnipeg has had a bit of a pre-CanPL bump, though I'm not sure how substantial it is. Not sur
  3. I guess a bonfire could work. I'll admit that was my first thought, was just afraid it might be seen as stereotypical. Not as unbalanced, certainly. Feels a little squished now though... Huh. I dunno, maybe I'm not the best judge of this.
  4. I'm not sure what would work there either. I'd say a Narwhal or something, but I'm not sure there's a proper link between that animal and Iqaluit. Leaving it empty could work too, just feels like something is missing there.
  5. I like your Iqualit logo. Feels like something is missing in the bottom-centre (between the 4 fish). Couldn't say what, but it feels like it needs something in that centred-gap. I'm also down with a wordless hammer logo. Looks sharp and iconic, although it would likely be confusing to people initially. A little too much black-space above the hammer itself like this though, I find it unbalances in the image a bit.
  6. Wow. That's Porcupine's first time down after 90 minutes. Congratulations to Hobema, as that doesn't seem to be an easy feat. I really look forward to the return leg. It will be quite something to see if we can come up from behind to fight our way to the final. Also, congratulations to Beaverton on taking a 2-0 lead over Whitecaps. Given the Caps history in the V-cup, if they don't choke this round, they should in the final! Will be interesting to see if we're going to get an all-DRFL V-cup final.
  7. It's definitely better. The interplay between the tolls/porcupine & mining headframe creates a decent balance. Not quite sure why you decided to use white for the different bumps & (normally closed) shoots on the headframe. Makes it look confused, and for those unfamiliar with mining headframes, it looks like windows & strange gaps. You could probably just remove those white details and the image will feel more solid. Maybe leave the two biggest ones (since they are big parts that stick out of the headframe), but fill them the same colour as the headframe, leaving the blue lines (n
  8. Porcupine Gold Rush FC @ York Lions FC (Highlights - 1st Half - 2nd Half) Just wanted to note that with this past match, my #9 Alexander Losier has scored his 20th goal (or more since the 1st match didn't have player's names), my #6 Chad Ringstead has his 12th, and my #11 Justin Renaud has his 7th. Those are the top-3 scorers for Porcupine Gold Rush FC.
  9. Thanks for this. If I recall, the rescheduled matches are on Sunday? I'm loving that there are some sweet logos for Montagliani & Bierne Champions. By my read, that means it is possible for a team to win a treble? That would be pretty sweet. Porcupine Gold Rush FC has done fantastic so far against the other teams in Ontario East, but I think it's going to be a lot tighter against the top-teams from the other divisions. Especially given how tight the match was against Summerside Argus FC, and what I'm expecting against Hobema Hosers this week. I'm still waiting on @GuillermoD
  10. Robin's articles also get re-posted, unedited, on NSXI which is a fair bit more appealing to view. He's an exceptionally frequent author, so his articles do tend to get grouped together a little bit so it doesn't overwhelm people and hide the great work from other authors. He doesn't pass along all of the photos that he uses on his own record, but enough to add a bit of spice to the article.
  11. Wow. A tie on matchday 6, but I still managed to take out Summerside Argus in the V-Cup despite forgetting to update my match information. I actually thought that I might be eliminated this round. On the flip side, congratulations to Beaverton FC! Ontario East makes up 1/2 of the semi-final teams! @Gopherbashi Porcupine Gold Rush FC was set to go up against Espanola on June 6th. Does this mean that match is rescheduled as I go into the V-Cup semifinals? Or does the V-Cup match happen on a different day?
  12. As far as I can tell, this would be the source of the Swangard/TSS discussion that to which someone only 1/2 listened. As mentioned previously on Northern Starting XI, TSS is in a contract with PDL for 3-years and have no plans in regards to other leagues at this time. Although it would be cool to have Swangard host a Canadian Premier League team, from what I can tell there is no solid (or even semi-solid) rumour that it is a possibility at this time.
  13. This is probably Osorio's last season at TFC if Vocal Minority's podcast has the right info. I'm honestly not too surprised though as he's been edged out by new players that fit the role better. Expect to see him take the plunge into CanPL if he doesn't get picked up by another MLS-side. -- I watched both matches, and these were very different games. I enjoyed both, but had very different expectations. I think one of the most important points feelings for me, was that with every team more-or-less playing their reserve sides (except Ottawa), this is more-or-less the kind of level of p
  14. Now that looked like a challenging series of matches. Just barely squeaked out the lead for Porcupine in that 1st leg. On the bright side, we were on the road, so hopefully with the 2nd leg at home we can squeak out a win, or at least keep Summerside from going too many away goals. I like how only 1 match was a "blow-out", and even then, not by a huge margin. Far more competitive as we work through these QFs.
  15. I'm sure many of you have seen this already, but The Lake Side Buoys talk CanPL a little bit in their latest episode:
  16. Thank you for rerunning the POR v MON V-Cup matches. I was really wondering what happened in that match that gave such an odd victory. This'll probably bring some more restraint to the goal scoring, which is good. I'm looking forward to the next round.
  17. I'd pay for that GR kit any day. It's a very sharp and appealing design. Really liking the pop collar too.
  18. On to the quarterfinals! Good luck to Beaverton FC and Inter Regina on toppling your Toronto FC & Vancouver Whitecaps! My fingers are crossed for an all DRFL V-Cup Final!
  19. Reading this, I actually kinda envision something like what we're doing in the DRFL right now. Geographical conferences for the first half, with top 2 per geographical conference moving into Division 1, and the remainder dropping into a division 2 for the 2nd half of the year. This provides a great regional derby for the first half of the year, and satisfies the need for a cross-Canada battle for supremacy in the 2nd. It also helps protect the investment of those buying into Canadian Premier League, and every year you have a real opportunity to play in the top Division through the whole year,
  20. I'm not entirely sure how the bids shook out for the Lebreton Flats redevelopment, but I don't recall any of the 4 proposals including anything that would work for a pop-up. Two of them did have a new NHL arena, which will make a world of difference for the Senators. I agree that Lebreton Flats would be a phenomenal spot to fit in an SSS or pop-up stadium if plans could be shifted to make room for one. With both the Confederation & Trillium Lines meeting up there, it would be a great transportation hub for people wanting to go to & from a match. Additionally, it's kinda on the opp
  21. Thanks for mentioning that. I wasn't sure if that had been an official request or if the PNW was just being really awesome this year. Highlanders had a live feed of their match this past weekend via YouTube and have an open call for volunteers to do play-by-play and colour commentary. The *silent* first match can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umh6JwoDaD4 It was a pretty good match for Highlanders. Definitely a huge step above last year's team. The overall production of the match was a lot better too for fans in the stands. Only 305 people made it out for Mother's Day, but
  22. I concur with this statement. The way the flower curves seems unnatural, and it doesn't seem to connect through the horse. I do enjoy the two-tone red quite a bit, and find this to be a much sharper, more professional-level design than some of the others that I've seen. This is definitely a good idea. If this is attempted though, you'll likely have to shift the horse in order to strike a balance between the two halves of the image. With the flower & the horse's head being so close to each other, that'll shift the weight quite high and leave the bottom area feeling too empty
  23. Holy crap. How the? What the? I don't even know what to ask. a 9-1 blow-out is pretty crazy. I'm happy they managed to get the lucky loser bonus after a beating like that. Ouch. On the bright side, this might just give me the edge I need to get past Montreal Impact in the V-Cup. Fingers crossed!
  24. You could also borrow a page out of PDL's handbook for this and try a Friday night & Sunday afternoon match. It's a quick turnaround, but if there's multiple teams in a tight grouping, it could work for the short-season. This would also eliminate the need for those mid-week matches that generally don't draw. I'd probably only recommend 1 team doing a double on a given week in order to spread it out evenly among the teams. That is, if a double needs to be done at all.
  25. Great article Matthew. I'll be sure to keep an eye on your page.
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