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  1. Since the BCRT3 is announced to launch in 2018, they won't have a champion to compete in 2018. This does create a good setup to have them added for 2019 though. It also gets around the league's short season (May - July), which excluded them from the Interprovincial Cup.
  2. For 2018, that'll probably be L1O vs Ottawa, PLSQ vs Edmonton (or swap the D2-teams). But wouldn't that put 5-teams in the 2nd round? How would that run? It had been thought the Interprovincial Cup (IPC) winner would be the one to take a berth in the Voyageurs Cup, but this is much better. It creates the perfect way to add BCRT3, which starts play in 2018 (and thus has no champion yet), giving their 1st champion a berth for the 2019 V-Cup. With the short BCRT3 season, they had already opted out of the Interprovincial (except officially), so the elimination of that tournament in exchange for entry into the V-Cup looks like a nice move. I wonder how they'll deal with a 5-team opening round though. Perhaps the Challenge Trophy winners will be added as well? That would put 6 in the 1st round, 6 in the 2nd round, and 3 remaining for a round-robin championship?
  3. I'd probably buy that jersey. Not tuning in to your TV-show though. My psychic powers tell me it'll flop, unless you sell it as a Christian Psychic TV-show to the states. Then you'll do fantastic, but I still wouldn't watch it.
  4. Agreed! I live in Victoria, where the company is from, and I've never seen any of their stuff in store. Hell, I went into stores a flubber-belly like myself really has no business being in with the hopes of finding some gear in order to assess quality (work out stores, high-end specialty sports stores, small sketchy-looking "sports" stores, etc).
  5. Ouch. Sounds like they seriously don't understand the market & how to handle international trade. Too bad.
  6. Nah, they just got caught in one of the biggest hurdles for international expansion. From my business admin days, international trade, including setting up a proper international supply chain & foreign manufacturing locations, was listed as one of the riskier steps to take, especially if you're dealing with countries you've no experience with. Dryworld has only had a handful of smallish contracts, with QPR being "huge" for them. Sure, QPR isn't small, but there's no language barrier, trade between Canada & England is pretty straight-forward compared to working with South American countries, and it's only 1 team, with a relatively limited market. Snatching 3 Brazilian powers, and then trying to setup a new manufacturing facility in Panama in order to handle Brazil's crazy demand, it's no wonder they couldn't get things running swiftly enough. They went after the contracts without already having things in place in order to handle the demand. Setup of their new production center had to wait for new equipment to arrive, new employees to get trained, and they definitely weren't prepared to run with the jump. Dryworld is going to lose all 3 teams in Brazil, no question there. The company may be able to save itself if it finishes the Panama production center and then pursues some new contracts. They'll have to pay heavily in order to be given the chance, but it's possible.
  7. Their Facebook is imploding much the same way. It took some google-fu & google translate, but I found an article. The TLDR version: Dryworld tried to go too big, too fast. Unable to get production to the necessary levels, they are paying penalties to the three clubs, but they are so far unable to provide the product to the quality & quantity that was expected. Original article: http://explosaotricolor.com.br/v2/segundo-portal-saida-da-dryworld/ Google Translation: According to portal, Dryworld exit is not ruled out Yesterday, the partnership between Fluminense and Canadian sportswear company Dryworld completed six months since the official announcement at a large party held at the Salão Nobre in early March. Although the Tricolor had financial advantages compared to the previous contract with Adidas, behind the scenes of the club there are those who believe that the new sports supplier has brought more problems than solutions. The main point of friction is the difficulty for distribution of products, both for Fluminense and for stores. According to the portal Globoesporte.com, the quality of the pieces also became motive of irony among employees and even within the professional cast. Given this scenario, there is inside the club who does not discard a change from 2017. But the official version is that there is trust by the board that the operation of the company in Brazil will normalize and Fluminense will be better served. For example, teams from the Fluminense base categories still wear old Adidas uniforms. The deadline for delivery has already expired, and although the club's representatives have already gone several times to the factory, opened in Paraná, the pressure has not yet had any effect. - We want it for yesterday. It's no use giving any more foresight. We imagined that problems could happen, but not on this scale. The distribution is their Achilles' heel - said a Fluminense manager. Dryworld has made a commitment to Fluminense, Atlético-MG and Goiás without having the necessary production capacity to serve them. With few parts in the stores and consequently few sales, the Canadian company could not afford to spin the wheel. The large shed purchased in Paraná has not yet been fully assembled, also because of the lack of financial resources. The contract with Dryworld allows Fluminense to make notifications and even foresees fines in case of company failures, but the tricolor board keeps hope for better days, despite the patience of many people already being near the limit. What holds the lawsuits against the Canadians is the money they give to the club, which has only occasional delays of a few days because of operational issues, according to official Flu reports. Those who defend the company argue that it will have paid by the end of this year what the former sponsor would give Fluminense in a period of three years. Atlético-MG, the first club to close with the Canadians, has problems similar to those faced by Fluminense. The mining club, inclusively, has already made formal notifications because of the inadequate supply of material. My opinion: This sucks. A blow like this will probably sink the company unless they can manage a very quick turn around & demonstrable success outside of Brazil. I think they're already done as far as Brazil is concerned.
  8. Thanks for this Robin. Too bad you didn't get the chance to ask any questions on TFC/CPL, but it is good to get the TFC III pro-news. Did they happen to mention how many players on TFC III were going to be paid, or just that there were some? Your article has also gone live over at NSXI: http://www.northernstartingeleven.com/rocket-robin-report-tfc-presidents-breakfast/
  9. This doesn't work. Although L1O has two conferences & play-offs, PLSQ is single-table no-playoff. From the technical release for BCRT3, it looks likely to follow the PLSQ route over the L1O route. The one thing all 3 leagues do have in common is a league cup. Since starting 2018 (the same potential year as CPL) we will have 3 D3 leagues, I would suggest: League Champion & Cup Champion (or runner up if same). This has the benefit of providing two routes for the D3-teams to get into the V-cup. It is interesting to note that so far BCRT3 does not appear to be interested in competing in the Interprovincial Cup, so using that as a qualifier will automatically discount the new league.
  10. @ted & @shermanator: Definitely don't take it personally. I'm the editor at NSXI, and I didn't know it had happened until @Nathanael Martin was finished writing up the article. From what he has mentioned, they planned to keep it small to begin with in order to prevent the conference call from getting too chaotic. To me, it seems like they pretty much just went off one person's quick-contact list. From what I gather, there will be more of these calls and they will be expanding those involved. Pure speculation: From the content of article, it also seems this was meant as an encouraging call for those starting groups unconnected to any existing local team. Yes, GRU could support K-W, but Forsyth's Machine does that and GRU is meant to be specific for CPL. Both the Lake Side Buoys & Footsoldiers are pretty well established, so the extra push probably isn't as necessary.
  11. There's been a couple of articles relating to the Highlanders from Times Colonist. First there's an official one talking about how they've made a push for some signings. Looks like they'll be billeting non-island players in order to keep costs under control as well. It's a good read: http://www.timescolonist.com/sports/highlanders-hope-off-season-shopping-brings-more-wins-1.10150596 The second article predates the above, but seems to leak one of the international signings they're talking about. Sho Goto, formerly of J-league, will be providing some strength to the LB position. The mention is about 1/2-way down the article: http://www.timescolonist.com/sports/vic-west-back-in-jackson-cup-spotlight-1.10029688 Finally, I've done up a schedule wallpaper. Feel free to share & use.
  12. It should be a pretty interesting season. A tonne of games at home, one huge 2-week road trip to the states, a couple matches at home before an all-Canadian finish. I would have much preferred to have started the season against a Canadian team, and perhaps traded weekends, but I suppose this format will be more cost-effective for the team. With all home the matches on Friday nights or Sunday during the day, that isn't too bad either. Makes it easy to bring the family for the weekend matches, and have a nice night away from the little one every now & again.
  13. For the loans, I think we can pretty well count on Shome being one of those sent over on loan. He was just drafted this year, but I don't think he'll fit into Montreal's 1st team plan just yet.
  14. I'm in Ed. I decided that I'll only have Canadians on my team +1 non-Canadian keeper (since there's apparently only 1 Canadian keeper). I'm just hoping not to finish last.
  15. I'm originally out of Timmins, ON, but currently live in Victoria, BC. In order of preference, for any given CPL match I will support: Victoria or the closest BC-based team. If there is no BC-based team, anything but Toronto. Supporters groups from non-Toronto can buy my support with team swag. I like team & supporters groups scarves, jerseys (men's large for me, toddler for my son), and baseball caps. A Toronto team can buy my unending support by paying off my $40k student loan and providing me with team & supporters scarves, jerseys (men's large & toddler sizes), and baseball caps. I figure it's fair to give them an opportunity. If there's nothing nearby that I can realistically attend on occasion, I'll probably just support the league in general.
  16. I keep meaning to add Rabbit Radio to my podcast list! No time like the present. Thanks!
  17. I see this as a pretty great move. It gives the guys that are already of a decent calibre somewhere they can play, in addition to the MLS/USL stream, that will help them to further improve their skills. With CPL launching in 2018 or 2019, this is a great spot for some guys to go for a year or two in order to increase the initial quality of CPL play using domestic players. I think NASL used USL's ability to count Canadians as Domestics, even though they're now a D2 league, to push for the same status since it unfairly restricted their ability to sign quality players. I don't really see it as being aimed at damaging CPL. I see it as an attempt to take away USL's advantages while the NASL continues to attempt to regain the confidence of USSF & fans in order to establish itself as the American D2. Of course, this continues the American soccer wars, but unless the USSF actually does something to solidify a pyramid, those aren't likely to end anytime soon.
  18. Only 5 Sunday afternoon fixtures will be a great improvement, but where's that info from? I don't remember reading that, but would love to catch the article/podcast. Hopefully the NASL schedule will be out soon. As it is, their late release will require US Soccer to issue a waiver in order for the SF Deltas to compete in the US Open Cup. Doesn't affect us much, but they're shaping up to be a good team, and with Dos Santos at the helm, will be worth watching.
  19. You should also get 1 or 2 from the supporters groups that have discovered they have no local team, just to provide an alternative perspective on the league launch. I think it could make for an interesting conversation.
  20. And my shirt has just arrived. Here is the Royal Blue version, a colour I chose because I already own far too much black.
  21. Sadly, I have to agree with this assessment. That being said, I could see Dry World making a leap. So far they've kept their brand with a pretty small footprint, only focusing on a few teams. Being a Canadian company is where the brand synergy could come into play. If they wanted to make a bit of a splash, I could see them doing a short 1 or 2-year league-wide contract. We're only talking 8-teams, so their outlay shouldn't overload their current production capacity and it could have some pretty good benefits for them as a company if the whole thing is marketed correctly. That being said, I don't see them paying a large sum to the CanPL in order to have the rights for the 1 or 2 years. Maybe a significantly smaller sum, max $5 mil more likely $1 mil.
  22. Here's a summary: Financial requirements are high because they don't want it to be a "flash-in-pan, one-off season." They're looking for consistency & continuity with a 3-year commitment period. With the CanPL coming along, BC was missing a key step in the development pathway. BCRT3 will sit below Whitecaps' USL-side and help bridge the gap. This will provide some key players to CanPL down the line. There were 2 main reasons for the 3-month season, which was summed up as "Let's not run before we can walk." The league is "new territory" and experimental in nature. They are open to extending the season if it shows consistency. Additionally, they were concerned about the potential player pool and identified CIS & NCAA players returning to BC for the summer as the likely pool. In regards to the D3-Interprovincial Cup: That's a connection to be explored "eventually." In regards to women's sides: Something to consider one-day. "Let's not run before we can walk." My interpretation: It seems like they're really unsure how stable the league will be, and like they're trying not to shake things up dramatically with current leagues. From the way I read it, the season won't be lengthened until at least 3-years have gone by, and don't expect them to be a part of the D3-Cup until that point. Similarly, I wouldn't expect women's sides to come into play until 5 or 6 years down the line from the way he chose his words (if ever). One thing I did find interesting was that he seemed really hopeful that there would be teams from across the island, the Okanagan, and even in Northern BC. Given the low-balled ticket-count, I think it would be great to see some teams from those areas, but given the player pool they're aiming for, it's probably pretty doubtful. There are some bright points of their cautious walk-run method. This likely means that PDL teams will not be shoe-horned over for at least 3+ years (unless they want to be a part of the league). It also may play a role in finishing off the PCSL as more professionally-run clubs take off. It also means that they won't aim to expand and grow at a super-sized pace, thereby reducing risk and helping to promote league stability while controlling potential losses. All-in-all, pretty good for business.
  23. There is a little bit: Minimum 8 U-23 players per team at the match. Minimum 4 U-23 starters per team Max 3 "import" players
  24. I like it, but since they're calling it BC Regional Tier 3 League, perhaps it should say "Tier 3" or "Tier 3 League". It's clunky, but until they give the league a proper name, BCRT3 is what we have.
  25. Depends on the level you're talking. PDL & PCSL are summer leagues. Here is Victoria, most of our leagues run right through the winter. Here's a link to Vancouver Island Soccer League's schedule: http://www.visl.org/organizations/278/events?league_events=1 . I believe much of the lower mainland has a similar schedule, but someone over there would need to confirm.
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