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  1. I had hoped I'd be able to wear the shirt at the coffee shop I work at on my last few days there. Looks like I'll just have to make some special trips with my son closer to the holiday instead. There's some sports regulars that I've had some good conversations about the league and it'd be great to spark up a couple more.
  2. Probably fair expectations. I too would love to see Highlanders in the CPL. Would be great to have a pro team I can actually watch in person. But I'm not going to count on it. I'm thinking that we'll actually see 7 teams to start, given the news re: Cosmos that was triple-confirmed earlier today. FC Edmonton would be a good fit for the league, and may now be interested given the increasingly likely demise of the NASL. Probably have an 8th team in year 2. Then 2 more after 5 years+ of operation.
  3. I actually like the idea of this. I also wouldn't be too surprised, if NASL does bite the dust, to have something similar come out of Edmonton. We've heard 6, maybe 7. It could be possible that Ottawa & Edmonton are the "maybe" that might even outperform the expectation. A key thing in business is to underpromise & overdeliver, so this would be a great way to do it.
  4. Moncton Hamilton Ottawa Winnipeg Regina Calgary I suspect the BC team will not come until 2019, but if it is announced with the rest, I'm going to dream with Victoria, BC.
  5. Absolutely. I've already plugged it a few times via social media. Was considering adding an image & link on the site's sidebar (both the CPL-specific & maybe the generic) if @admin has no objections.
  6. I've one on the way for myself, and a fellow writer at NSXI ordered his a day or two later, also in Victoria. Going to be great seeing a few of these shirts around the city.
  7. If this were to become a thing, would it also stand to reason to recognize the D3-Interprovincial Cup winner in a similar fashion since L1O/PLSQ aren't currently a part of the V-Cup?
  8. Although it would be pretty cool to watch, I don't see it being affordable for the teams. Perhaps as a "let's do this once" sort of thing it may be worth doing though. Keep the momentum going.
  9. I can't wait to watch tonight's match. The build for the Eastern Conference finals has been amazing, and I think seeing the packed stadium on-screen or in-person will do a lot to build attention to the sport in Canada. 61,004 in attendance tonight, and another what? 40k? in Toronto next week. Can't wait!
  10. I put in my vote for the words. As for colour, I would wear both the dark grey & the light grey. I'd wear the black one you posted later as well, but I've been trying to move away from black. As I have a 9-month-old, white is impossible for me to maintain. I believe someone else also mentioned a red shirt. Wouldn't mind that either, but definitely the dark & light grey shirts were my favoured style. As for price point: $25 is very reasonable. It would be hard to convince me to pay $30 for a t-shirt on a regular day, but if it was manufactured in Canada I can get behind that. An extra $5 to support Canadian jobs in addition to Canadian footy is something I'm happy to get behind.
  11. I must say I was definitely impressed with CSMRO during the match. They kept bringing it to Vaughan (or Aughan as the ticker said for the first 25'+). I wish I could have heard an English commentary though. My French is so rusty I could only make out a handful of words throughout the whole match. Still pulling for Vaughan Azzurri to take the D3 Cup this year, though I would love to see CSMRO prove me wrong!
  12. Your list is sound. Here's my thoughts: Stay Eddie Edwards: He's pretty much said he's in. "It's been real @naslofficial thanks for all the memories. Looking forward to making new ones in @USL! Exciting times to come #FuryFC — Eddie Edward (@eddieedwardfc) <a href="https://twitter.com/eddieedwardfc/status/791008619076657156">October 25, 2016</a> Marcel de Bellis - USL starter. It'll be great for him to get the minutes he deserves. Mario Eustaquio - Stays. Will probably become a regular starter. He can shine in USL. Andrew MacRae - Probably stay if Fury want him as their backup. Dario Conte - Again, great chance for him to get the minutes he needs. With some more development, quality product. Adam Malekos - If Fury want him, he'll stay. He desperately needs to get on field, and the USL-level may provide an opening. 50/50: Carl Haworth - He might stay, but he could probably move on to provide another NASL team depth. I'd say 50/50 with him. Kyle Porter - He's good, but not consistent enough for NASL. I think it depends on what Fury offer. Gone: Tissot: Moving on up. He'll have options. de Guzman: Retirement as a player. I can see him becoming a trainer or assistant coach, but I think he's ready. Dixon & Roberts: They want on the national team, USL is not the level for them to get there. They'll try to move up or over, but might end up on Unattached FC. Gyorio: Don't see Fury renewing & don't see him wanting to step "down" to USL.
  13. The owner of the site, for whom I was doing all these writings, just handed it over to me. He doesn't have the time for it anymore, and I've got a lot more experience with a lot of stuff needed to expand and develop it, so I'm in the process of drafting up how things will change for 2017. (Writers & segment podcasters for all teams/leagues wanted BTW) League starting points are, sadly, roughly best guess (though based on previous work from the Brotherly Love blog on SBI). Currently for L1O & PLSQ, they're something of a wild guess since they don't ever go up against PDL/USL/NASL/MLS teams (though the numbers relative to each other are aided by the Interprovincial Cup). The other numbers are generally based upon Open Cup & Voyageurs Cup matches. L1O & PLSQ have changed a few times (downward) since I started it up in 2014, I'm doing my first change of the other leagues in time for the 2017 season based upon the shift we saw via this year's Open Cup & Voyageurs Cup. There are going to be other changes to how the math is done since I find a 100-point home field advantage to be quite high, and since the SBI match didn't take the relative importance difference of home & away aggregate matches into account. You can expect an "ELO Changes" comparison post to come during the off-season to explain how everything will work 2017 forward. ELO ratings tend to work great within a single league, or within a well-developed system of leagues, so it's all a little rough and still needs fine tuning for North America, and Canada specifically.
  14. Maybe just the Challenge Trophy winner. What can I say, I imagine it being a REAL tournament instead of a handful of matches. I'll happily be that kind of crazy. I believe we have scarves.
  15. Given the lack of any announcements any which way, let's go with NASL team(s). Hell, we should throw in PDL teams in the first round with L1O & PLSQ. Give the high-end amateurs a chance to run with it too.
  16. I wish we would see a lot more matches between the two leagues, although my preference is for them to be the first round(s) of the Canadian Championship. L1O & PLSQ teams get whinnied down, NASL teams join, then MLS, then CanPL entering in the top-spot where it belongs.
  17. Given the history of the Interprovincial Cup, I'm going to continue to side with L1O. The play in L1O is a little higher quality than PLSQ from what we've seen over the past 3 years, with this year being no exception. I would be pleasantly surprised to see CSMRO overtake the L1O side, but my money is on another Ontario victory over Quebec. The results of this aggregate match will have some effects in next year's NSXI ELO ratings too. If PLSQ loses once again, the two league won't start at an equal score. Not a huge effect in the long run, but it will affect how teams show up in the rankings. A PLSQ victory would mean that I've underestimated the Quebec-league, and the two would remain on-par. Any word on whether these matches will be streamed and/or televised?
  18. I realize this post jumped the shark a ways back, but if I had to "vote" on 8 cities the CPL "needs": 1. GTA (independent) - whether this is Mississuaga, Vaughan, or Pickering 2. Hamilton (done) 3. Quebec 4. Regina or Saskatoon 5. Winnipeg 6. Calgary 7. BC Lower Mainland (independent of Whitecaps) 8. Moncton or Halifax Future expansions (in no particular order): 1. Victoria, BC 2. Thunder Bay, ON 3. London, ON 4. Montreal Area, PQ 5. Edmonton, AB 6. 2nd Atlantic Canada Team (Newfoundland-based maybe) 7. 2nd GTA-area independent team 8. Greater Vancouver-area independent team
  19. I moved to Victoria about 2-yrs ago. Officially, the Dogwood is the "flower" of the province, but Ted's right in saying there's no local connection beyond there being some Dogwood trees. There's more of a local affinity to the Douglas Fir, bamboo, or Cherry Blossoms. If you're up for a "gag" logo, you could use a wedding veil, a cane, and a homeless man in a sleeping bag, and people in Victoria would recognise it instantly (with a sense of dread and embarrassment). Personally, I like both the Highlander W Crown (despite the royal/Scottish issues) no Dogwood better. I also liked the previous darker-blue logo if it ends up being a team unassociated with the Highlanders. I actually wouldn't mind seeing a resurrection of Victoria United at some level of play, though not at the expense of the Highlanders I've grown to enjoy.
  20. The Pacific Dogwood is the official "flower" of BC (though it's actually a tree, but let's not get technical). It is definitely found all over the place here on Vancouver Island. I like the bottom right as well, although I'm not a big fan of the city's light blue colour. Still, it would be appropriate.
  21. Thanks for the clarification. I think I was confused because it was called USL PDL & USL Pro at the time, and only the first 3 letters stuck in my mind. On a related note, any word on if Toronto is losing their PDL this year then? I believe the PDL exemption was supposed to expire at end of season.
  22. Love these! I'm totally stealing the first one for my FB banner...
  23. I thought the USL ban only applied in provinces where there was an "equivalent" D3 (ie Quebec/Ontario)? Toronto & Montreal argued to get the exemption because L1O/PLSQ weren't up to USL par yet (and still aren't). I don't remember much trouble with Vancouver getting their USL reserve (but I was in Ontario at the time, which means limited West of Ontario news unless you actively pursue it). I could see Victoria getting behind a USL-team, especially with a Van-Vic-Sea-Por rivalry. If Winnipeg & Calgary (maybe Thunder Bay) entered at the same time, it would be a nice round out of a northern division too. I would much prefer to see all these places as part of a CPL, but could accept a big influx of Canadian teams into the USL as a decent alternative. *edited for tense correction & to add PLSQ
  24. Definitely a bit of a pipe-dream, but I know I would buy seasons tickets for a local team for my family & I. A women's pro-league is long-past due, and our players have more than earned it. With all the interest we had from the Women's World Cup and the continued success at the Olympics, I think they would have a fairly solid fan-base. Depending on where the venues are, probably be looking at 3000 - 5000 regularly (with occasional peaks & dips). Not sure if that would make it viable, but it would definitely be great to watch the quality of play continue to improve. Of course, I'd also love to seen the CANMNT take on the CANWNT. I'm not entirely sure where I would put my bet in that match!
  25. dos Santos just loves to start new teams doesn't he? Too bad he left Ottawa, they could have definitely benefited from his guidance this year.
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