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  1. That's all very well and good, but if you're going for a true coast-to-coast derby, you should travel by ship through the NW Passage. Clearly, it's the only way that makes sense. Be sure to raid Halifax while you're there, just to stick it to the Privateers.
  2. You know the V's website is not BC Soccer right? If you want to "help" them, contact them and stop harassing us.
  3. PLSQ has announced they will be adding CS Monteiul. No word on any teams dropping (yet), or if other teams will be added. With what has been announced and current teams, that puts the league at 9 teams.
  4. Yes, but the price of PLSQ (and any potential jump-start leagues) just jumped a little now that part of CPL's development strategy has been revealed. Good thing they went after the big fish first.
  5. Nice. Will you be adding CS Monteuil to PLSQ? The team was confirmed for the 2019 season a while ago: http://plsq.ca/actualites/le-cs-monteuil-se-joindra-a-la-pslq-masculine-en-2019 No updates since mind you, but that isn't unusual for PLSQ.
  6. Tough break for Pacific FC. I see both Pacific FC and York 9 FC as being the two clubs most likely to keep on U-Sports players. Being middle of the pack isn't too bad for York, but pulling 2nd last is going to limit Pacific's choices. It'll be interesting to see how it shakes out.
  7. Definitely a solid hire. I loved watching MDS in action (well, his team) when he was with Ottawa, and I hope he can find the right pieces to fit Vancouver back together. Wherever MDS has gone, he's pulled in a bunch of Canadian players. That'll make things a little tricky this year with the CPL also aiming at Canadians, so it'll be interesting to see if he sticks to pattern or if he changes tack.
  8. That's a mighty long list. I guess it's pretty obvious where you need it to be. I can't say I disagree!
  9. I'm in. You have my e-mail. As for the scoring system, perhaps 1 point if the player played, and 2 if they played the full game. Provides a starting point for positives and negatives to work on (and is similar to the system used for the EPL). This would also help a little with the defender point issues @Kent mentioned. I'd probably blow up the points a little. Decimals don't make a lot of sense in this system. Maybe move up to 4 for a goal, 2 for A, -1 for conceded, 2 for clean sheet(D/G), 1 for midfielder clean sheet, -1 for yellow, -2 (or -4) for red. Not sure why you're adding poi
  10. I don't believe there are any Canadian player requirements in USL, however, there are for the Voyageur's Cup. I believe they need to have 3 starters in the V-Cup. Beyond that, I think we can expect a heavily American-side for the Fury in 2019.
  11. Lots of speculation all over the board, but nothing has been announced as of yet.
  12. When you're constantly in need of more writers, you're constantly looking. There's always another season, and having an article or two come out in advance of the November 12th draft is better than none. Would love to have an occasional article out of the LSB's too, if there's ever any interest in doing so. I'm sadly no longer within range of the Highlanders, Vikes, or future Pacific FC matches.
  13. On Northern Starting Eleven we have one guy who follows UBC. There was another who occasionally made a UVic match. I think I've caught 2 or 3 matches at Laurentian, but any sort of U-Sports coverage is few and far between. If you'd like to help alleviate that error, feel free to send me a DM and I'll get an account setup for you to publish through NSXI.
  14. Are cookies pastry? I always kinda kept them in their own category...
  15. May be available for pre-order prior to Christmas with delivery officially set early in the new year. I've seen kit reveals & delivery timelines along that sort of style before. It's not as convenient as it should be, but it still usually gets the benefit of Christmas sales, without worrying about the Christmas delivery. Just wrap a framed copy of the order receipt page with a picture of the kit for everyone you're buying it for, and they'll get excited about it twice.
  16. I have the Highlanders jersey. It's probably one of, if not the highest quality jersey I currently own. IMO, it beats out a couple from Umbro and Admiral that I have in my collection. Admittedly, I've only 7 or 8 jerseys, but I really like the quality.
  17. More likely the cap is set to gradually increase, with it eventually reaching or surpassing the level of spending that Ottawa was already involved with. This would allow Ottawa to have the higher cap without any increase, until the rest of the league was raised to the same spending level. This seems (to me anyways) like it would be the most sensible procedure for dealing with a grandfathered amount.
  18. Ah. Someone else had mentioned they didn't have a French site, and I must have mixed the two replies as you've been very Franco-focused. I also did notice (and mention) the French site was not up to date. Sadly, my own grasp of the French language is so poor that I have to rely on google chrome for my translations. The league definitely should not be doing that, and I agree they need some French-original articles, with French content producers. Of course, I believe the same of L1O & the reverse of PLSQ (English-original articles with English content-producers, damn hard to follow a le
  19. Found the french site: http://fr.canpl.ca/ . Pretty easy to find, being right in the main navigation bar. Sadly not seeing any French social media for them though. I wonder, @ChrisinOrleans, are you also upset that they don't have any First Nations-language versions of the site? I mean, they're Canadians too, and First Nations languages have been recognized as official languages... Edit: It looks like their French-language site is not as up to date with releases. Time for them to seek out a French-language translator and content writer. Maybe a job for someone he
  20. I've a lot of respect for FuryFanatic, and he's usually fairly reliable. I hope that much of this thread of posts this time around are horribly off-base and being fed falsely from his buddies at the Fury to cushion the news that they won't be in CPL in 2019.
  21. Actually, now would be a really great time for them to announce the 8th team, or at least announce a countdown timer. The longer they wait to react, the less prepared they look in regards to losing Ottawa.
  22. I must say, I'm absolutely gutted by Ottawa's decision. I can sorta understand it from a business sense, but you have to think a York-Hamilton-Ottawa rivalry would draw better than Ottawa - Closest US "rival". Unless, ha ha, Sudbury CPL suddenly springs forward, I don't really have much in the way of connection to York, Hamilton, or Winnipeg (my 3 closest teams). I guess my Fury merch is going into vacu-seal, but where do I go from here?
  23. The PCSL is a summer league. Supporters, and to some degree, viewers are generally not welcome (though Vancouver United seems to be working to change that a little). Games are often rescheduled last minute without any notice on their website or through their mostly dormant social media. Level of play is below PDL, L1O & PLSQ. It can sometimes take up to 4-days for a score to be updated on the website's schedule, more if its the score for the final (waiting since Jul 29). PCSL could make the move for the designation, but it would require them to become a professional operation, which t
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