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  1. 16 minutes ago, Lofty said:

    Thanks Rintaran!

    They are certainly not gone from the database backups (although it may not be easy to restore them).

    And there is always an activity log indicating who did what. So it is certainly possible to discover exactly how this happened.

    It's a bit much to expect anybody to believe it was an accident.

    You're probably right. It's probably on the database backups (if one is done automatically and it's not a manual process).

    As for activity log, probably. However, the reports I had received about your post aren't even visible any more in the moderator queue, so either the spammer flag is exceptionally brutal instrument or something's super funky at the very top.


    And with that, I'm out of here. Everyone please repeatedly report all of my posts with the complaint: "User has requested complete deletion of account. Do so."  If enough reports go in, maybe someone with moderation capabilities will finally accept my request.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Lofty said:

    At this point, all of my content appears to have been deleted, which includes all threads that were started by me. There is no way for this to happen accidentally.

    Perhaps someone (other than Rintaran) could look into whether it can be restored (the Valour 2020 thread, for example, had over 35 pages). It is certainly possible because the site will have regular database back ups.

    I would still like to know who banned me and deleted all of my content and why. It is cowardly to not own up and explain yourself. Stop cowering and be a man.

    I have looked into the threads, and they're just gone Lofty. Not in the "hidden" or "deleted" section of the ModCP.

    From my experience, this only happens if someone is flagged as a spammer. I know when I receive a report e-mail, the "flag as spammer" button is front & center on my cell, whereas any other button I have to scroll around to find. As a guess, I'd say this is likely what occurred, and whomever did it, probably doesn't even realize they did.

  3. Reappearing for a moment here.

    Took me about 2 seconds to lift Lofty's ban. Seriously. Mod control panel, Member management, search "Lofty" and remove ban. No clue why those "looking into it" didn't just fix the issue.

    Not sure why he was banned, but I keep getting emails from here with reports and shit so I clicked into this bitchfest and was genuinely confused, as yeah, a straight-out ban seems weird as shit in an essentially unmoderated board.

    As there is no way to delete your own account, I have repeatedly asked to have my account deleted or at least have my modship removed, because cancer (which they won't treat during the pandemic) is likely to kill within the next 6 months or so, and I don't have time or patience to deal with the shit here.

    @RS I noted you mention that you've mod capabilities. Can you please just click on my damn profile and click "ban as spammer"? That'll make it so I no longer receive emailed reports.

    That'd be appreciated thanks.

  4. 33 minutes ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    For the degree that this sort of posting is deliberate provocation and based on alt-right theories, this poster should be banned from the board. Mods?

    Thank you for sending me the following DM:


    Hello again

    I don't know if you are following the York9 thread. It has blown up just because it has been reported a women supporter was working on an all-female supporters group. As this has evolved, a person and poster @yellowsweatygorilla,  who tried to explain how racism works, explaining in a very calm and reasoned way as a racialised person his experience, has been accused of being a racist. Totally unjustifiably. The person posting these disgusting provocative alt-right views is @Spurs Fan

    This is the same garbage you rewarded @Macksam for by banning my with no justification for 3 months. 

    @SpursFan should be warned and if necessary, banned. Macksam is in the same boat, your tolerance has not had any benefit in calming his racist and sexist views.

    If the mods are not willing to react properly, not isolating those calling out racism and rewarding the white supremacists and extreme sexists who continue to push their fanatical agenda, there will be a next step outside this board.

    You are being warned. We were very close to doing so a few months ago, but felt you were trying to show some concern. But the end result is that an apparent lack of interest and what appears to be a bias in favour of one particular position is putting the entire board at risk. And it will be your fault if in the end we have to move the Voyageurs/Canadian soccer.

    I have not read this entire thread because the racists and fanatics I block are piling it on, and I am not intersested.




    You were banned for harassment, bullying, and threatening moderators & the voyageur's board.

    I will, once again, warn you against harassing, bullying, and threatening moderators & the voyageur's board.

    For clarification, your threat above is:


    If the mods are not willing to react properly, not isolating those calling out racism and rewarding the white supremacists and extreme sexists who continue to push their fanatical agenda, there will be a next step outside this board.

    You are being warned. We were very close to doing so a few months ago, but felt you were trying to show some concern. But the end result is that an apparent lack of interest and what appears to be a bias in favour of one particular position is putting the entire board at risk. And it will be your fault if in the end we have to move the Voyageurs/Canadian soccer.

    I generally appreciate your posts on the board, and had hoped that we had moved beyond baseless insults and uttering threats. However, as you wish to drag this out, I'll go ahead and post this publicly myself.



    As you clearly have no respect for me or my decisions, I am referring the decision on all warning & banning matters to @admin. I believe @jordan is another moderator who may be able to address your concern. There may be more out there. I don't really know. You'll have to ask them.


    As a leftist, with a wife who is a visible minority, and two children who are clearly halfies, I have found many of the responses to the Dames of York announcement & the resulting racism spiral to be disgusting, on many levels, and the back & forth interpretations/misinterpretations of responses makes me sick.

    I tried ending or redirecting the conversation, I tried explaining, but everything ends with another accusation, and cries of racism/sexism. When a loading error made some posts not visible, there were cries of censorship. So clearly, locking the thread or hiding the offending posts is not an appropriate response.

    Just as the conversation seemed to close, you, @Unnamed Trialist, jumped in and antagonized it again, and then proceeded to issue threats, to me, via DM.

    I've dropped writers from my own site, very publicly, for less than what has come out in that conversation, but, the voyageur's board isn't my site, I don't like warning or banning people unless absolutely necessary, and quite frankly, I never wanted to be a moderator anyways. I asked to be able to post articles to the site, and at some point, despite my objections someone made me a bloody mod.

    I'm finished with that shit. Go harass another board, or another moderator, because I'm not here for you to threaten & insult any longer.



    @admin and @jordan and any other moderator out there can address your threats themselves. Please stop shitting on Canadian Soccer and those trying to make it better.

  5. 5 minutes ago, ironcub14 said:

    Did you or another mod delete yellowsweatygorilla's last couple of replies on this thread? That's just disrespectful and straight up censorship lmao. Restore them back, please. We can talk Y9, but we can also talk other topics here too, no need to baby us. 

    Just reloaded my page, nothing is hidden...


    I hate getting into this OT shit, but:

    3 hours ago, Macksam said:

    @Unnamed Trialist, you were banned for race baiting and saying bigoted things about a certain demographic. There's a difference.



    2 hours ago, yellowsweatygorilla said:

    To clarify for others not in the know here, this so-called 'race baiting' and 'bigoted view' was @Unnamed Trialistcalling out the fact that so many football spaces seem predominantly white, and that there is a need to be inclusive of the many non-white football fans. The framing of it as 'bigoted' is just more 'reverse racism' bs.


    I will say that UT was not temporarily banned for the above reasons. He was temporarily banned for harassment, bullying, and issuing threats.

    He was restored under the understanding that these actions would be discontinued, and, after some huffing & puffing, they have. I generally enjoy his viewpoints as they provide a welcome counterbalance (most of the time).

    I don't really want to go further into this. IMO, it's water under the bridge. I wish UT saw it the same, but I can take his baseless jabs.

  6. Just now, SpursFlu said:

    When someone tells me we need to categorize people because they fundamentally think they are different and then treat them differently based on the definition you chose them. That's the most racist trash I've ever heard and take it very personal

    As do I. So click the report button instead of further antagonizing someone acting in a racist manner, and keep the threat on-topic.


    For example, my contribution:


    I'm very pleased that the Dames of York have stepped up and started their own supporters group, just as I'm please the Green Lions started one for people attending the university. It's great to see some focused supporters groups, and I hope they do a great job attracting more fans from their target demographics.

    With 3 supporters groups, hopefully we'll see those attendance numbers grow this year.

  7. Just now, SpursFlu said:

    I guess your not allowed to call out racism around here. Nice values

    Calling out racism is fine. Reporting it is better.


    Going way off topic and starting a fight just for the hell of it, while pushing out false information, no need for that distraction.

  8. If Videotron/Quebecor doesn't come on as a sponsor for a future Quebec side, I'd be very surprised. It'd be right up their alley and speak directly to their target market.

    36 minutes ago, MtlMario said:

    Only HFX and Pacific now have the same sponsor (VW).  EDM now switched from One Soccer to Swoosh but I agree there are many companies with lots of money like Petro Canada, Cdn Tire and one of the major banks (with their billion $ profits) etc. that should step up to the plate.

    Swoosh is WestJet's bargain fleet. So although Calgary & Edmonton look like they have different sponsors, they're a sort of father & son line.

    Macron is on every jersey, plus the big sponsor on one. Not really sure it's getting much extra value out of having the big spot as well, but I guess if Macron is kicking in extra cash for it, we'll take it eh? Low value advertisement does not equal high value returns for anyone. Another sponsor could use the spot for a greater ROI & a greater investment amount.

    Unless CPL matches are distributed more frequently on channels other than OneSoccer, that's wasted value there as well. We, obviously, don't know if MediaPro is kicking in extra (hopefully they are), but they certainly aren't getting much out of it. As with Macron, another sponsor could use the spot for a greater ROI & a greater investment amount.

    There are a lot of potential sponsors out there, but we likely won't see any step forward until we're through dealing with COVID-19's damage on the markets. When we get past 3-years of play, I think we'll really see the ball start rolling on that (assuming we don't get another big collapse of the markets).

  9. Not gonna lie, probably going to end up ordering both. The official ball as a collectible, the replica to practice/play with the kids.

    My eldest has already determined he wants to be a RB & that his little brother will be a future CM. May as well train them up with a good looking ball. 😂

  10. 16 minutes ago, m-g-williams said:

    Not a new one per se, but I get the impression that this may signal that Westjet is investing more in the league. Becoming a sponsor for one than one team would suggest to me that they've had to pay for that ad space. Also, I noticed that the season schedule was "presented by Westjet" this year, when I don't recall there being any corporate sponsorship for this last year. I'm hoping that this means that Westjet liked what they saw last year and want to expand their partnership. 

    This would be my understanding as well. Westjet has definitely increased their investment, so they must have seen a fair ROI from year-one.

    Additionally, for tax purposes, Swoop would likely be its own "company," even if its just a subsidiary. As a result, this would definitely be new money from Swoop (who may even have taken a "loan" from Westjet to pay for it, again, for the potential tax breaks).

  11. 1 hour ago, MM3/MM2/MM said:

    If there was a play-in game, I assumed it would be against Blainville (2 hours) vs Masters (5 hours). Would also help Blainville if they lose to Ottawa of having the expense of going to Halifax.

    Also better for the fans, last year I went from Ottawa to see the York9/Blainville game, Unlikely i will go to Toronto for a midweek game.  I'm sure a more Blainville fans will make it to Ottawa then Halifax.

    I would have expected Blainville vs Ottawa as well, but I'm guessing it may be an "entered competition for the first time this year" thing, whereas Blainville have been there since the PLSQ received a spot.

  12. 1 hour ago, youllneverwalkalone said:

    Who wants a single table vs. split seasons?

    I like the split season format, but with only 1 CONCACAF League spot at play, I'd rather have the single table.

    If our Spring & Fall winners both qualified, much like the Central American teams, I'd be quite happy with the split table... I'd be even happier if we got 3 spots, again, like the Central American teams (Spring Winner, Fall Winner, non-champions with best aggregate Spring/Fall record).


  13. 2 minutes ago, Cblake said:

    I have been reading the Fury folded buy did they not move to Miami, pretty sure they did. 

    Fury closed up operations in Ottawa & sold the franchise rights to The Miami FC.


    Edit: And it seems I was beaten to the reply. To expand a little further, only the USL franchise rights were sold, nothing else. The trademark rights for "Ottawa Fury FC" remain with OSEG, as far as we know. For all useful purposes, Fury are gone. Atletico Ottawa is a completely new venture, hosting their matches at the same place and with 1 of the OSEG partners involved in local management.

  14. The evolution of pro soccer in the nation’s capital will take a new step forward on February 11th with the new Canadian Premier League club backed by Spanish giants Atletico Madrid. From there, owners and key figures in the club will have as little as three weeks to get a manager, coaches and a full roster of players ready for pre-season camp, which is scheduled to start at the beginning of March for other CPL clubs. In the words of Sir Alex Ferguson, it’s squeaky-bum time for those building Atletico Ottawa.

    Many of the league’s top players and prospects have already signed elsewhere in the league, and much of the former Fury roster has found new clubs in both the CPL and USL, but there are still many players Atletico Ottawa can to look at and potentially sign before the regular season kicks off in April. The roster will likely include some loan players from the Atletico program, as well as some L10 and PLSQ players, however there is also a chance for Atletico Ottawa to pick up some fairly well-known names in the Canadian Soccer community. Here are five players that I think Atletico Ottawa brass should seriously consider making their first grouping of signings.


    Find the list & analysis on the NSXI Network.

    View full record

  15. 31 minutes ago, Obinna said:

    Looks like one of the biggest signings to date on the surface, but the goals are missing from his resume. Still, you cannot argue with all those Liga MX games, Mexican youth NT caps, and of course he comes at a good age. Very surprised he chose the CPL, but could be a very significant signing for the league and of course Pacific FC.

    Like the rest of you, I am very curious what his salary would be. I am thinking it must be in the 70k range at least.

    Agreed. And with that kind of price tag, we probably won't see Haber returning. Pretty sure this signing finalizes that release.

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