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  1. Hey @Lofty, could you stop posting these trophy images? You've made your point and are starting to move toward the realm of trolling (which I'm hoping isn't your intention). The images don't really add anything to the conversation and just prevent one from continuing further, like the proposed open letter to the league/governor general.


  2. 1 hour ago, Ozzie_the_parrot said:



    See the post by the guys behind elsewhere in this forum: 

    It's just a supporters group at the moment. Much like the dozens of other groups across the country. No owner, no stadium, etc. They're aiming for L1O first and, like so many others, dream of CPL one day setting up shop in their city.

    Not an expansion rumour. Just a bunch of fans saying "Please?"


  3. 44 minutes ago, Big_M said:

    Will Ronan Cordelle be the majority owner? Whats his background and net worth?

    Pretty sure he's just a member of the supporters group. So, probably -$100k not including the mortgage, like most "middle-class" Ontarians.


    Seriously though, this is a great push. I especially like that they're not stating a particular league, just pushing for a team (any team). Barrie should definitely have (at least) an L1O team, and it's truly a shame that there's been more expansion for L1O in the GTHA this year, at the expense of expanding into communities currently lacking pro/semi-pro/pro-am soccer.

  4. Here's my short:

    Top-8 from the previous year's CCL = Pot #1 of CCL, No seeding

    Top-8 from recent CONCACAF League = Pot #2 of CCL, No seeding

    If you don't make the top-8, down to CONCACAF League. There should be no guaranteed spots for MEX, CAN, USA, CCC sides. You want Champions League, you earn it.


    For the CONCACAF league:

    24 teams total.

    Preliminary round - 16 Teams with least number of CONCACAF League "points" over the previous 5-seasons. That's right. If a Champions League regular performs poorly and drop out of the top CCL pot, shove'm right into the preliminary round! Make them earn their way back. The Top 8 in one pot, the bottom 8 in a second.

    Round of 16 - Winners of Preliminary Round in one pot & top-8 teams based on CONCACAF League points over the previous 5-seasons in a second pot.


    I would love to add a CAN3 team, so both the winners of our Spring and Fall CPL seasons could enter CONCACAF League, but there's no room in this setup and I'm not sure we've earned a third spot (yet).

  5. 28 minutes ago, Ozzie_the_parrot said:
    This appeared on the league website twenty-five days ago:
    John Molinaro, Director of Content

    ...Clanachan touched on a number of other topics during Finals 2019 Media Day, and revealed that three groups are “very close” to landing an expansion franchise, although not likely in time for 2020. The commissioner said he expects to make announcements about future expansion teams in the next 30 days...

    Someone should put up a 5-day countdown timer. lol

  6. 3 minutes ago, Kent said:

    It's actually not so bad for Canada. If there were 11 qualifiers from the 2019 CONCACAF League, I think that would put Forge in! See the table here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_CONCACAF_League#Qualification_to_CONCACAF_Champions_League

    Forge are sitting in exactly 11th place. So we would lose Montreal, but CPL would make it's CCL debut before it's 2nd season kicks off. If they get the CAN1 ranking spot then they have a good shot at avoiding a Mexican team in the first round.

    Except they wouldn't get the CAN1 ranking, they would get the SCL11 ranking (as "wildcard" spots traditionally are added to the bottom). So, a good chance of being eliminated by a Mexican-side in the 1st round!

  7. 17 hours ago, Cblake said:

    CONCACAF could re-allocate the spot to another country. When teams could not take part in the past the team that replaced them was not always from the same country. 

    This is what I see happening, especially as they already have a pecking order to draw from: The 2019 CONCACAF League results. They're currently taking the top-6, with 5 spots potentially opening up due to MLS' situation, they just grab the next 5 down the list. Sucks for the US & Canada, but that's the most likely course, followed by 5-byes.

    If CONCACAF surprises us with an option, I'd put Cavalry in the 2020 CCL (due to V-Cup competition position) & leave Forge in the 2020 CL (CPL Champion).

    For the US-side of things, would it be the top-4 non-MLS in the Open Cup? Or would they give one (or more) directly to the USL-C? It'd be interesting to see how that redistribution would happen...

  8. 21 hours ago, ted said:

    So add more teams. The whole point of this is to foster competition and the more teams the better all around.

    We had 13 teams this year and we could have up to 38 teams (7 CanPL, 9 PLSQ, 16 L1O, 3 MLS, 3 USL2) for 2020 as it stands today without Fury and before the potential BCD3 is launched.

    Which 2 of 5 of the following USL2 teams folded?

    • Victoria Highlanders
    • TSS FC Rovers
    • Calgary Foothills
    • WSA Winnipeg
    • Thunder Bay Chill

    I can see excluding WSA Winnipeg, which hasn't won a game in several years, but the other 4 are good teams.

    Also, PLSQ is now down to 8. FC Gatineau & Dynamo de Quebec folded, while Celtix de Haut-Richelieu will be joining the league for 2020.

  9. Ottawa Fury announced last week that they have decided to suspend operations following issues regarding their CONCACAF sanctioning for USL in 2020. There is much to debate about decisions by those involved, however I  want to take this opportunity to look back at the 16 years that Ottawa Fury were operating in the capital region, and all the Canadian players, coaches and managers that this club gave opportunities to, and helped guide along the way.

    Ottawa Fury began in 2003 through John Pugh (current Canada Soccer Association board member), bringing women’s soccer to the capital region in the form of a USL W-League. Between 2003 and 2014, the Ottawa Fury W-League team managed to win nine division titles, made the national finals on three occasions and were league champions once. Over the course of its eleven seasons the W-League team featured such players as Kadeisha Buchanan (now with Lyon and the Canada women’s side) as well as Ashley Lawrence (currently with Paris Saint Germain and also the Canada women’s side).  


    Read more on the NSXI Network.

    View full record

  10. I agree with @SthMelbRed. That's a pretty good route, IMO.


    We should focus more on how they're going to "balls it up", since CSA doesn't exactly have a good track record for simple or sensible.


    Think about this madness:

    Group Stage: Round Robin with 3 Groups of 4

    SF: 3 winners + best 2nd place, random draw, single-match knock-out

    Voyaguer's Cup Final: single-match


    Or how about this, which would please both TFC (top MLS) & Montreal (prev V-Cup):

    Rd 1: L1O, PLSQ, Bottom 2 CPL, 2-legs

    Rd 2: 2 winners from Rd 1, next 2 CPL, 2-legs

    Rd 3: 2 winners from Rd 2, next 2 CPL, 2-legs

    Rd 4: 2 winners Rd 3, top CPL, Whitecaps, 2-legs

    Rd 5 (SF): 2 winners Rd 4, TFC & Impact, 2-legs

    Rd 6 (Final): 2 winners Rd 5, 2-legs


    Or, to preserve the previous V-Cup champ only, there's this monstrosity:

    Rd 1: L1O, PLSQ, Bottom 6 CPL  (in future, swap 1 CPL for L1BC), 2-legs

    Rd 2: 4 Rd 1 Winners, wildcard (in future, 2nd CPL), Top CPL, Vancouver & TFC, 2-legs

    Rd 3 (SF): 3 Rd 2 winners, Impact, 2 legs

    Rd 4 (Final): 2 Rd 3 winners, 2 legs

  11. 3 minutes ago, Sébastien said:

    Yeah, TFC2 in USL1 is the big "wtf?!" that I see.

    MLS? I get it?

    T-Bay? I get it. LO1 would be unfeasible for them due to geography.

    But TFC2? Come on. The fact that everyone is ok letting them continue in USL1 was a joke before, and it's even moreso one now.

    I agree, it's strange for them to let TFC II continue in USL-1. Although, there is no "comparable league" at this time (a CSA division-2 that is a step down from CPL & up from L1O).

    That said, we haven't exactly heard anything about their status for 2020, so for all we know, they might end up with similar issues.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Initial B said:

    Then what about the TFC Academy teams playing in the US development league when they have OPDL (Not to mention TFCII in USL1)? Or the Thunder Bay Chill when they have L1O? 

    Thunder Bay Chill was granted a special exception. The travel between Thunder Bay and the existing L1O teams is killer. As a result, L1O didn't want them (because of the sharp increase in costs for their teams), and TB didn't want L1O for the same issues (especially as they currently operate in a smaller region designed specifically to decrease those costs). Ontario Soccer, which governs sanctioning of provincial leagues, understood the exceptional circumstances and acted appropriately.

  13. 2 minutes ago, InBorjanWeTrust said:

    Can't wait for Gatineau to get a team!!!!

    That may be longer than expected. FC Gatineau just folded up their PLSQ operations, so don't expect any sort of step up from them.

    If Ottawa Fury fold, as we all fear, that leaves OSU Force in League1 Ontario as the highest-level of soccer in the capital region.

  14. 3 hours ago, SpursFlu said:

    I get the sense the CPL pulled out the check mate. Fury tried to screw with them by not entering the league. CPL knew fifa wouldn't sanction them in USL.  CPL spent the year finding Ottawa investors. Fury came back and tried to get back in at a discount and CPL probably said actually for you my friend double. Sorry not sorry your done we have an investor ready to go once your gone. You had your chance, MLSE and MLS maybe big but they're not fifa. You picked the wrong friends

    CPL were playing Sicilian checkers and the Fury ended up being some Hungry Hungry Hippos

    I want to like this post for all the fun references, but it's also super sad... I think we need a conflicted option.

    3 hours ago, JamboAl said:

    That stadium may get bulldozed for housing.  The location is decent for public transportation.  But it has very little around it when it comes to food and other entertainment options (unless you call a Canadian Tire an entertainment option).

    I seem to remember there being a Starbucks a couple blocks away too... Haven't been in the area since the Champions launched though, so it may have been shuttered since.

  15. 45 minutes ago, dnina10 said:

    Ottawa Fury to make a major announcement tomorrow...



    This was posted by Sebastien on the thread Ottawa CPL Club. This could be huge. Assuming this is true, everyone better keep their eyes locked for tomorrow's announcement

    Good news rarely comes on a Friday. All signs are pointing to Fury folding up shop, or possibly a 1-year hiatus before a 2021 CPL relaunch, if the known troll actually struck true...

  16. 17 hours ago, Kent said:

    It’s not a league determined thing though. The USSF is given 4 spots by CONCACAF and the USSF decides how to award those spots. If they wanted they could leave MLS play out of it and have the 4 US Open Cup semi finalists go to the CCL. The CSA if they wanted could use MLS play to determine our CCL representative, but that would render the Canadian Championship virtually useless and leave the other pro teams in Canada with no shot at the CCL.

    Very true, but it can be easy enough for CONCACAF to rectify: 1.5 CCL to Canada, 3.5 spots to USA. The 0.5 spot is determined by who wins the MLS Cup.

    Of course, I also think the bottom-ranked US spot and the bottom-ranked MEX spot should be shunted into CONCACAF League, with the top-8 qualifying to the CCL, so take my thought here with a massive grain of salt.

    TFC is not getting the spot. It's unlikely that CONCACAF will do anything to anger the US or MEX in regards to CCL. All will continue, more or less, as it has previously.

  17. 1 hour ago, deschamp86 said:

    My guess is that maybe Hernandez wanted to go to Edmonton to be closer to family and Pacific is accommodating him

    That's a good possibility. It's pretty tough for some guys to be away from from family.

    Hopefully Edmonton want to pick him up so that can be a reality for him.

    9 hours ago, CanadaFan123 said:

    What’s the deal with Legault?  He was highly regarded as a prospect.. was he that bad?  Same with Hernandez.

    Tough to see two guys from the u20 team of just under a year ago dropped from their CPL team. 

    He was definitely overhyped. Didn't really seem to deliver at the level necessary for this team. It's too bad it didn't work out, but we need more of mix of experience & youth for the team to really perform. This year was a little too youth oriented.

  18. 13 hours ago, Lofty said:

    YouTube is free. A 1S subscription is $50 or more. Low YouTube subs indicates low interest from anyone but hardcore fans. Not good.

    CPL channel subs are 5k. Also extremely poor.

    The first step in solving a problem is recognizing that you have one.

    I just realized I'm not subbed to either channel... Watch most if not all of the content, but not subbed.

    I guess I can boost the subscriber number a little, but I'm already paying audience so I doubt there's much real benefit...

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