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  1. You're probably right. It's probably on the database backups (if one is done automatically and it's not a manual process). As for activity log, probably. However, the reports I had received about your post aren't even visible any more in the moderator queue, so either the spammer flag is exceptionally brutal instrument or something's super funky at the very top. And with that, I'm out of here. Everyone please repeatedly report all of my posts with the complaint: "User has requested complete deletion of account. Do so." If enough reports go in, maybe someone with moderation ca
  2. I have looked into the threads, and they're just gone Lofty. Not in the "hidden" or "deleted" section of the ModCP. From my experience, this only happens if someone is flagged as a spammer. I know when I receive a report e-mail, the "flag as spammer" button is front & center on my cell, whereas any other button I have to scroll around to find. As a guess, I'd say this is likely what occurred, and whomever did it, probably doesn't even realize they did.
  3. Reappearing for a moment here. Took me about 2 seconds to lift Lofty's ban. Seriously. Mod control panel, Member management, search "Lofty" and remove ban. No clue why those "looking into it" didn't just fix the issue. Not sure why he was banned, but I keep getting emails from here with reports and shit so I clicked into this bitchfest and was genuinely confused, as yeah, a straight-out ban seems weird as shit in an essentially unmoderated board. As there is no way to delete your own account, I have repeatedly asked to have my account deleted or at least have my modship removed,
  4. Thank you for sending me the following DM: You were banned for harassment, bullying, and threatening moderators & the voyageur's board. I will, once again, warn you against harassing, bullying, and threatening moderators & the voyageur's board. For clarification, your threat above is: I generally appreciate your posts on the board, and had hoped that we had moved beyond baseless insults and uttering threats. However, as you wish to drag this out, I'll go ahead and post this publicly myself. As you clearly have no respect for me or my
  5. Just reloaded my page, nothing is hidden... I hate getting into this OT shit, but: I will say that UT was not temporarily banned for the above reasons. He was temporarily banned for harassment, bullying, and issuing threats. He was restored under the understanding that these actions would be discontinued, and, after some huffing & puffing, they have. I generally enjoy his viewpoints as they provide a welcome counterbalance (most of the time). I don't really want to go further into this. IMO, it's water under the bridge. I wish UT saw it the sa
  6. As do I. So click the report button instead of further antagonizing someone acting in a racist manner, and keep the threat on-topic. For example, my contribution: I'm very pleased that the Dames of York have stepped up and started their own supporters group, just as I'm please the Green Lions started one for people attending the university. It's great to see some focused supporters groups, and I hope they do a great job attracting more fans from their target demographics. With 3 supporters groups, hopefully we'll see those attendance numbers grow this year.
  7. Calling out racism is fine. Reporting it is better. Going way off topic and starting a fight just for the hell of it, while pushing out false information, no need for that distraction.
  8. If Videotron/Quebecor doesn't come on as a sponsor for a future Quebec side, I'd be very surprised. It'd be right up their alley and speak directly to their target market. Swoosh is WestJet's bargain fleet. So although Calgary & Edmonton look like they have different sponsors, they're a sort of father & son line. Macron is on every jersey, plus the big sponsor on one. Not really sure it's getting much extra value out of having the big spot as well, but I guess if Macron is kicking in extra cash for it, we'll take it eh? Low value advertisement does not equal high value ret
  9. Not gonna lie, probably going to end up ordering both. The official ball as a collectible, the replica to practice/play with the kids. My eldest has already determined he wants to be a RB & that his little brother will be a future CM. May as well train them up with a good looking ball. 😂
  10. And it's official. Ben Fisk is the 1st player announced: https://atleticoottawa.canpl.ca/article/atletico-ottawa-announces-ben-fisk-as-clubs-first-signing-enfr
  11. So... How does an academy sound? Oh sorry, it's not an academy, it's powered by Pacific.
  12. This would be my understanding as well. Westjet has definitely increased their investment, so they must have seen a fair ROI from year-one. Additionally, for tax purposes, Swoop would likely be its own "company," even if its just a subsidiary. As a result, this would definitely be new money from Swoop (who may even have taken a "loan" from Westjet to pay for it, again, for the potential tax breaks).
  13. All the Home Kits with the exception of Ottawa.
  14. That would be my guess. The CPL has confirmed he is remaining with the league: https://canpl.ca/article/ben-fisk-announces-departure-from-pacific-fc-reveals-hes-staying-in-cpl
  15. Fisk will not be returning to Pacific in 2020:
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