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  1. I watched the US feed of the game. It started with a pre-game where Heather O'Reilly was arrogant. (She's toned it down since). Their non-US announcers raised the issue that perhaps the later goal celebrations were too much. Their American counterparts were defensive. I think it's obvious that since almost anyone who is associated with the US Soccer program defended it that this is the culture they create. I remember being disappointed seeing Rapinoe flip off the ref in one of the WWC games in Winnipeg. No surprise she was the most blatant with her celebration. It's up to the
  2. I didn't think it was likely here either as she is scoring once every two to three games. Getting four would require getting at least two in the group stage.
  3. I think people are misreading on Sinclair. If you think she's not still one of your best players then I don't understand. The game is more than sprinting. Ideally because games are so close together, they'd be subbing her off or she'd get a game off. That's what they did at the Olympics. I think her body doesn't recover as quickly for games this close together. Unfortunately, this lineup doesn't score so she's playing the full 90. They can't take her out because of those they have up top, she's the most likely to score. I wished they had tinkered with other lineups more. On pape
  4. Oh my. Glad to see a game where they play the bench players but no offense + no defense is bad. Interested to see the lineup for 2nd half and if they can salvage this one.
  5. Thanks for the info on Matheson and Quinn. They have more options with lineups with those two players. It feels like maybe the WWC plan could be to use Lawrence at FB against higher ranked teams. But I'd strongly advocate her playing midfield against weaker opponents to make sure there is more offense. Goal differential is important and right now we're looking to win or lose 1-0. Hopefully against Nigeria, Riviere plays the whole match at FB and Lawrence plays up. They need to find other options they're confident with on defense. An injury would be killer for them.
  6. They seemed much improved from Algaerve to me. Much better possession play. Finishing still needs work and way too much just dumping the ball without finesse. I'm hoping Riviere gets a shot at starting and they move Lawrence up in the next match. Lawrence was invisible and too much of an asset to waste. I remain less than thrilled with Schmidt or Prince as starters and feel others should be tried. Would have rather seen someone else come on than Rose. If Huitema was there, she should have played some minutes. Anyone know why Matheson and Quinn weren't on the roster?
  7. What opponents are lined up pre-World Cup? Is it just England? Sorry but I find the Canada Soccer website atrocious for finding schedules. They need more games. USWNT has 5 more pre-WWC. I think the best thing they could do is play the top tier teams more. They build up too slow and need to play faster. You get away with it against weaker opponents. If they played teams that are peers/above them, it would become obvious some people don't have the smarts to play at that pace. It's just not the right mix KMH is using and I'm concerned about his failure at developing. No one is being
  8. I think the defense is as much a question mark as the final third. In the final third, we're at least seeing shots. On D, this group isn't fast enough and has no depth. The US D is having problems because their D isn't fast enough. We may not get hurt by it playing weaker teams but the top teams will exploit it. Schmidt is not fast so I'm not sure why they're trying to convert her to D. Only Lawrence is fast but they really need her playing up. It's been a long time since I've felt Schmidt should start. It seems there are others ready to take her place that can at least match her
  9. A couple of thoughts. I don't really understand the lineups KHM is putting out there. IMO, not the best 11 but unlike the US he is mixing it up and getting more people some game time so perhaps he's taking a long view. I'd like to see more Matheson and Leon who add speed with smarts vs players like Prince. The team needs to play at a faster pace. You could see Sweden picking off passes because they knew they'd be trying all this methodical build-up passing. It's clear he will have Beckie starting and thus I think she will make or break this team. In this tournament, she had tons of
  10. I was happy to see some tinkering with the line-up vs Scotland. A couple thoughts. 1) I'm impressed to see Matheson still has a lot of speed despite her knee injuries. When you see her sprint, it highlights something that is missing up front. 2) Not sure I understand why Leon doesn't get a shot as a starter. I get she provides spark off the bench and maybe they don't think she can do that work rate for more than 20 minutes. However, both elements are sorely needed up front. They're just better when she's out there. 3) I'm a bit perplexed why there aren't some actual FB being developed.
  11. Color aside they are just boring. Couldn't they be something other than solid. Like have a red pattern of some kind. It reminds me of cheap youth uniforms.
  12. I'm not sure it's about Sinclair falling off. Someone needs to get the ball up there for her to score. But I think KMH seems stubborn in sticking with this lineup and the team seems more dynamic once subs come in. He better start experimenting to figure out the starting 11 or they won't make it out of the WWC group stage. The midfield needs rethinking and the forward group definitely seems better once subs are made.
  13. I think you're being too hard on CWNT. Compare your team to the USWNT. The US is much larger and has a much bigger pool of players to pull from. Yet the rosters are pretty stagnant with a new face here and there. Player development is focused on the youth levels. If a player hasn't broken through by 20, they won't be getting development resources to surpass an existing roster player. Thus you only see young new faces and not those in their mid-20s. If the women's leagues ever become stronger at developing players, this could change. But right now Canadian women seem screwed. The
  14. With Labbe and others, I think they need to get more friendlies on the schedule so they can get other players developed to take over these roles. Defensive depth is lacking and they need a little something extra or different in the midfield and forward to compete with the big dogs. Look at how many friendlies the US plays. It helps.
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