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  1. Didn't Robinson play for Mo Johnston in TO who was a master of 1 agent deals with TFC. I guess he learnt his craft well.
  2. Only California and New york have produced more MLS players than Ontario
  3. According to his instagram Nik Blaskovic has moved from Croatia to CF La Nucia in Spain
  4. If under the current proposal there is no guarantee that that the 3 teams involved would play each other the same number of home and away games by the deadline.
  5. The fairest way would have been to give the spot to the 1st place at the half-way point of the season or at the a certain date in July. The way this has been handled has me thinking whether all franchises are equal partners or do Hamilton and Winnipeg control the league.
  6. How about Robert Kraft for an example Patriots and Revolution
  7. The factor whether it has any influence on him is what league his dad is involved with http://canadiansoccerleague.ca/brantford-galaxy-sc/#clubdata I'm sure most of the people on this forum know what that league is all about.
  8. Driving along the 401 there is a big sign that says MISSISSAUGA STADIUM. It's located at the Mississauga Secondary School. Drove by along Courtney Park and saw that there is a new field being put. Also, some sort of structure is being erected in the south end. Wonder if anyone knows anything more about this.
  9. Akinola is out with an injury. Saw it on twitter, can't remember from whom(Larson or Miolinaro)
  10. You can say the same for the American MLS teams as well. The CCL spots are given to USSF and they decide how to appropriate those slots(3 to the MLS and 1 to US Open Cup champion). Technically they are representing the US. It would be interesting if Canada ever got a 2nd slot how would CSA decide on who gets it.
  11. Reading comments from other sites, sounds like Club America will be pulling for TFC to defeat Chivas.
  12. really appreciate your effort with this table
  13. Sounds like Hagglund is becoming another Henry. Can't stay fit for long
  14. Highlights from the Canada vs. Brazil game; Really good crowd and featuring former TFC players Dwayne DeRosario, Adrian Cann and David Guzman as well younger Osorio brother who was with TFC II.
  15. This is an interesting turn of events. Wonder what is happening behind closed doors for the USSF to allow this. https://sbisoccer.com/2018/03/cosmos-miami-fc-armada-get-green-light-to-play-in-u-s-open-cup
  16. With the pitch conditions they are in TO don't see VV starting in the 3-5-2 system . Bradley,Osorio and Delgado. Could see Vasquez if they go 4-4-2
  17. At this time of the year shouldn't be too hard to get through. I've found the TFC staff pretty helpful in the past.
  18. I would contact he TFC office to confirm. They've changed security policies for this season. No backpacks allowed any more. In the past I've seen people using zoom lenses and I've seen them taken away. Probably best to get their permission ahead of time.
  19. In Croatian junior league yesterday Lokomotiva defeated Istra 4:2. For Lokomotiva Kosovar Sadiki played 45 minutes and missed a PK, while Nikolas Blaskovic played 90 minutes for Istra.
  20. Didn't play in the vs Mongolia although it was predicted prior to the game that he would be in the starting line-up http://www.foxsportsasia.com/football/asian-football/822537/malaysia-11-games-without-victory-after-mongolia-draw
  21. He ain't going to be going to the WC any time soon.
  22. Kosovar Sadiki played 90 minutes for Lokomotiva Zagreb juniors on Saturday
  23. Hopefully with the coaching change, Laurent Guyot who is probably a lot more experienced at this level than Jason Bent, we will see these young Canadians become good pro players rather than just prospects.
  24. They will be putting in new sod at BMO then. https://www.thestar.com/sports/soccer/2018/03/13/bmo-field-will-get-new-grass-pitch-in-may-surface-to-be-replaced-again-before-next-season.html
  25. TFC 2 opens the 2018 USL season March 17th at 1:00pm vs NYRB2 at Red Bull Arena. 13 players of the 20 man roster are Canadian. 43 Forward Aikim Andrews Trinidad and Tobago 45 Midfielder Luca Uccello Canada 48 Midfielder Dante Campbell Canada 50 Midfielder Matthew Srbely Canada 51 Forward Malyk Hamilton Canada 52 Defender Julian Dunn Canada 54 Forward Ryan Telfer Canada 55 Midfielder Aidan Daniels Canada 56 Forward Malik Johnson Canada 59 Midfielder Noble Okello Canada 61 Defender Rocco Romeo Canada 64 Forward Shaan Hundal Canada 72 Defender Jelani Peters Trinidad and Tobago 80 Goalkeeper Angelo Cavalluzzo Canada — Defender Kyle Bjornethun United States — Defender Robert Boskovic Canada — Defender Tim Kübel Germany — Midfielder Alan Mariano Miño Argentina — Goalkeeper Drew Shepherd United States — Midfielder Gideon Waja Ghana
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