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  1. Would there be any possibilty of putting a stadium on the old psychiatric hospital grounds in London? I remember taking my team to a tournament there a few years back and looked like there was tons of space there.
  2. Looks like Colin Jacques is with Istra Pula in croatia along with Nikolas Blaskovic.This was their roster from their 1st exhibition game on the weekend. Istra 1961: 1. poluvrijeme: Ćorić, Franić, Bilić, Sumić, Čuljak, Prelčec, Maksimović, Halilović, Krznarić, Ottochian, Vojnović. 2. poluvrijeme: Orbanić, Radetić, Ramadani, Sumić, Šverko, Burić, Jalinous, Jacques, Golja, Badrov, Trešnjić. Još su igrali: Ereiz, Blašković, Milutinović. He's there on a trial. Ekipi se u četvrtak popodne priključio vratar Marijan Ćorić, dok su na probu pristigla i dva nova lica, 23-o godišnji ofenzivni vezni Kanađanin Colin Jacques i 25-o godišnji veznjak iz Karlovca Josip Krznarić. Jacques je 2014. iz Kanade stigao u redove Rudeša, dok je Krznarić u karijeri igrao za Ilovac, Karlovac, Lučko, Bistru, Zlate Moravce (Slovačka) i Levadiju (Estonija). Na Drosinu je stiglo i jedno poznato lice, Splićanin Luka Franić, koji je za Istru 1961 nastupao u sezoni 2015./2016.
  3. With the abondment of NK Istra by its American ownership group(Michael Glover) and the departure of majority of its pro Nikolas Blaskovic has moved into the the first tem there. He is one of 24 players in their training camp.
  4. A few years ago when I was coaching at youth level trying to get an ITC from USSF was quite an ordeal. At the end I received the temporary one from the CSA signed by Victor
  5. Don't forget about Alex Bono. You can always find gems in the draft. If Impact uses the allocation money for good use than they will be ahead. If not they've wasted a couple of cheap options.
  6. Sorry, posted the picture twice .Didn't think it went through the 1st time. FRONT ROW; Nino Adamo, Carlo Bosco,Mark Purdy, Mike Sweeney, Hector Marinaro Jr., Peter Pou;sen, Colin Samuels, 2ND ROW; Hector Marinaro Sr.(coach), Carlos Cordoba, Charlie Falzon,Pat Harrington,Paul Hammond,Franco LoFranco, Ross Quartarone, Dr. R.Gringmuth 3RD ROW; Dave Harper(therapist), Nick Gilbert, Igor Vrablic,Scott Landry, Trevor McCallum, Gino DiFlorio, David Byrne,Maurp LaCaprara(equipment mgr)
  7. Colin Jacques is no longer with NK Rudes in Croatia. Rudeš došli: Dinko Jeličić, Vice Miljanić (Istra 1961) otišli: Inaki Alonso, Robert Perić-Komšić (Alaves), Mario Ćubel, Ivan Jelić-Balta, Muamer Svraka, Tony Livančić, Boyuan Feng, Rodrigo Rivas, Lovre Grbić, Jacques Colin, Tomislav Barbarić, Tomislav Havojić
  8. Colin Jacques was on the pre season roster for Rudes. The team has been basically taken over by Deportivo Alaves who have provided a coach and several players which has proven disastrous for the club. There has been speculation on the Croatian forum that Colin and several other original Rudes players have been let go, but nothing official has been filed with CFF/HNS.
  9. If a team wants to win the championship,which TFC does, you have to beat the best of the rest. AS far as I'm concerned it shouldn't matter whether it's in the first round or the finals. Might in fact be a little easier to defeat a good team in an earlier round.
  10. interesting read from Big Soccer http://www.bigsoccer.com/threads/columbus-drops-the-bomb-on-mls-and-dons-dirty-hands.2079587/
  11. to70

    Czech soccer [R]

    Saw an interesting article in another language about the resurrection to stability of Sigma Olomouc. Wonder if Toje knows the details about this.
  12. to70

    2018 World Cup

    Russia sure got the easiest group. Hmmmm?
  13. I don't think the Impact have to worry about losing any players. LAFC is only allowed to draft 5 players and am pretty sure they'll have their quota by the time they get down to Montreal.
  14. Nikolas Blaskovic came on in 58th minute Istra juniors and scored a goal in their 2-2 tie this past weekend
  15. There is a Blaskovic with Istra 2. I know Robert Blaskovic played with Mississauga Croatia youth. Think he is a 1999 birth as well. I think the dad's name was Robert . He coached on the team.
  16. He is there on trial. I don't think he has signed anything yet. They're just going through a coaching change now. Probably won't make a decision till their winter break.
  17. Last I know he was attending Ryerson. I'll ask my niece when I see her next. She is friends with.
  18. Marko Maletic formerly of TFC Academy is with Hajduk Split's junior squad in Croatia. http://hajduk.hr/vijest/visoka-pobjeda-juniora-u-kupu/9493 Started in their 5:1 victory in the Croatian Cup
  19. check where he was born.He was a pretty good player with the Blizzard
  20. He was suspended for the game. Yellow card accumulation Notice of Suspension Player Suspension (as of October 20, 2017) Reason Leandro Gonzalez Pirez (ATL) 10/22 vs. TOR Yellow card accumulation Victor Cabrera (MTL) 10/22 vs. MTL Yellow card accumulation Will Johnson (ORL) 10/22 at PHI Yellow card accumulation
  21. If you watch Hamilton closely when he gets a start he doesn't seem to put the same effort as when he comes off the bench. TBH when it comes to having a minimum no. of Canadians on the pitch this year anyways I'm divided. As a CMNT supporter I would love to see some kind of Canadian quota implemented, but as a TFC fan(this year anyways) I want them to play the best possible team to win the MLS Cup. If I remember correctly the CSA was in talks with MLS regarding this issue, but CSA decided not to force the issue. I think VM said that they re-visit this in a few years. Prior to this season TFC has given Canadians plenty of opportunities in the starting line-ups. This year is an exception for them as they really want to win the Cup. Whitecaps are in the same boat as they need to do well this year and have to go with the best possible team. The forced extra playing time for the CMLS teams will not make as much of an impact as having a Canadian PROFESSIONAL league
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