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  1. Saw a couple of Pacific FC fans at the TFC game Sunday night sitting near me. One has his PFC scarf out for the anthem.
  2. You can't base an opinion on season long attendance a midweek Cup game against an unknown to most people amateur side. I'm not sure even TFC or the Whitecaps would get much better numbers against Blainville if it wasn't part of theST package
  3. Agree with you totally. Pretty sure the owners of York 9 are in it for a long haul. They wouldn't invest this kind of money just to bail out quickly. Greenpark Homes has been a supporter of soccer for a long time. I've been involved with a couple of soccer organizations that have benefitted from their generosity.
  4. I'm not sure where all this reserve team is still coming from. The only MLS team that has is TFC and they've gone down a level. I can see them putting reserve teams in CPL 2 if it comes to fruitation down the road.
  5. I wonder if TFC got the bye due to the fact that they had to win The Voyageurs twice to get 1 slot in the CCL when CONCACAF changed the format. That to me would be the only reason for them get this advantage.
  6. The attendance for those was good in part to the push with the youth clubs in the area through CSA and Umbro. I know that the club i was involved with had a large section for each of the games. We got our tickets through Umbro as our club was using their uniforms aqs well. Hope that is done with Nike as well. They own Umbro now anyways (I think).
  7. The exhibition game vs the US at BMO was in June 2012 with 15247 in attendance. There was a pretty large contingent of American fans as they even did a march to the stadium. That year all 3 WC qualifiers were at BMO with attendances of 16132 for Honduras, 17586 Panama and 17712 for Cuba. I know that I attended at least 3 of the 4 games. Pretty sure there was a couple of Cuban players that defected prior to the game.
  8. I was visiting relatives in northern Sask. and during discussion they told me that a lot of their friends and neighbours go to Rush to support Saskatchewan teams. I asked them if they would there be similar kind of support for a soccer team and their thoughts were there would be. For the trip I was asked to bring some TFC merchandise( asked for anything with a TFC logo) for some youngsters in their neighbourhood.
  9. I was waching Pozuelo closely last Wednesday and have to agree with you. He's not a striker and he keeps drifting into the midfield and crowds Osorio or Delgado creating a logjam of players in midfield. He should drop back to AM role and insert someone else up front.
  10. Have to agree with you. Either with a QC or Montreal area team with a Sask. team following. I don't think another Ontario team is a priority
  11. I know there is a Peninsula comp league but there is no rec league. St catharines was always represented in the old NSL with Club Roma with very able leadership and facilities and with Heidelberg before that. Welland didn't fare that well in the NSL with several attempts. There are several successful youth Clubs especially the Jets on the Ladies side, but just don't there there is money to support the venture at the CPL level. L1O would be probably be the level for the area.
  12. TBH I don't think there is enough soccer support to make a CPL franchise viable. There isn't even a men's league in St Catharines or Niagara FallsI think there is one in Welland. This is Blue Jays/Leafs and Bills/Sabres country. Not even much interest in the Raptors
  13. I have soccer24 on my phone and pretty sure that they had the lineups posted as the games were being played
  14. He married the daughter of an owner of a department store chain down there.
  15. Here is little more info .He lives in Arkansas now. http://www.littlerockrangers.com/jazic-to-assist-on-u17-us-national-team
  16. I would presume that he is the son of Ross Ongaro from the NASL(original) days
  17. Monterrey over Les Tigres 1-0 in the 1st leg of the final on the road. Apparently away goals do not count double for the final.
  18. They used to broadcast their games on CBC a few years back(5-6 years ago if I remember correctly)
  19. I would guess that most teams wouldn't have those u20 teams this year. There is enough effort just to get the pro teams off the ground successfully never mind trying to set up other teams.FCE and Calgary already had been established.
  20. She is the resort GM. Tthe tweet came from the resort.
  21. Only 7 with the ist initial USL L1 roster,but all 4 forwards
  22. TFC wins season opener at Orlando City 2. Luca Petrasso and Jordan Peruzza scored with 6 Canadians in the starting 11 with another coming into the game as subs. Endoh missed a PK.
  23. FC Harlingen in Netherlands Aziz Yousef (midden) jaagt bij FC Harlingen It looks pretty close to the picture in Wanderers article
  24. Kaye never made to TFC's first team. He was coached at TFC 2 by Jason Bent
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