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  1. This was a first game for CMNT that I can remember attending that was 99% pro Canadian. It was a great seeing this.

    The chemistry between the midfield trio of Piette,Arfield and Osorio is so good to see. They know where each one will be and rotation of positions between them is very fluid.

    The other point is having Vitoria as defensive anchor was huge last night. He was in control back there.

  2. 6 hours ago, hamiltonfan said:

    Looks like the lower bowl will be sold out, a few sections of the upper bowl.

    Ticket aren’t cheap for basically anywhere, topping out at $135. All circumstances given, I’m pleasantly surprised here.

    They do have a deal where you get 4 tickets for the price of 3. I got my 4 tickets in the lower bowl for less than $100.00 a while ago(that's including the service charges).

  3. 1 hour ago, Impactsupporter said:

    What if you could merge all the various Toronto ethnic teams (Toronto Croatia, Serbian White Eagles, Ukraine United, etc) and form one Toronto team - Inter-Toronto - which could play at Varsity or York Lions Stadium??    At the same time you could abolish the unsanctioned CSL (plagued by a match fixing scandal)

    Just a thought.

    Toronto Croatia doesn't exist anymore and the other teams play in a league that only exists for the overseas betting. There is no community involment or fans.

  4. 7 hours ago, The Real Marc said:

    Your post neither responds to nor mitigates the fact that having a Canadian passport means you 

    a) are competing for fewer available spots on a US team
    b) face extra administrative hurdles to play on a US team, and
    c) face competition from Americans without similar hurdles to play on a Canadian team. (Not to mention the question of how many of our Canadians would qualify for an EB1-A based on exceptional ability as a squad player.)

    Those rules don't deter a Frank Yallop or Dwayne De Rosario but that's not who anyone is talking about when they bring up this situation; they are talking about the Marco Rizis or Felix Brilliants and even the Chris Pozniaks. In a cross-border league, it is discriminatory. In a league that uses star acquisitions to draw fans and drive interest, it is a killer blow. It is one - of course not the only one - but is a big reason for a lack of Canadians in the league.

    I'm not sure where you're the info about Canadians taking International slots on US based MLS teams. The only one that I see in this category is Raheem Edwards, the rest all have domestic status. 

  5. Bigger issue for York 9 attendance would be Saturday afternoon games. In Ontario the kids under 12 participate in what they call festivals. These events take place Saturday mornings and early afternoon. A friend od mine's son's team was asked to participate in the game opening ceremonies at a York 9 game and only 4 kids(parents) opted to participate. Also, he is given comp tickets on a regular basis.

    Now that the 'summer' is over we'll see if it makes a difference.

  6. 37 minutes ago, WestHamCanadianinOxford said:

    Does Martinique not being in FIFA completely take Honduras out of the equation for a big enough drop or would 2 bad results against T&T make it interesting? 

    Edit - Or I guess first question, does Martinique not being in FIFA make a difference? 

    Those games don't count towards FIFA rankings

  7. Canada plays US home and away

    Panama plays Mexico home and away

    Curacao plays Costa Rica home away

    El Salvador which is in the "B" level of the Nations League plays Montserrat home and away, Dominican Republic at home and has an away game at St. Lucia.

  8. 20 minutes ago, apbsmith said:

    Maybe I was blind but I could have sworn from watching the game in the stands we played a 4-2-3-1 vs Cuba ? As per me watching live and as per the MLS website?

    Yes, I know it's Cuba but I really liked what I saw in that formation. I think we can play that same formation vs USA at home. 

    I also like 2 defensive mids against the US, the reality is our backline is not quite there yet and needs the support ( as was evident vs Haiti.) As a result some good midfielders will be left off and yes Arfield will do just fine as DM that can still push forward when available anyways. 

    Here is the MLS site screenshot.



    My gut feeling tells me that Herdman will move Kaye to LB for the US game(s) and Arfield in midfield

  9. 10 minutes ago, Lofty said:

    Whose privacy?

    I can understand a guilty man wanting to keep the details under wraps but an innocent man would surely want everything public.

    And you can't accuse somebody in secret. That's what they do in Russia.

    I got suspended when I was coaching for something that somebody else said during a game and I really had no(real) recource. But that's the way these committees work. Technically I could appealled , but would have no chance.

  10. 2 hours ago, Lofty said:

    My concern it that this is a case of "guilt by accusation".

    If he did it he should certainly be condemned but if this is just a twitter lynch mob then a lot of other people need to be held accountable.

    Why is everything being kept secret? What have they got to hide?

    SHOW ME!

    Privacy issues. There was Canadian swim coach that was suspended a couple of years ago and they wouldn't release the details. Remember this is a sports discipline committee not a court of law.

  11. 19 minutes ago, Obinna said:

    He is also a 1-time capped US international.

    I think that would make him the first American with a national team cap to play in the CPL.

    And he is also famous for getting a red card after scoring his only TFC goal. It was an odd decision by one of those fabolous MLS refs.

  12. 22 minutes ago, Obinna said:

    Could be. First I would have heard about it.

    Straith is playing in Liga 3. That's an acceptable level considering the experience he has. Hardly amateur...

    Do you know what is over though? Call-ups from unattached fc! We can all be thankful for that....

    Adam Straaith is at Hansa Rostock. Has started 4 games there so far this season


    First name
    Last name
    Date of birth
    11 September 1990
    Country of birth
    Place of birth
    188 cm
    89 kg
    Adam  Straith

  13. 4 hours ago, toontownman said:

    Maybe he it's a training or attitude problem? Doesn't seem like that from anything we have heard or seen written in the past though?

    Real shame. Looked like a half decent move for him at the start.

    Watching him play for TFC all these years made it frustrating to watch. He has so much talent, yet so little drive.

  14. 4 hours ago, Kent said:

    had no idea who "Williams" was, so I looked up Columbus' roster. Apparently they have 2 forwards named Williams (JJ and Romario) in addition to a defender named Williams. Based on their stat sheets, neither of the forwards look like they should be ahead of Hamilton, but I don't believe I've ever actually seen them play (except for Hamilton).

    Pretty sure you have as I think you watch all the CMNT games. He scored on us in the '17 Gold Cup, Romario Williams that is.Gian-Luca replied to this as well while I was posting.

  15. On 8/24/2019 at 11:13 PM, Bison44 said:

    Of those guys you mentioned, only Porter came up through a MLS academy and even then I think he was with Vancouver before it was in MLS.  Bekker was SIgma/Boston Collage, Telfer was at York/Usports, camgaro was in NCAA and they dropped into MLS laps (joined in their 20's), ie could have dropped into CPL laps just as easily has they been around at the time.   I agree with your point that the academies have produced a bunch of players, but there are much better examples, 






    just FYI Camargo went to the NCAA from the TFC academy where he spent 4 years

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