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    Pqhbv reacted to GuillermoDelQuarto in Potential CPL logo concepts   
    pretty excited with how this one is progressing.  maybe a little risky but for some reason Post-modern seems to fit for Mississauga(at least in my head).  It's supposed to look like the clock face from the clocktower(if that wasn't obvious).
    Still working on getting the spacing with the lettering just right.  Ideally not overlapping the clock markings but still keeping the markings there(how the real thing looks)
    Also, pretty pleased with the clever little slogan I came up with   get it??

    edit: chose the time of just before 4 o'clock, because, well, thats go time.  School just ended for kids, or its the last hour of work for nine to fivers(aka go home early on a friday) - or If you view it in reverse, it's just after 11(aka we are a little more than 11, tie in with the slogan)
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    Pqhbv reacted to Rheo in Canadian Premier League   
    Apparently we have news coming tomorrow 
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    Pqhbv reacted to GuillermoDelQuarto in Potential CPL logo concepts   
    sarnia concept w/ coat of arms for reference.

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    Pqhbv reacted to Ansem in Canadian Premier League   
    Another reason to be fearful of an owner owning a CPL and MLS franchise at the same time:
    1-Understanding how "Players on Loan bypass the salary Cap/DP Structure"
    A)There was a lot of love shown by Julio Cesar for Toronto FC for the opportunity, too. See, Julio Cesar wasn’t getting a look at all at QPR. Toronto FC allowed him an opportunity to pick his career back up and make the World Cup.
    And it was good.
    But behind that move was a bit of financial confusion; QPR paid the majority of Julio Cesar’s vast wages. And those wages were vast, because Toronto FC could not keep him around afterward. Julio Cesar would have most certainly commanded a Designated Player level contract; it was one Toronto FC could afford but could not give him under the rules of the league and its salary cap/three DP model.
    Under this model, though, a loan in can bypass the salary cap, provided that the player’s original owner/team pays the remainder.
    B )So let’s take this example and apply it to New York City F.C.
    Lampard, Villa and a third DP – for this case, let’s say Borriello – aren’t clicking; New York could really use a strong central defender to help bunker down the back line.
    Over in Manchester City, young Matija Nastasic isn’t getting the playing time he needs. In an effort to find a solution, Manchester City could theoretically loan Nastasic in at a very low price for New York and just pay the rest of his salary on the Premier League club’s payroll.
    Montreal could theoretically do the same with players in Bologna swapping over to the Impact on a whim. It bypasses the salary cap and allows teams to stack up talent at a low cost.
    2-Understanding that it works in reverse in a scenario where (exaggeration of course), FC London finds a local kid who's the second coming of Messi. TFC could easily orchestrate the loan in reverse where no club would ever loan a player like that normally, but the parent club would still make it happen...reinforcing the B League image of CPL if TFC were ever allowed to get their way. 
    It also happens in reverse, with Manchester City taking Lampard for Premier League use to great success.
    3-Understanding the unfair advantage the B Teams would have from beneficiating from their parent's front office organization (scouting to name only that)
    See, teams like Manchester City and Bologna have large scouting departments, much larger than the scouting departments of New York or Montreal.
    Those parent clubs get access to young players who show tremendous potential but aren’t necessarily raking in the big bucks just yet, either. There are players who Manchester City or Bologna could theoretically sign on contracts that would fit comfortably in an MLS team’s salary cap and then loan them in at will.
    Already, MLS has seen a team use this ownership-loan option at this price level: Chivas USA, owned by the Mexican outfit of the same name, loaned in a handful of players this season, of whom only Erick Torres was made a DP. The rest, including players like Edgar Mejia, Julio Morales, Joaquin Velasquez and Giovani Casillas, were not Designated Players.
    4-Understanding the clear conflict of interest and the unfair advantage that a MLS B Team could potentially have over other clubs, being able to acquire quality players at a much cheaper price than the rest of the CPL team would ever be able to acquire.
    Which brings us to Montreal and Bologna. Sure, Bologna won’t be sending over DP level players.
    But, Saputo could easily send over younger players or less expensive players to Montreal on loan, and having those players on loan is a key advantage. Because when a player is on loan, there is no commitment to the club. If a player doesn’t work out, the loan is recalled and if the player does work out, a sale can be orchestrated for a very low cost, simply because the money goes from one of Mr. Saputo’s pockets into the other.
    It’s a rule, a loophole, and a team-building exploit that could see a few teams benefit tremendously. Whatever happens, MLS must be clear in its rules, one way or the other; living in the grey zone on this issue is a dangerous precedent to set.
    *That's another reason why setting up a league takes time on the legal side. You need to figure out all those rules/loopholes and details before launching....and that takes time!!!
    **After pointing out how much of a disadvantage allowing MLS B teams in the leagues would put the CPL original franchises, why in  their right minds would they ever allow that to happen in their league??? Answer...They wouldn't, hence TFC being unable to land a CPL franchise/affiliation 
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    Pqhbv reacted to Toje in League1 Ontario general news thread   
    Some of those players are no longer with the clubs listed, or with different clubs. It is also Chris Suta, not Chris Zuta.  He was also just released by his club in Finland. Manuel Aparacio (SC Ordenes, Argentina)  is wrong.  The club plays in Spain.
    That is really not the point though.  Good to see a few players making the jump to a more professional environment.
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    Pqhbv reacted to Complete Homer in League1 Ontario general news thread   
    OSA rebrand? Just trademarked by the OSA

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    Pqhbv reacted to Pat Carrasco in Canadian Premier League   
    Let's congratulate the Winnipeg Supporters Group for hosting their first meeting tonight as an official group. They finally got the ball rolling.
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    Pqhbv reacted to jpg75 in Canadian Premier League   
    Actually the money is similar in that American parents footed the bill for their sons elite development versus the Communist party in this case. In 20 years when China is still mediocre and have undone all of this work in a temper tantrum similar to what they did to their women's program when it did not produce the desired results i'll be sure to quote this post.
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    Pqhbv reacted to Lord Bob in BC Soccer aiming to launch "Regional Tier 3 League"   
    In BC Soccer's defense, you're making the exact math mistake I made when I looked at this yesterday: dividing $8,400 per year walk-up ticket revenue by $12 a ticket = 700 tickets, but then not dividing 700 tickets by 7 home games = 100 walk-ups per game.
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    Pqhbv got a reaction from shamrock in BC Soccer aiming to launch "Regional Tier 3 League"   
    Not sure if a three month season will do anything but be a re-brand of the PCSL... It's good to see movement in BC towards D3 -don't get me wrong- yet. perhaps this announcement is more reactionary to the recent PDL moves and BC soccer scrambling to get a hold of the situation. Hope my gut is wrong and this is something for the common good.
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    Pqhbv reacted to Complete Homer in Canadian Premier League   
    For a moment I thought you meant Totera. Thought, yeesh, pump the breaks a little
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    Pqhbv reacted to GuillermoDelQuarto in Potential CPL logo concepts   
    the problem would be that CPL won't show up with gold behind it as well.  not enough contrast.
    lol not to mention everyone except you and me hate the antlers hahaha
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    Pqhbv got a reaction from GuillermoDelQuarto in Potential CPL logo concepts   
    Can you try down sizing the antlers and fitting them on the maple leaf similar to the L1O idea you got there but not in white. Stay gold.
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    Pqhbv reacted to Gopherbashi in Canadian Premier League   
    Q: What must be done to meet any CPL entry deadline?
    A: “To be ready to go for a spring launch in 2018 we’d need to have a team confirmed and a site confirmed by April 2017. We need one year (to prepare).”
    ^ This timeline is interesting from the Halifax article.
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    Pqhbv reacted to grasshopper1917 in Canadian Premier League   
    Just a few points:
    1) Halifax has never been trying to build a stadium for the CFL. The idea has been floated several times over the last decade but was never really seriously considered. I don't think Halifax is a top priority for the CFL and im not sure there is an investor base in Halifax willing to take on the CFL.
    2) The Hurricanes drew between 1000-2000 fans a game and I hear they are doing about 2000 this year. Remember the team went bankrupt 2 years ago and forfeited the league championship game. No offense to the NBL but any league that has a team forfeit the Championship game due to 'security concerns' is going to get a bad rep. Also the pricing was pretty poor last year with adult tickets priced at 20$ a piece. This year I think thy are 17$ (still a little high by my estimation) and I think the increased support should be there. If they average 2000-2500 I think thats pretty good for NBL.
    Its also worth mentioning there is a time a few years back when the Hurricanes used to draw 4000 fans a night.
    3) There is not major outdoor sports team in Halifax so a professional soccer team would be the top sporting draw and these nice summer nights.
    4) SEA (the group spearheading the ownership group) has said they they will be privately paying for a stadium to start out. Their idea is to set up a temporary 8000 seat stadium at the cost of a couple million dollars to see if the team takes off. 
    5) Yes the government and teachers union are in contract negotiations. Government and public sector unions bicker and negotiate everywhere in Canada - I have no idea what this has to do with a soccer club being successful.  lol
    My feeling is that if the tickets are priced and marketed properly soccer can be a success in Halifax. Nobody originally thought a team in the 'Quebec Junior League' would take off but it has been a smashing success with some seasons drawing over 8000 a game. SEA has put on some pretty successful events in Atlantic Canada over the years so im confident they will have every chance to make this a success in Halifax.
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    Pqhbv got a reaction from canta15 in Canadian Premier League   
    I'm just glad there was a five hour break on updates to this thread...
    Finally I can sleep.
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    Pqhbv got a reaction from Rintaran in Canadian Premier League   
    I'm just glad there was a five hour break on updates to this thread...
    Finally I can sleep.
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    Pqhbv reacted to BCM in Chris Nanco   
    And we can all look forward to a MNT call up soon -  at least before his fifth match as a professional, I should think!
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    Pqhbv reacted to GuillermoDelQuarto in Potential CPL logo concepts   
    definitely not CPL related, but something I've been working on and I like you guys so I thought I'd share.
    yall like pretty(hopefully) pictures right?
    little rough around the edges, but I thought I was pretty clever 

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    Pqhbv reacted to lazlo_80 in Canadian Premier League   
    Scouting Players for his team because the CPL is about to start? YAHOO!
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    Pqhbv reacted to matty in Canadian Premier League   
    What draw fans in Canada to soccer games
    -MLS draws in its region
    -CanWNT draws
    -CanMNT can draw
    -MLS Canadian teams playing each other can draw on TV unlike normal games
    -Some local youth and armature sides
    What do not draw
    Meaning: BBTB stop acting like the CPL won't ve able to draw when a lot of what is needed to draw in Canada is there and stop acting like USL and NASL sides will make it super hard to set up teams and get fans in cities with them
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    Pqhbv reacted to matty in Canadian Premier League   
    It's not a draw. They pull in less than the deeply troubled nasl who are also not a real draw
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    Pqhbv reacted to GuillermoDelQuarto in Potential CPL logo concepts   
    based on city flag

    saw no need to reinvent the wheel here

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    Pqhbv reacted to -Hammer- in Disposition of Ownership Groups in CanPL   
    Yeah, the CFL fan will always have an inferiority complex. Mainly because, there are hordes of NFL fans who are only attracted to it by the glamour of the game and less the substance of it, and are always saying the CFL is no good and putting the CFL down.
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    Pqhbv reacted to GuillermoDelQuarto in Disposition of Ownership Groups in CanPL   
    nothing ridiculous, but it's my opinion that we should take a look at considering changing overtime format(although maybe this is ridiculous to purists).  Nothing else.  I like the idea of deciding it in open play, but I'd be fine if they didn't either.  
    this is slightly off-topic, but I do think part of combating that narrative is making it about cultural norms.  Basically, lots of countries play soccer, more than any other sport in the world, everyone knows this.  There are more games by far than any other sport, so naturally, there are more chances than any other sport to find moments that are ridiculous(you know the types of videos I'm talking about).  My point is that these are actually more about cultural norms than the sport itself.  Like... we're the mega-fans, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I've ever seen a North American player take a dive.  Maybe I'm just putting the blinders on, but i honestly can't think of a player who regularly dives(Hoilet can be a bit soft, but I wouldn't say he dives either) from Canada.
    I think we need to make sure people understand this.  Sure, players from other countries dive, but not our boys.  Thats the north american ethos.  Even winning isn't more important than the integrity of the game.  Some countries may look at it differently, but not us.
    I could go on, but I think you get the idea.
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