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  1. Not sure if a three month season will do anything but be a re-brand of the PCSL... It's good to see movement in BC towards D3 -don't get me wrong- yet. perhaps this announcement is more reactionary to the recent PDL moves and BC soccer scrambling to get a hold of the situation. Hope my gut is wrong and this is something for the common good.
  2. Can you try down sizing the antlers and fitting them on the maple leaf similar to the L1O idea you got there but not in white. Stay gold.
  3. I'm just glad there was a five hour break on updates to this thread... Finally I can sleep.
  4. Great infrastructure for this; as we all know good infrastructure translates to a growth in GDP... Gross Domestic Product... Shame that it was this same municipality that stifled the N/S LRT in the region of Peel in lieu of the taxpayers in the Etobicoke valley eh? PS. Excuse my bias and rhetoric.
  5. Rocket Robin would be best to chime in here, but I vaguely recall a former TFC prospect going to the CSL (pre L1O) after not getting minutes in TFC2. He eventually signed a pro contract somewhere else IIRC. In the end, the CSL's usefulness is waning and it will fade soon.
  6. IIRC in the first year of L1O, TFC placed their senior team there until it became apparent they were too good. Now, it is more fluid, and they move players between the too, but keep younger ones in L1O. Hopefully, the TFC3-nomer shows that the paying players will actually come into effect soon for L1O. Hence the PDL will be strictly for NCAA complaint players whilst TFC3 will be paid players.
  7. CSL has its own sports program on TV to provide analysis of games and players for the gamblers. CSL does pay some players unlike most of L1O. The attractiveness of the bets are the fixes... L1O will win out in the end, CSL is more than a lame duck right. It can't happen soon enough IMO.
  8. That Log Driver's Waltz brought back so many memories. Nostalgia feels all warm and fuzzy sometimes. Thank you for that @SuperCanuck
  9. I agree with what your saying in what the CPL ought to do. Yet, I was thinking about fans and media drawing the comparisons which would be unavoidable; especially with the MLS teams in the big markets, MLSE saying they want to be involved somehow, potential V-cup games against MLS squads. These are things that don't occur between the CFL & NFL or MLS and Liga-MX. How do you walk the line of not initiating comparison in such a world?
  10. Kind of hard to not mention the MLS with three teams in your biggest markets. Comparison, however unwanted, will happen.
  11. Also, you're description of Londoners -while accurate- could just as well describe Newfoundlanders IMO.
  12. If and when USL gets D2 sanctioning there will be a domestic player quota. It is part of the USSF D2 regulations.
  13. The Big Move overestimated the KWC population from MetroLinx IIRC...
  14. I'd vote for the year after we have the CPL in place, but that's not an option apparently...
  15. Just because I'm not a lawyer her can someone help me understand what he is threatening legal action for? It seems rather peculiar -at least to me- to sue for affiliation to a criminally convicted organization... It seems as if he's making the suit for his own negligence or lack of due diligence to me... Bill Edwards: "I accidentally laundered money for these crooks for several years, I tried to stop myself but it was only once I left that could I form the legal means to sue without a conflict of interest. By the way, I never once have reported any of this to the authorities previously because my law team says it is more profitable to sue after the fact." Is this how stuff works down south? I need help understanding this one.
  16. I agree that a healthy CFL and CPL can certainly coexist. I'm partial to all things Canadian though so its kind of moot. I think since that Will Smith movie gridiron, in general, has been slowly on a decline.
  17. Just adding fuel to the fire here: I mentioned the rumoured league to a friend of mine (who happens to be a legacy recording artist) a couple of months ago... He recently reached out to personally thank me for the heads up, as he had some cuts (for radio) taken up last week.
  18. I don't know why, but I feel like a Canadian version of Bonney would cost ~7-8 million today... What was the reno cost of Clarke Phase II again?
  19. IIRC the only agreement made was for player loans/temporary exchanges of some sort. Probably had to do with a side betting scheme of some sorts.
  20. They have fulfilled the financial requirements and stadium capacity (something the USL lacks) from 2012 to date. Also this season they fulfilled all of the timezone and # of team requirements - which it would seem they will need waivers for again next season if they don't add 2 more teams.
  21. I like this one, but maybe theres too many crosses, and the handles for the axe heads can go IMO, there's slightly too much going on recursion and all.
  22. How easy is it really for a USL team to leave though? Usually franchise models have exit fees, branding rights, X# of years in a non-compete clause etc. If Ottawa got a sweetheart deal in a waived expansion fee just to save $200K per year there really had to be some benefit for the USL's corporation. NB. Doesn't $200k seem almost too small difference, if it potentially causes problems with the CSA, dissolving the academy and issues leaving the USL/joining the CPL in the future. Wasn't 200k in savings just dumping Ritchie and Heineman's player contracts last year...
  23. It's been mentioned before, regarding the USL and its absence of a domestic player quota, if/when they get D2 sanctioning USSF requires a domestic player quota to be in place. On the other side of it regarding their salaries, there is a players union forming which would likely raise salaries, although IIRC there is a salary cap/restriction on 2/B teams wherein no player may earn more than the minimum entry level contract of a first team player...
  24. I really want to see Div3's across the nation as well. Not to rain on your parade but given the CSA's position & actions on the PDL in Ontario, i would imagine that once a BCD3 did show up the PDL teams would have to choose between that or the PCSL.
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