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  1. Are you suggesting the three I named aren't first choice in their respective positions?
  2. Innumeracy and shamelessness are the superpowers of the truthers. Why do the moderators allow this nonsense though? https://www.canadiansoccernews.com/forums/topic/77063-gold-cup-2021/page/25/?tab=comments#comment-939080
  3. It's not that crazy. The US lost to them in Qualifying in the last cycle.
  4. They were people supporting the Mexican men's national team. I don't think it's that complicated.
  5. Was there a suggestion that the men's team would be punished for something that happened at a women's team game?
  6. Mexico: "Did we mention we're sexist too?"
  7. They were friendlies, but they were part of the campaign to overtake El Salvador in Fifa rankings and qualify for the Hex. So they were essentially qualifying games.
  8. That was my thought. Can someone take a long glance and confirm?
  9. He'll have to play either at the Gold Cup or with Bayern. And he could get injured at either. That's the point. You seem to think that doing well at the Gold Cup somehow means not Qualifying for the World Cup? Wait until you find out what happened after all the Gold Cups Canada didn't win.
  10. The guy was right. BC's numbers show people dying at a rate almost 40x higher than what you're claiming. Perhaps you and your wife should learn how to do simple math before you start making medical claims that contradict the experts.
  11. Let's not forget Victoria who quickly sold out the T&T game, leading to the second game being opened up to the public, before it was all cancelled by the pandemic.
  12. Excellent result. How quickly people forget how hard it is to win these games. The US missed the last WC after losing in T&T and drawing in Panama and Honduras. We couldn't win in Belize or El Salvador in the last cycle.
  13. I watched the Olympics entirely on CBC online (2014 winter I think?) and the events could be watched everything from delayed 5 minutes to 5 days. Not only that but the timeline was annotated so you could find what you wanted (beginning of 3rd heat, 1/2 time, etc). This was years ago. One Soccer couldn't even deliver a live stream of the last game without constant technical failures. It's a slapped-together joke of a service.
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