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  1. I wonder how many of these people arguing, "but Cavallini cuz his goals for Canada," were arguing for anyone but Ricketts not too long ago?
  2. (with apologies to Kipling) When you're wounded and left on Honduras' fields, And the Catrachos come out to try to explain, Jest roll to and fro and cry out in pain, An' appeal for a foul like a CONCACAFer.
  3. Bamba currently tied for league lead in assists.
  4. Glad there's something positive coming out of David's slow start at Lille, but the less talented Brooklyn born player might need a loan if he's going to get regular playing time.
  5. He did drop deeper not long before he was subbed off and there seemed to be a slight formation change. It looked a little more promising than watching him lined up statically in the box. But perhaps the move was made in anticipation of Ikone.
  6. Thanks. I already receive the newsletter. Is the info in the newsletters or sent out separately? Looking through my mail from Canada Soccer I don't seem to have received any presale info from them for previous games.
  7. Can anyone tell me how to access the presale tickets? It says, " Canada Soccer Insiders " will be able to buy tickets the day before they go on sale to everyone else but no further info is provided.
  8. Whoscored top 5 league team of the week and the only teenager in the top 50 players in the top 5 leagues on the season so far. https://www.whoscored.com/Statistics
  9. After this run of starts whoscored.com has as the second highest rated player on the team and 9th highest in the Bundesliga.
  10. Of course, most players want to play.
  11. In sports, when a club has a contractual obligation to a player that it no longer has use for and which it's unable to trade or sell, it's the player that holds the strong bargaining position, as any reduction in that players salary is a win for the club, while the player can sit at home and collect paychecks. There's no reason for a player in that position to accept a net pay cut. And at that age and stage of his career, with a family to support and on such a relatively low salary, it's hard to imagine him doing so.
  12. I think it's probably pretty simple. Presumably he agrees to take less than the full amount the Whitecaps are contractually obligated to pay him, and in exchange the Whitecaps free from his attachment to them, allowing him to sign with another team. There's no way he ends of with less money than he would have if he simply enforced the terms of his contract with the Caps.
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