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  1. Very lucky to win vs Metz and ridiculous that they're still first in the league with performances like that.
  2. I was 20ish and spent part of it travelling and part of it studying.
  3. Everyone's different, but one of the best times in my life was being young and spending a year in Latin America on my own, not understanding any Spanish when I began. And that was before phones or email.
  4. What'll he be wearing? Portugal's U21s played today, I haven't heard anything to suggest he turned down a call from them to be with Canada. He had all of one u16 call up with Portugal and stayed on the bench while the team subbed on 2 attacking mids ahead of him. Also, what is the source for his being close to Sporting's first team? I've asked someone else making the same claim and just got vague hand-waving. It look's like he's only started one game for their U23s.
  5. Spent some time in Arnprior, and when I told people my name, inevitably they said, "so you must be related to (people with my last name). So, I don't doubt your initial claim.
  6. Both staying in Europe to do so - Lille's keeper not even leaving France.
  7. It turns out my VPN was preventing me from seeing any CMNT games on onesoccer's website. No, "blocked in your region", or anything like that. Simply no search results or any indication that the games are available to watch whatsoever when a VPN is used.
  8. Where are the replays to be found on onesoccer? Search doesn't turn up a single national team game on their website for me despite trying every search term I can think of. Of course the search function has no sort function or advanced search. Cab Canada Soccer not could find a better broadcast partner than this slapped-together garbage?
  9. That's unfortunate. Games go up on reddit faster than that. Onesoccer looks like a half-assed operation that can't even be bothered to use available technology.
  10. Got an answer - no. It's only available to watch from the beginning "sometime" after the game is over. Very poor considering the CBC was able to let viewers watch Olympic events on the CBC website starting from any point in the broadcast they chose, 7 years ago.
  11. I realize replays are posted, but I have this feeling they aren't available until sometime after the game is over, which would be poor.
  12. Can anyone tell me if streams are available to start from the beginning at any time on onesoccer? i.e. I could watch the Canada - El Salvador match from the beginning an hour after it starts? The contact form on their website doesn't work for me and they ignore questions on twitter, all of which doesn't give me much confidence in their product.
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