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  1. No questions asked or answered about why that was an option for some internationals, but not for the two Canadians.
  2. "We already know why." I've read speculation, but was Herdman or Hoilett or anyone else ever asked and an answer provided?
  3. Has anyone asked Herdman why he called players whom he seemingly knew wouldn't be coming? Or why Hoilett wasn't available in Mexico? Did a single journalist travel with the team? Is it just PR flacks for the broadcasters and Canada Soccer itself asking questions?
  4. They moved to a club that just squeaked into Serie A and may be back to B next season. Brugge is a bigger and better club.
  5. 100%. This is what people who say, "taking points from Mexico doesn't matter" forget.
  6. I was looking for Mexico's lineup. I image they won't be holding anything back and with throw Jimenez, Lozano, Corona, Herrera, Alvarez straight at us. 😱
  7. I think it's this but with Adekugbe for Laryea. Mexico is going to have all the possession and this gives us all the counter-attacking speed and distribution we can muster. Shaffelburg, Millar and Laryea can provide fresh legs in the 2nd half.
  8. True. They're idiots because they believe they Googled themselves Phds and overturned the medical consensus, but they can't even do grade school math.
  9. Anyone else noticed they slipped the US ahead of Canada in the standings in that release, despite Canada actually being ahead on head-to-head away goals? Lol.
  10. I hear this on this board all the time, but does the CSA actually offer this as a reason to call fewer players, or not play friendlies?
  11. You may be mixing different units of measurement, but Mexico City is 100s of meters higher in elevation than Denver.
  12. I don't think so (that they'll park the bus). El Salvador play a possession game and look to go forward. You have to go back to their Gold Cup game against Mexico to find an opponent that out-possessed them, and even then it wasn't by much. They're a good team that are better than the sum of their parts.
  13. Is Cavalini ready to go? Sounds like he was on the bench for Honduras, but he doesn't show up on the sheet? Rotate heavily, use all our subs to bring on fresh Davies, David, Larin, Eustaquio, and maybe give Johnston a short shift.
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