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    Futballer reacted to Robert in Does Victor Have The Balls?   
    I did forget to include the following positive achievement during Mt. Vic's tenor as president of the CSA:
    May 5, 2012 - Victor Montagliani elected president of CSA.
    April 19, 2013 - Columbus FC, Mt. Vic's club, gets inducted into The Soccer Hall of Fame as the Organization of Distinction.
    The facts speak for themselves. The Victor Montagliani era can be summed up as the most disappointing chapter in the history of the CSA, as in the end he accomplished sweet fuck all for soccer in Canada. Although personally, he didn't fare too badly from the experience. Shame on you, Victor.
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    Futballer reacted to canadianwolf in Should the Canadian Premier League have a draft system like MLS in the future?   
    The drafting system would be from Canadian universities and colleges. I know at the beginning of the league, there wouldn't be a drafting system but what about in the future?
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    Futballer reacted to Gopherbashi in CPL General   
    Clanachan plans to begin awarding franchises to by the end of next month

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    Futballer reacted to Complete Homer in CPL General   
    According to Clanachan they're pumping half a billion into CPL in the first ten years
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    Futballer got a reaction from toontownman in CPL General   
    So many things said over the past hours, have scared me senseless,  been in  favor of a independent club system, this means to me that the league aint  and dont want to be responsible for the club making money  which will lead to immediate financial failure just like the CSL days. 
    The most successful N American league over the past 15 years can now sell a franchise for 300 million dollars and you are not in favor of such a system: that `s scary: 
    Timbits soccer  that`s a scary thought to  bring to the table of professional soccer league. 
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    Futballer got a reaction from Moldy9 in Zambrano out!   
    You gotta give some credit to this new found decision making by the CSA, they were always a let play it safe kinda organization, and give  it time;  Now they want to see immediate impact 111
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    Futballer reacted to Complete Homer in Zambrano out!   
    Sounds like they want someone to reshape U14 through the senior side and Herdman was up to it
    Can't blame Zambrano for balking if his job description was as a manager...on second reaction this could actually be very good for the men's side to finally having someone with vision shaping the whole program
    I'm going to withdraw my "gongshow" comment and wait to see how this move pans out. Either excellent decisive move or typical infighting... Odds are its the latter
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    Futballer reacted to Ruud in Zambrano out!   
    Where is your evidence on this?  OZ brought Bernier back to play last summer and successfully integrated some youth into the fold, including Davies.  On the field, we have no evidence of lack of progress.... this seems to be a decision made on off field matters
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    Futballer reacted to gator in Zambrano out!   
    These players do not just crawl out from under a rock being un-scouted or unnoticed, there is a good file on all players who can potentially represent our MNT, Oz was doing a good job at giving the youth a chance, Davies and Petrasso come to mind! 
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    Futballer reacted to Ansem in Zambrano out!   
    Devil's advocate here.
    One delivered results which gives some confidence that some progress will indeed happen.
    The other promised results and there's a possibility that we're back to square 1 in 2022.
    That might have been a big factor in their decision
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    Futballer reacted to Marc in Zambrano out!   
    You're right, as WNT coach Herdman didn't coach the type of soccer that we needed to win to qualify.  But did Zambrano?  Meh.  Floro certainly didn't.  Hart did and then didn't.  Holger didn't.  Mitchell didn't.  Yallop didn't.  Lenarduzzi didn't.  And if you look beyond style to CVs, none of our coaches had the resume that suggested they could reliably coach the type of soccer we needed.  And the results showed this in the end.
    Hiring Herdman?  It's possible it's old boys club politics.  It's possible this is press-the-panic-button-and-grab-the-closest-guy .  But it's also possible that there is a serious problem and, if this is the case, this is best we have.  And we could have done a lot worse.  He's a known quantity with success at a different level.  I can see why they went for him if the circumstances are tight.
    Yes, coaching the MNT isn't the same as coaching the WNT.  But coaching the MNT isn't the same as coaching the u20s.  Or Tatabanya.  Or Wydad Casablanca.  Or Halifax King of Donair.
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    Futballer reacted to jonovision in Zambrano out!   
    There are plenty of managers who have success in their first managing job, some of whom get that first job with a national team program. Many of them were players, but in my opinion, coaching women is better preparation for coaching men then playing with men.
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    Futballer reacted to youllneverwalkalone in Zambrano out!   
    I like Oz a lot, although he strikes me to be an Ecudorian Herdman: speaks well, lots of charisma, may have technical deficiencies as he never played the game at a high level.
    The one thing I always felt during the Herdman WNT era is that they were managed far more professionally than the men: more matches, more media, more fans, etc. If Herdman had anything to do with this then he will help. 
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    Futballer reacted to youllneverwalkalone in CPL General   
    A stopped clock is right twice per day?
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    Futballer reacted to BringBackTheBlizzard in CPL General   
    If they had worked with the three MLS teams rather than seeing them as a rival and had managed to come up with a business plan that Tom Fath perceived as sustainable there almost certainly would have been a 2018 launch. If they can't get it done this year hopefully they'll have the decency to step aside so another approach such as working with USL can be tried instead.
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    Futballer reacted to matty in CPL General   
    Considering TWO of the MLS teams killed their high cost lower league projects, I'm very doubtful they would have improved the likelihood of a 2018 launch.
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    Futballer reacted to harrycoyster in CPL General   
    That's pretty in line with his platform. 
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    Futballer reacted to CanadianSoccerFan in CPL General   
    USSF presidential candidate Eric Wynalda has made a few interesting tweets and re-tweets.  Reading between the lines, he'd like it if the Canadian MLS teams f***ed off and joined a Canadian domestic league.
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    Futballer reacted to Complete Homer in CPL General   
    Not sure if this was posted or not. Just got my copy of the NSCAC's Journal for Soccer Coaches, has an interview with Bierne. 
    Don't want to rip off the article, go out and buy it if you want the full thing, but some quick takeaways:
    - Some teams will have true academies, others will be partnering with existing clubs to create a development pathway. 
    - In a response to a question about drafts and free agency, the league doesn't want to have many rules and constraints about the acquisition and distribution of player, but they have to have discussions on how things will work with the initial launch with such a high volume of player acquisitions that will have to be made. They also estimate that teams will need 2 transfer windows to have adequate time to build rosters. 
    - "From a budget perspective, with Hamilton and Winnipeg, I think we are sending the world a message about the scale and aspirations of this league [...] but we've also said we want to launch and be successful in communities of 300,000 [...] we need to be able to do both"
    - He can see them selling out games in markets like Saskatchewan with 10000 people and selling 20000 seats in Hamilton in a "future state" 
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    Futballer reacted to harrycoyster in CPL General   
    “We are not prepared to go from one situation where it wasn’t going to work, to another situation where it’s not going to work,” Fath said.
    Fath has interest, but based on this I don't think FCE will be a founding team. He'll wait and see how the CPL plays out.
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    Futballer reacted to Macksam in CPL General   
    Nice, well I guess we can expect a resurrection at some point based on that.
    edit: nevermind, just read the article.
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    Futballer reacted to Rheo in CPL General   
    Edmonton update from Sandor https://the11.ca/fath-was-at-last-weeks-canpl-meetings-but-warns-not-to-expect-a-quick-resurrection-of-fc-edmonton/
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    Futballer reacted to Macksam in CPL General   
    We all can’t wait for it to happen no doubt. 
    I think TFC getting to the finals these past two years and winning it this time around should boost interest from all stakeholders with regards to replicating that in their respective cities. The owners in Hamilton and Winnipeg definitely see the potential, and Saturday probably reaffirmed it. 
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    Futballer reacted to CNMNTPERUELIGIBLE in CPL General   
    Yeah, I heard ya!!!! 
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