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  1. 10 Canadian players may feature on the PAC 12 Network in the August 24th encounter when the Syracuse University Orange men visits Oregon State University Beavers. Syracuse rostered 8 Canadians and Oregon state 2 Canadians. https://pac-12.com/mens-soccer/event/2018/08/24/syracuse-oregon-state?j=2296343&sfmc_sub=432542334&l=301_HTML&u=151045476&mid=7226415&jb=1&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=SportWeekly
  2. http://nationalpost.com/sports/soccer/exclusive-canadian-premier-league-set-to-reveal-formation-of-canadian-soccer-business-to-oversee-soccer-properties/wcm/a4cf30a8-358f-49d3-b0b0-ba2cb6d1ef4f
  3. Future stars sports score 1 player on National signing day http://osubeavers.com/news/2018/2/7/mens-soccer-rachaun-palmer.aspx?path=msoc Congrats
  4. I can recall the the greatest promotion relegation stories ever been told in Canada, there were teams such tim Hortons, Coffee time, newly promoted Starbucks and crispy cream, we now know there are only 2 remaining. So i say bring n the Promotion and Relegation CPL it will have the same results as these restaurant franchises that stood the test of time, Cheers it coffee time!!!!!!
  5. that whats needed now to get CPL moving
  6. nice article need to focus more on the target market, forget about timbits soccer
  7. So many things said over the past hours, have scared me senseless, been in favor of a independent club system, this means to me that the league aint and dont want to be responsible for the club making money which will lead to immediate financial failure just like the CSL days. The most successful N American league over the past 15 years can now sell a franchise for 300 million dollars and you are not in favor of such a system: that `s scary: Timbits soccer that`s a scary thought to bring to the table of professional soccer league.
  8. Herdman was able to fill all the voids the women's national team had when replacing the retired players. The mens program was not able to replace stalteri, Razinski, etc much less when Atiba decide to call it a day with the MNT Program. WE do have players with the capability to replace all these out going players, this guy prove that he knows how to implement new players in the national team play system. Oz may have been a bit too slow in doing so.
  9. As far i as i know that club folded . the old boys has no say anymore, its has been a new thing for the past few years now.
  10. You gotta give some credit to this new found decision making by the CSA, they were always a let play it safe kinda organization, and give it time; Now they want to see immediate impact 111
  11. Finally the Canadian Soccer Association is applying a cutting edge type style management to the men`s National Team program: Way to go CSA: You notice the system is broken so get it fix immediately !!!!
  12. Bigmoe, Just heard about the change of our MNT coach to John Heardman. This is a move no one saw coming!! 2nd the appointment of John maybe a good one as this coach gave opportunities to unknown local players like Kadesha Buchanan and she is now one of the best Female defenders in the world, the key thing to all this is he found the talent locally here in Canada and made them elite international players, he has the same choices with the mens teams, as there are so many more talented players playing locally in Canada that, has not gotten their chance to prove themselves that john may give them the opportunity to prove themselves against our 1st team players who are not up to par.
  13. Hopefully a new sheriff will come to town and get things moving!!!! Forward Canadian Premier League Style
  14. Now ted that an interesting thing to say about one of the U.S National team players that help with the forming of the MLS you see today!!! So much you all dont know about MLS . The people with the money will always get the lime light, the people behind the scenes doing the work hardly does.
  15. Eric wynalda was one of the several U.S National team players that help develop and promote the MLS idea. So he should know what he is talking about, after all the millionaire owners only had interest after they received the proposals.
  16. From his statements in the news article and the tone of his voice stating good luck its a slim chance to none.
  17. Several years ago Ottawa and FC Edmonton stated to me that they would not join the CPL until it`s a proven Success on Field. They need to see other markets been successfully promoted. He is attending the meetings to continue his support of Canadian Soccer and keep his interest satisfied that he will be able to one day join a Successful Product.
  18. That`s true Mack, in order to market you you gotta set/confirm a date
  19. Buzz Sting FC Edmonton is gone, sad to say i think we just lost another one of Canadian soccer contributors due to our beyond slow approach in pushing this league forward in time to catch the fall of Edmonton FC. If the CPL had it`s targeted date set he would have, made the move.
  20. No need to get a video pat you want Doug Logan in person , he is just a phone call away . Let me know when you want that interview, we can set it up in a minute.
  21. Rheo i know that LoL : Key personnel from within again to further drive away investors,
  22. Soefeia Assurance says one man`s treasure is another man`s trash they binned it. Yet Still ----- They continued with naming and Sanctioning as Canadian Premier League a name and company registered since 2005, As super Dave Osbourne would say that Plan was made with Saskatchewan Seal Bindings !!! Lets see how far they go with their plan of touch down to Dollars.
  23. Got your drift but lets stop comparing Apples and Oranges they may all be Fruits of course but they have different markets. The Soccer Market place is an outdoor Arena while Basketball is an Indoor Arena which is sold at different times same goes for Hockey versus Soccer comparison.
  24. Many here including you feels that the CPL Cannot begin operation in 6 months time, which is false, League already has it sanctions, 2, stadiums already in place in two of the sanctioned cities, 3 . League office is open for operation. All that is needed is in place ready to market. Edmonton Failure to attract has nothing to do with the CPL and MLS operating in Canada does not prevent other Professional Sports team from attracting fans to their event, MLS is a part of the events and entertainment features here in Canada as the Canadian Premier League will capture its market share. GET smart my friend get smart!!!
  25. ok if the city you speak of had it`s closest competitive or closest city Rival competing for the same championship it will have a much different impact on each cities attendance.
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