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  1. Do any Canadian cities really need inspections? Maybe Toronto since it wasn't a venue for the 2015 WWC. Vancouver and Edmonton are well known to FIFA at this stage. My opinion is that between the IOC and FIFA city inspections are a straight up grift. No need to inspect Canada and Mexico as there are no competitors to out bribe. Not much new in this article out of Vancouver today: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/2026-fifa-world-cup-vancouver-consideration Some speculation about Vancouver fitting well for reasons that make sense and a small nugget at the end. "In a statement to Daily Hive Offside earlier this month, the BC Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport said, “The Province continues to discuss the opportunity to host the FIFA 2026 World Cup at BC Place with event organizers; however, no decisions have been made.”
  2. Did you use the link from the Vs page? I think you need to used that link before the code will work.
  3. This is a non-Vs code I received... CWSCAN22 I have not received the CanadaRED one yet either.
  4. Very true. It is interesting that starting in the April 2021 rankings FIFA moved to keep 2 decimals on their points. I had my spreadsheet going to to track Canada's pursuit on 6th spot in CONCACAF with the earlier WCQ schedule. Without retaining a few decimal points some friendly games would become almost meaningless when the points were rounded.
  5. I'm not sure we have to wait that long for poor fan conduct. The just finished October 13th match vs. Mexico had laser pointers, water bottles and other projectiles raining down. Perhaps FIFA will implement a fan ban (full or partial) for the Feb 2nd match based on the conduct of the last match.
  6. From https://digitalhub.fifa.com/m/f99da4f73212220/original/edbm045h0udbwkqew35a-pdf.pdf "The Elo method of calculation adds/subtracts points (as opposed to averaging points) for individual matches to/from a team’s existing point total." "Pbefore: Points before the match" The document computes a sample calculation and mentions calculation a new P for each team after a match. I can't find a definitive source, but reading the calculation document leads me to believe it is done on a match by match basis. A few minutes with a spreadsheet could confirm, but I am in reading mode, not calculating mode right now.
  7. As a pedantic person I have to note that MEX match numbers are not correct. FIFA points are calculated following each match and the both MEX and CAN will have a different point total than you used before the second match of the window. The numbers will be close, but if you are attempting the be precise you need to simulate on a match by match basis.
  8. There is no reason not to. Florida would be perfect. It is likely that they stage/train in Florida before they head to Honduras. 1 week with the North America crew and then have the European guys join for a few days before they head to the jungle. January is tough travel (Honduras, Vancouver, El Salvador). They would be silly not to get everyone 2/3 of the way to San Pedro Sula as early as possible
  9. ES has the easiest schedule so far. 3 home matches (1 win and 2 draws) and a crushing in their only away match. They are below the theorized point average to qualify (21 points - 2 point average at home and 1 point average away). First 7 games they have 5 home and 2 away. The reverse is true for the last 7. If they don't win both of their next two they can still be considered off pace (away to CR and home to MEX). Jamaica has the opposite schedule to ES - one that may be breaking them early. 5 of first 7 away and only 1 home match so far. Mentally it may be breaking them at the best time possible for Canada.
  10. I only saw bits and pieces of the first half. From what I saw it looked similar to when playing for CANMNT. Maybe stuck to the side a bit more - I didn't see him inside very often. Sane on the opposite wing seemed to have a lot more movement towards the middle.
  11. And his day at wing is over. Pavard red results in him shifting to LB.
  12. Toronto definitely not hosting Nov 16 vs. Mexico. CFL game now scheduled for that night "Another organization, which previously had a hold on BMO Field for that date, agreed to relinquish it if accommodated elsewhere" Edmonton had its Nov 13 home game switched with Regina a week earlier. My guess is: Edmonton Nov 12 (vs. Costa Rica) Vancouver Nov 16 (vs. Mexico)
  13. My heart skipped a beat when I tuned in part way through the first half. I heard the commentator say "Davies" as there was a #19 in red on the substitution board. Luckily (for us) it was a Hertha player that was injured. Hopefully on a plane to Toronto right now.
  14. Remember that Vancouver had a match scheduled for April 2020. May be a good choice to make up for that missed match.
  15. That site has some bad calculations. It has Honduras and Mexico losing points for knockout round of Nations League. My reading is there should be no loss of points during Knock Out rounds of finals competitions. Further, it is not calculating the points correctly for penalty shoot-out (W = 0.75, L = 0.5). That said it seems to have Canada's points correct. + 32 points so far in this ranking window is the best in the world (by their flawed calculations that is). Teams that do well in Euro and Copa America will surely surpass our point gains by the August rankings date.
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