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  1. He was outstanding in the CCL game vs KC right before he left for the Honduras game. Maybe he's starting to put it together.
  2. Dear Red Card: I will be there by 1:30. Please have LOTS of beer ready. Sincerely, A wreck.
  3. I like the idea as well. What about something simple, like a small maple leaf over the team crest, much like world cup winners' stars? You could even use the maple leaf from the V's logo
  4. I had friends do it in 48 hours, straight driving, swapping for sleep breaks on the way. In September, if you have the time to kill, drive, and camp along the way. It took us 7 days, driving a few hours each day, and camping in each province as we went.
  5. I'm available all day on Thursday if you need some help with setup.
  6. If you'll excuse the low-quality of the effort, I know the song you're referring to, and while hopped up on post-surgery pain killers, I attempted to recreate the tune on my tablet....poorly. http://app.visualmidi.com/player/index.jsp?midi2=2016-03-17/1458203973811&author=Adam+H&name=eh+oh Another whitecaps song that got repurposed ("allez les rouges" replacing "oh vancouver") was this one
  7. I'll be there on Thursday night. Might be 2 or 3 others with me as well. (although I'm not from out of town)
  8. I've only been to one whitecaps game, but I was standing next to Zach, and a lot of the tunes were familiar from November. (like others, I was somewhat hazy that day /night). One positive is that Canada and Vancouver have 3 syllables when chanted or sung. Now, I think it was you who had that song to the tune of excursion around the bay. I am 101% behind changing the lyrics to suit, because that song is awesome. Oh me, oh my, I heard the Mexicans cry Oh me, oh my, I think we're gonna die Oh me, oh my, I heard the Mexicans say We never should have taken on
  9. Adam H

    New Guy

    I joined fairly recently myself. Met a bunch of awesome guys and gals at the Honduras game, can't wait for March. Welcome!
  10. I like #14. I think the "Anniversary 20th" (which I understand, for design purposes, looks better) reads funny...what if were to have 1996 - 2016 underneath it? (or, even just Est. 1996)? #11 would also look nice on a shirt. #93 & #94 are clean, but I think the actual logo is too small, compared to the overall design If you're trying to keep it close to the original, #55 & #57 aren't bad, I think the black stands out too much, prefer the grey one. My 5 cents.
  11. Picked up a dozen.....might need more. CAN'T WAIT!
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