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  1. In one of the threads I flat out asked if that was preferred and someone said yes.
  2. I do, and I agree with you having your own segregated section for members. What I do not agree with is the general attitude that no other section matters, everyone else is not a fan, and quite frankly you could care less if the rest of the stadium was empty. There is no desire to grow and include all Canadians into supporting the national program. Just your group and your group only. You would have no objection to a 1000 seat Voyageurs only stadium for home matches. And to me that is just disgraceful thinking.
  3. This is utter trash. This organization is just a bunch of bullies You won't escape that. You want to ban people who don't think like you, kick them out of your section in a public stadium, you name it. This is not something the CSA should be proud of. I dont get why we have to argue about it. I just want to talk canadian soccer on the forum, not this dog and pony show about discrimination. Why can't you fellas just talk and disagree without name calling and telling people to leave and multi man gang attacks trying to shut me out.
  4. If I am now one of you, can I call a guy a vile name because I don't agree with him?
  5. I am not a member of this group; clearly I would be kicked out !
  6. This is comedy gold. The bully cries discrimination. I give you points for creativity.
  7. This is exactly what I am talking about. Just sad you can't handle anything outside of your bubble of thought.
  8. Let me try to repeat a bit. Differing opinions are great... I have no fear of someone disagreeing with me. My concerns were people calling me names such as ignorant or telling me to get lost. That is not differing opinions, it is simply trying to snuff out other perspectives. I wish someone here could see that, at least one person.
  9. You define "passionate supporters" as Voyageurs..... the rest of us Canadians who want to show up the games don't matter. The measure of blocking off the stadium was with Voyageurs in mind; keeping other Canadians out because they were not considered real supporters. That was a big part of my issue. We don't have to be like the Voyageurs to love and follow our national program.
  10. I specifically asked that question about the small "voyageurs only" stadium during my promotion of opening up the stadium and you guys said you would prefer that closed venue scenario. I find that is counter productive to growing the sport in Canada (we need to create fans). I do not consider this an ignorant viewpoint, just one that is different from the view of your group
  11. Calling me ignorant in a well constructed English sentence doesn't fit with your excuse.
  12. I have made several attempts to "talk soccer" with the gang and it gets met with abuse or name calling (even valid and reasonable opinions.) Which then leads me to get back into conversations like this.... which, believe it or not, I do not like to have.
  13. Yes,however, calling a new person ignorant when they share an opinion (which ended up being correct), does not make the Voyageurs look like a great group of people. Telling a new person to leave, quit, go away, or whatever is not going to reflect well. And, wanting to stunt growth of the Canadian fanbase because you are afraid a group of opposition supporters could buy tickets, is just ridiculous. I get that you guys want our home matches to be in a 1000 seat junky stadium with only Voyageurs in attendance; however, that does not grow the game in Canada.
  14. Yes, well, if your hopes are for everyone to have the same opinions or else get called names , you are in the right place.
  15. Based on this forum and how people act, I doubt that would be the case. I can just imagine being called all sorts of names if I happen to think something is a foul and the group collective thinks otherwise...... conformity of opinion is not something I thrive in.
  16. Seemed like an odd choice considering you wanted to be surrounded by everyone being the same... you left yourselves wide open for an invasion of "people who support differently than you".
  17. He deserved to get traded. It happened right after that penalty kick stunt he pulled and that was the end of it for him in Vancouver. It was a disgraceful display and I fully supported Tommy Soehn for benching him and then sending him packing. (one of the few things I did agree with Soehn on!)
  18. Out of necessity and not Robinson favoring him. I hope he does well today!
  19. Atiba himself said he attempted to come to MLS and got insulting offers (or no offers) from the 3 Canadian clubs and so he re-signed in Turkey. Also, under the radar you can find that the Caps didn't even bother to set up an offer. Their choice, however, I hope people are starting to realize the error in extending Pedro for another couple of years.
  20. Tim Parker will be a starting CB for the USMNT one day, he is going to be that good; he wont' be pursuing Canada anytime.
  21. Your response to me saying he pays lip service to Canadian players is to provide examples of three non-Canadians that he gave opportunities to? I was not speaking of young players in general, I was speaking of Canadians.... just to clarify. I don't like a quota system and don't want Canadians to be forced to play for the sake of it when this is a professional club committed to winning. I do, however ,feel Robinson leans towards another nationality time and time again when the Canadian is of equal or better value; and yet claims he supports developing Canadians. He has a heavy interest in players from south of the Rio Grande..... that's fine, all coaches have their bias of what type of player they want.. just don't insult my intelligence by pretending to support Canadian development when the evidence says other wise. Let's not even get started on him not even considering Atiba Hutchinson who would be a serious upgrade to our starting 11 and they didn't even make him an offer when he wanted to come back to Canada.
  22. I feel Robinson's efforts towards Canadians is lip service. I know people will say Fraser Aird.. however, he is only playing because Robinson's preferred choice (jordan smith) sucks. People can say Froese.... Carl signed Flores to a 5 year deal, seems to indicate he prefers him. Teibert got routinely selected behind Koffee even when playing more effectively..... I really don't think Robinson will give Russell the environment to flourish anywhere beyond what he already is, and perhaps just a sub at most. I think you are correct that Teibert would do well with a new club and a fresh start. Carl will not give him enough minutes unless there is a serious injury issue to several players. However, he will throw the captain's armband on Russell in a Canadian Championship match when he plays the USL guys and rests the first team, and say he is a future captain (complete BS under Robinson's watch).
  23. I doubt he will give up on his Italy dreams at least for a few more years... maybe the next World Cup cycle we can have him take the Scott Arfield route if he still isn't getting selected....
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