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    JohnnyFranchise reacted to admin in TICKETS: Canada vs Mexico - March 25th BC Place   
    You are talking to someone who wants to help organize the away fan support to make the experience a good one for everyone in the stadium for the exact reason you are talking about, there are many fellow Canadians.  Just don't have the resources to do that yet.  I have people who have joined us and bought tickets from us for years now I have met in the stadium and at the pub who were opposition fans. From Ecuador, Columbia, Peru and many more.
    There are away fans at our pre game and post game parties at almost every singe game I have been to. People buy them beers and generally talk about soccer.
    You are simply mistaken in your characterization of this, who we are and what we do.  You are trying really hard to make something from nothing.
    Is there any reason all parts of the stadium should be the same?  I find it hard to believe you would take the same view on this  if Canadians were to crash a Mexican supporters section and cause problems.
    BC Place security does actually enforce dress codes for want of a better term in certain sections. They do this at Whitecaps games.  Away and home support rules are actually pretty common.
    If you keep using words like bigoted, discrimination ect, you better start backing them up with examples.  It is unwarranted, and I take these kind of allegations seriously.
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    JohnnyFranchise reacted to ESG Shawn in TICKETS: Canada vs Mexico - March 25th BC Place   
    There are approximately 54 sections in the lower bowl of BC Place. Approximately 48-50 of those 54 sections cater to Canadian fans who choose to support the team in a manner similar to the way you describe. 
    Jamie and the rest of the volunteers set up 4-6 sections so like minded people such as the Voyageurs can express their support for the team.  The environment and manner of support in these sections are clearly outlined for those who choose to join. 
    I don't go into the regular sections and stand, wave flags and sing and chant. I'm sure the people sitting there wouldn't appreciate it, and neither would security. Of course I could go stand there with 10 of my friends and sing for 90 minutes, citing the same reasons as you,  saying it's discriminatory as this is Canada and I should be able support how I want, where I want. 
    Or, I could just do the reasonable thing and buy a ticket in a section where people will be doing the same thing as me... 
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    JohnnyFranchise reacted to admin in TICKETS: Canada vs Mexico - March 25th BC Place   
    OK, let's start over.  This has not been a good day. 
    First off there is a family section for people that need assigned seating. This is really difficult to do for us, takes a lot of work and effort to make it happen.
    You don't have to deal with the security issues when a group of away supporters buy tickets in our section. I am pretty confident in saying you have never had to deal with this.  This is a real problem for us and makes game day very not fun.
    Your post seemed like you just wanted to ignore everything and just plow in and do whatever you want.  It pretty much reads that way.  I have dealt with emails like this all day.  People who are telling me they will sit in their seats cause they are bringing their children and it gives them the right to do so.   You probably could and I am glad we live in a country where we can't really tell people they can't sit in a certain section essentially because of who they are.  
    But to purposely do so at the expense of what others are trying to build when other options are available is what is arrogant. Not us.
    You are painting people with some pretty broad strokes you have no business doing based on one snarky reply to a poorly worded post at the end of day dealing with people that want our cheap tickets but have no idea what goes into making those happen.   I was clearly talking about the 'attitude' that needs to die in that other post 'cause I am close to 15K in the hole on this project, and if you think that is arrogant... well I don't know what to say. 
    Just come out and have a good time. It's what we do, people are friendly. You are just wrong about what you are saying, and it can be proved so by just coming to a game and meeting people.
    You'll find a bunch of us who have been going to games 'since the 80's'  and probably really enjoy yourself.
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    JohnnyFranchise reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in TICKETS: Canada vs Mexico - March 25th BC Place   
    No, you can sit down if you get tired and nobody will be angry at you. If you plan on sitting for more than 20 minutes out of 90+ stoppage I wouldn't join the section because everyone around you will be standing and you'll miss the game because you won't see much!
    If you are sitting in the section with a green sombrero, then you're a dick.
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    JohnnyFranchise reacted to admin in TICKETS: Canada vs Mexico - March 25th BC Place   
    But if you want to be a dick and fuck up all the volunteer work and efforts of the people who put this together, you would be entirely free to do so.
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