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  1. ? Hopefully he can start getting more than the <20 minutes he's been getting, but if he keeps up the strong performances it shouldn't be too long.
  2. Pretty much all UEFA competitions, plus la liga and serie a use head to head as first tiebreaker. And Fifa uses head to head after goal diff. So thanks for that comment. And yes, we shall focus on beating the US first before looking at tiebreakers from here on ?
  3. Ugh. So if we beat the states by 2, and they beat us by 1, it comes down to who pumped Cuba by more. Bush league. I'm not surprised by it, I just hate it.
  4. That little hole in roof doesn't qualify as "open". I still don't notice the difference at any time of year if it's open or closed.
  5. Valid points. Except that UEFA almost always uses head to head as first tiebreaker, and FIFA uses goal diff as first tiebreaker. Given the sports climate around here I would guess CONCACAF will go with goal diff to encourage more scoring.
  6. Where did you see the tiebreaking procedures? I can't find it anywhere. Agree with the points there. Get the Cuba matches out of the way and use them as preps for the US matches. And good keeping in mind that the point of this tournament is to better prep our guys for WCQ. If we get into that finals bracket, great, but staying in league A is the real focus, gives us a few more competitive matches against the top concacaf teams.
  7. Thank you for beating me to that comment. Our players are NOT used to playing in cold conditions, last time I checked the lower mainland of BC is the only place where soccer is played outside through the winter (anybody feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). The whole "take advantage of our weather conditions" ploy only worked once, EVER. Time to get that out of the conversation and talk about where our guys on the pitch want to play, not where we think the opposition doesn't.
  8. How quickly we forget the days when Commonwealth was our home stadium and drew <10,000 fans in a 60,000 seat stadium. I'll take 5,000 or 6,000 US fans at bc place to get drowned out by 45,000 of us, and I would assume our players would take that too.
  9. We did, it's called BC Place .....also not biased at all
  10. ^^^ yikes if that's the only change, Straith looked like he was running with a fridge on his back all night on friday (especially their 2nd goal), I'm assuming Mexico will look to exploit that accordingly. Was hoping for more speed in the middle but oh well
  11. Did the guy whose team plays at 7,500 feet in 40 degree weather make a comment about our turf being a parlour trick?
  12. i guess that answers that then, thanks for the heads up
  13. Or at least black armbands, we might already be getting a moment of silence for the victims in Brussels.
  14. aaaaaand, gone! Yikes, the last ticket was for $90 to sit four rows from the top of the stadium, ouch
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