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  1. guys were talking about the olympic qualifying basketball tournament in victoria last month, that's what narduch's comment was in reference to.
  2. "i'm gonna use facts and figures to prove my point" *the figures actually prove you wrong* "those figures don't matter" seems like a contradiction to me, but i guess that can be interpreted differently. we're starting to go in circles now and i'm getting bored. let's let this thread get back on topic. i'm outta here, have a good weekend.
  3. no point, just enjoying watching you backtrack and contradict yourself.
  4. hahaha, outstanding. THIS was your original post:
  5. then why did you bring them up in the first place? because you thought they were going to prove your point, then when you got shown that they actually proved you incredibly wrong they become negligible. you're a beauty, bud.
  6. wait, what? the US has ~10x the population but you posted that they had 28x the number of deaths. i guess the numbers are negligible because who needs facts, right?
  7. the more this gets mentioned the more i really want to find out how that got ok'd. of course, if we're playing honduras and el salvador at bmo in september it becomes a moot point, but if we have to play those games elsewhere the csa better jump all over it and raise hell to get answers.
  8. i do like the idea of buchanan playing on the right because that's where he'll probably be in wcq.
  9. i like yours a lot and i would go with it, but just for conversation's sake: ------Cavallini---Corbeanu------ -------------Hoilett------------- ------Piette------Eustaquio----- Buchanan---------------Laryea -----Miller--Vitoria--Henry----- -----------Crepeau------------
  10. The last few minutes of that tfc game was a joke: 91st minute play stops due to possible head injury - absolutely, can't take any chances with lawsuits getting thrown around. Dude stays down for 3 minutes of the injury time, certainly the ref will add that 3 minutes at the end. "Injured" player comes right back on. I've been saying for years they need to impose a rule where an "injured" player has to stay off for 5 minutes. 30 seconds into the extra extra time my 11 year old son turns to me and says "2 and a half minutes left, tfc HAS to get one here." 30 seconds later, with tfc deep in NY territory and threatening, ref blows the whistle to end the game. Essentially, the "injury" killed 2 minutes of the extra time, and the ref didn't even let tfc finish that last attack to have a chance at nabbing a win. Joke.
  11. i was gonna make a point about stop playing in 70,000 seat stadiums. stick with the mls soccer-specific stadiums. memories of watching us play in seattle againt costa rica in 05 jump in my head, there were maybe 5,000 people in a 70,000 seat stadium for that game.
  12. just got the chance to watch the extended highlights. on japan's goal: 1. our centre-backs were absolutely napping, that is unacceptable, 2. it looked like we had 3 back against japan's 3 strikers, up a goal, with 7 minutes left..... tidy finish by the japanese strker tho, that was a clean take on the first touch. edit: zadorsky absolutely misplayed the labbe injury play and the japan goal. she was in perfect position both times and completely misread the play in terms of postion of greatest danger. our wnt is f*cked when sinclair hangs them up.
  13. i don't mind fleming but i thought i was the only one who thought that about beckie. her goal tally is incredibly misleading.
  14. qatar will be in the final. book it ........ and throw it in my face if el salvador pumps them on saturday 😆
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