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  1. I’m stuck at my in-laws for dinner during this time slot. Any tips for how to record the stream or otherwise watch this game later?
  2. Well, he seems really passionate about Canadian soccer, and seems extremely critical of the way things are done currently. That seems like the two most important items for anyone getting hired by the CSA, so I wish him good luck.
  3. Hell, in the scheme of things I live "close" to Vancouver, but it's still a $1000 ordeal to go see a game. Yes, I'm going to pick my spots. $1000 for a night out isn't trivial. It has nothing to do with how much I love/support the team.
  4. I love JDG, but having to force Floro to give someone else a chance could be a good thing. Except he'll go and slot Piette in there. Who am I kidding.
  5. I'm worried about this being snapped up immediately, so I'll offer $1300 and a dented can of tuna.
  6. ^I bought one at Deerfoot Mall yesterday. They still had a few left, but it was a mess throughout the clearance racks. $19. Stephen Avenue showed low stock, but they were in fact out.
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