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  1. He makes at least one crunching, devastating, perfectly clean slide tackle per game. With more playing time his decision making has really improved. He's of a decent size and fairly mobile. His confidence and decisiveness has him being one of the more entertaining Cavs players this season as he hunts down his prey each game (IMO).
  2. I think we need to slow down a little. June: "I hope we beat Suriname, I'm nervous with all of their Dutch call ups" October: "We'd better fucking destroy Mexico or I'm done with this team"
  3. Yes, but I think that was getting a lot more press, and it was not November 😂
  4. I'm curious how the crowd will be, and how they manage it. Commonwealth is cavernous, and there are far less people in a 3 hour driving radius of Commonwealth than there is in BMO. But it's also a huge novelty for us westerners. This is the first time I will ever see the CNMT live, and I've got a lot of casuals pretty interested in joining me for the trip up. Hopefully they try pack the lower bowl first before fully opening it up. BC Place did a great job with the curtain things, but not an option in Edmonton.
  5. Amazing job by everyone there. It sounded loud as hell on TV, and it was great the crowd picked right up after the early goal, despite lots of people still waiting to do the same. I've never been this excited to drive up to Edmonton in November.... lol
  6. No Hoilett is incredibly disappointing. The guy doesn't get nervous and can break a game open by himself. I'm nervous about where the goals are going to come from tonight. Although I keep forgetting about having Vitoria, Estaquio, Buchanan and Laryea coming back in. That's a decent shot in the arm.
  7. Is he being so completely misused that he also plays like shit? I can't remember the last national team appearance he looked like himself. I thought he was going to turn the tide for us. If he could have created one or even two goals in the Ocho so far, we'd be in a vastly different position. I don't think it should be unreasonable to suggest he do so, but he looks nowhere close.
  8. Both of FC Edmonton's fans must have been very upset with the scheduling change.
  9. Interesting, hotels in Calgary are still dirt cheap.
  10. I'm pretty excited to make the trip up to Edmonton. Getting to Toronto from out here has been tough to work out, so I'll happily go freeze my ass off and yell at some guys chasing a ball. I agree Costa Rica should see the bigger crowd. Maybe the game is so good a bunch of people are inspired to drive back for Tuesday!
  11. I don't understand the rational that Azteca is an advantage for the Mexicans, yet playing in Edmonton in November is not an advantage for us, as our players aren't typically playing in the cold anymore. How many players on the Mexican team are living at high altitudes? They will face the same challenges to adjust, no?
  12. Holy hell. Can we move on from the childish garbage and back to the water man?
  13. It's amusing how Montreal was lagging far behind the other Canadian MLS teams not long ago, and now TFC is in utter shambles, despite being the highest paid team in the league. As a Cavalry fan, it's great to see Waterman continuing to progress. As a TFC fan, it's all depressing, but the silver lining is that if everything goes just right, I'll be able to see TFC play live in Calgary, and Cavalry just might have a chance to pull it off 😂
  14. My $24 jersey turned into $120 in stuff because "free" shipping 😂
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