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  1. Multiple supporters who used to be in that section of Stade Saputo for Impact/CFM games (including myself) have reported on Facebook that we are unable to complete ticket purchases because our payment is rejected. It is especially frustrating because this includes the main organizers of Voyageurs activity in Montreal, so the supporters section for the upcoming women's game could end up being a shambles.
  2. Of course not... and anyway this is a mid-week women's friendly against a non-rival. And how much trouble has there ever been in the Voyageurs section of any home match? Ridiculous.
  3. The tickets are handled by Impact/CFM and they have blocked purchases from anyone who used to have a club season tickets in the now-closed supporters section 132 of Stade Saputo. We're trying to figure out what we can do about this.
  4. Full capacity is also allowed in Montreal.
  5. These dates are in the home stretch (last 2 weeks) of both CPL and MLS regular seasons, which may be a factor in the teams' decisions about whether or not to field an A squad. The way things are going right now, it looks like only Montreal will be hovering at the playoff line.
  6. It's strange that the semis are being played a week apart, but I guess that's the best they could do given the clubs' scheduling constraints.
  7. Montreal would also be without Kamal Miller, arguably their best defender and Romell Quioto, one of their best attackers, who plays for the Honduras national team. Both will be with their squads for World Cup qualifying.
  8. The girls seem to be settling in. We're starting to see more Canadian forward advancement as the half progresses.
  9. Not what I meant. I don’t know what the alternative is if the game is moved later... 5pm Tokyo / 4am ET / 1am PT? That surely pleases no one.
  10. All things considered, we would obviously prefer for it to be moved earlier in the morning, Tokyo time, since that works for viewers in all Canadian time zones. If it is moved later, then it needs to go as late as possible into evening, like 8pm Tokyo time (7am EDT), since at least Canadians in the eastern time zones could wake up at a semi-reasonable hour to watch it.
  11. Here is CBC reporting on possible rescheduling. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/summer/soccer/canada-sweden-gold-medal-time-change-soccer-1.6128736
  12. The Olympic web site still reports the match as scheduled for 11:00 Aug. 6 Tokyo time, which translates to 22:00 Aug. 5 EDT https://olympics.com/.../olympic-schedule-and-results.htm
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