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  1. Commentary says 1500 away supporters. That's good numbers and the beginnings of a decent rivalry between these two clubs.
  2. What the hell was Becker thinking, doing that? Should have been a red.
  3. CBC, without question. Support your national broadcaster, especially with the game for free on the main network.
  4. Maybe it's just me, or but the attendance seems to be a little bit low. Does anyone know the number of Forge season ticket holders? EDIT: Actually, the stadium seems to be filling up a bit. Must be a lot of latecomers.
  5. One other thing to learn from that article... Each round will be decided over two legs, BUT if the score ends tied on both goals and away goals, the teams proceed directly to a PK shootout. i.e. It appears there will be no possibility of an extra 30 minute frame.
  6. A very good game, but I sense a lack of cohesion n the final third. It’s good that we’re playing these small countries, because these players really need to share some field time and come together.
  7. I think that Larin might have been offside on that fifth goal ..,
  8. Realistically, though, this would be more appropriate for a CSA-sanctioned award. Also, it would probably be impossible for us to clear it with Mobilio's family in the time frame that we have.
  9. The Domenic Mobilio Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement
  10. This issue of giving MLS teams a bye would all be moot if Mtl, Van and Tor just bailed out of that league and joined CPL.
  11. If interest here is anything to go by, PFC should have a decent amount of support. This is by far the longest team-specific discussion thread in the CPL subforum.
  12. Hate the name. Too close to “Pacifist FC”, which brings a terrible image for both the team and the fan base. No self-respecting player or supporter wants to be called pacifist in the context of their sport.
  13. Three potential host venues instead of four. Someone more knowledgeable about the bid can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the intent was always to have at most 3 host cities in Canada. Any more than that and (given 10 matches in Canada) some of the venues would be hosting 2 matches (or less), which simply makes no sense from an organizational standpoint. Mexico similarly put forth 3 venues for 10 matches, and the US put forth 17 venues for 60 matches (again, likely at least three matches per venue). Soccer fans in or near Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton should actually be pretty happy that BC pulled out, because it made choosing those cities a no-brainer.
  14. Interview with Victor Montagliani regarding BC's decision to not be part of the 2026 World Cup bid. http://torontosun.com/sports/soccer/world-cup-notes-concacaf-boss-disappointed-with-b-c-bailing "“It’s obvious they thought we were playing a few games at BC Place. They probably thought it was a Timbits tournament. No, seriously. They just don’t understand the scope of what this sport is in the world and what this tournament means.”
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