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  1. Now Yilmaz gets the go-ahead goal for Lille after being subbed on for David.
  2. Good news. Davies will be back in the lineup for Bayern's Champions League match against Lokomotiv Moscow on Wednesday. https://www.sportsnet.ca/bundesliga/article/alphonso-davies-return-bayerns-lineup-champions-league-match/
  3. And that’s it. Forge have only themselves to blame for this result. The better team lost.
  4. PLSQ started two weeks ago. L1O is not playing yet, so far as I can tell.
  5. This new format is a bit of a kick in the nuts to the League 1 Ontario and Quebec Premiere League champions.
  6. Article on the MLS website praising him, along with highlights of his performance against SKC yesterday. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/07/27/thomas-hasal-vancouver-whitecaps-fcs-new-saskatoon-star-charles-boehm This kid looks like a real up-and-comer.
  7. The way that the Laval group announced it sure makes it sound like this supporters group is strongly tied to the as-yet-unconfirmed club. To be honest, there is not a lot of information. The supporters group has a twitter account, but haven't yet said anything beyond announcing that they exist. https://twitter.com/ClanNord
  8. It seems that the folks behind the potential Laval CPL team have decided to create a "supporters group" for their club, which does not yet officially exist. https://twitter.com/CplLaval/status/1218321344833773570
  9. World Cup dates for Qatar have been announced: https://cartilagefreecaptain.sbnation.com/2019/11/18/20970694/fifa-world-cup-qatar-2022-dates-confirmed-winter-compressed-season-real-bad The tournament will run Nov. 21 - Dec. 18, 2022 Book your tickets now!
  10. Good turnout in Montreal as well. The biggest group that we've had in many years at Bar Frappe.
  11. In Montreal, as always, we'll be at Bar Frappé . https://www.facebook.com/events/866170767145630/
  12. We were at Frappe. To be clear, we could have watched the OneSoccer stream if someone brought a laptop. We did that for earlier matches in the tournament. But with the bar receiving an ESPN feed, it was just easier that way. Much less chance of any technical glitches or crappy broadcast (stream) quality.
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