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  1. The way that the Laval group announced it sure makes it sound like this supporters group is strongly tied to the as-yet-unconfirmed club. To be honest, there is not a lot of information. The supporters group has a twitter account, but haven't yet said anything beyond announcing that they exist. https://twitter.com/ClanNord
  2. It seems that the folks behind the potential Laval CPL team have decided to create a "supporters group" for their club, which does not yet officially exist. https://twitter.com/CplLaval/status/1218321344833773570
  3. World Cup dates for Qatar have been announced: https://cartilagefreecaptain.sbnation.com/2019/11/18/20970694/fifa-world-cup-qatar-2022-dates-confirmed-winter-compressed-season-real-bad The tournament will run Nov. 21 - Dec. 18, 2022 Book your tickets now!
  4. Good turnout in Montreal as well. The biggest group that we've had in many years at Bar Frappe.
  5. In Montreal, as always, we'll be at Bar Frappé . https://www.facebook.com/events/866170767145630/
  6. We were at Frappe. To be clear, we could have watched the OneSoccer stream if someone brought a laptop. We did that for earlier matches in the tournament. But with the bar receiving an ESPN feed, it was just easier that way. Much less chance of any technical glitches or crappy broadcast (stream) quality.
  7. Games up until the end of the Nations League count for points in qualification for the hexagonal. If Canada can manage to win their group in the Nations League, then they will have two more games in which to pick up extra FIFA ranking points. El Salvador does not have that option, so in theory that may put Canada in charge of their own destiny in qualification for the hex.
  8. In Montreal, we ended up watching the ESPN feed because the bar was not set up for streaming and so could not show the OneSoccer stream. Broadcast (cable) television still rules the roost for live sports.
  9. Montreal As usual, Bar Frappe, 3900 St-Laurent https://www.facebook.com/events/769449960176713/
  10. The Montreal Impact supporters group 1642 Mtl has taken it upon themselves to sell t-shirts and scarves celebrating the Impact's 2019 Voyageur's Cup win. In addition to the group's own logo, these t-shirts and scarves say "Coupe des Voyageurs 2019" and include an image of the trophy itself. https://www.1642mtl.com/products/tshirt-canchamp-2019?fbclid=IwAR0L29JyV7K03BlBYYKpGhMa2sBXHnF0dtPsRxinqJ-MeAdWBHB-6a8fMs0 https://www.1642mtl.com/products/echarpe-canchamp-2019?fbclid=IwAR2UOZht_y4iUgRdkapCFRPoQpJS43YnlIO7M5Y04UikLtFoYeLFtq5ARPM Can someone please advise on whether or not they authorized to do this? My understanding is that while the CSA currently manages the Cup, the Voyageurs retain ownership including copyright and trademark. Did 1642 Mtl consult with the Voyageurs regarding these products?
  11. Possible Borjan vs Davies in the Red Star / Bayern match tomorrow.
  12. I'm having difficulty finding out how to watch the Canada-Cuba matches. Does anybody know who is broadcasting these games? Or streaming? I saw some mention of OneSoccer, but only for the game at BMO Field.
  13. Ah, OK, that makes sense. I was wondering specifically why the Impact were hosting the first leg, when as the presumably higher seed (I can't find any rankings) they should normally be hosting the second match.
  14. Can anyone explain how it was decided which teams will host the each of the two legs of the semifinal and final rounds? The only thing I can find is this vague statement: https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-outline-2019-canadian-championship-draw-format-p162036 Nor can I find information about the seeding of the teams in the tournament.
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