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  1. I can't wait for this match. The supporters are going to blow the roof off BC Place!
  2. I love it! Telus hire this person right away! Good steps in the right direction! Is there any way a proposal can reach Telus. The Telus logo on those uniforms loos awesome
  3. Same here. Never doubt 2 solitudes! Awesome podcast, you guys should have your own Sirius satellite show. Canada definitely needs to put it self first. We have to develop the children and best will rise to the top. We then can give our best 16-18 year old players a chance to play at the highest level in their country. Alexis Sanchez and Pele were only 17 when they got signed to top flight teams in their own domestic leagues.
  4. Shout out to Duane Rollins and Kevin Laramee for covering this since day 1. Thank you TiCats for backing this league and putting money up to start a team. I will always support the CPL until I die. Finally a place for up and coming footballers to achieve their dreams of becoming professionals! I went to Ottawa to watch the semi final vs Minnesota and I was impressed how the red blacks and fury go hand in hand in sharing the stadium. Our country needs these type of partnerships and backing to set up the CPL. A tv deal with a Canadian broadcasting company and a old money retailer like Canadian t
  5. The copa America is every 4 years just like the euro and it does show case top talent from abroad and from South America. Players in South America train their whole lives to olay in a copa America. This is back to back because of the year that the tournament fell on its anniversary. I think it's a good trophy to have on ur mantal. Only once in a life time!
  6. I want everything you want. I want more grassroots soccer involved.
  7. Ye I hope they get setup properly with their academies all they down to U8. There are a lot of fathers these days starting to train their kids at 1.5 and up. They will need these academies !
  8. I also hope that Victor is doing what's best for Canada and not the USA. I read this article, http://www.insideworldfootball.com/inside-insight/18591-caribbean-twists-and-turns-secession-next . I hope Victor does his own thing here legitimately and not be followed or groomed by Sunil Gulati. Victor has the smarts and support to run CONCACAF and to forget Gulati especially if Gulati is affiliated with something criminal. With all these bans on Emperor Sep and Darth Platini, Jedi Victor has the chance to bring balance to FIFA by showing what he can do first with CSA in Canada and then with CONCA
  9. Awesome read Squizz. I hope this league comes to life! I'll definitely be watching every game with my DVR and attending games in and everywhere near Toronto. Everyone should feel positive and give that positive energy to Victor and CSA to get this dream to come true.
  10. I just read the article and I'm really excited to hear that more details will be out this year. I come to: this website, wakingthered.com, rednationonline, Google Victor Montagliani everyday just to get one little detail about a Canadian League coming to life! I hope we don't get let down. The young men and women pursuing their dreams playing in L1O, PLSQ, BCSPL, HPDC-SK and all other football players in Canada need this league. Mitchell Tierney also had an article keeping up the hype on wakingthered.com called "What a National Professional League Would Mean for Soccer in Canada" which was re
  11. There are many international players that would love to play in Canada. The lifestyle, values as Canadians and opportunities for their families here is worth way more than our dollar in salary. And we have more than enough youth in L1O, Quebec, BC, Alberta that can fill up the rosters for our beloved C-league. We need Canadian investment in this league like: CFL, Canadian Tire, the Saputos, the Burnacs, Rogers, Bell, TSN, Thompson family, Irving family to fund this league. We need Justin Trudeau to get involved!
  12. Those commentators should have the common courtesy to at least introduce the man on the broadcast. Right now TFC, the Impact and Whicecaps are MLS bread and butter. The commentators know what's up with whatever Garber and Sunil and Victor talk about today.
  13. I seen Victor today on tv during the the opening of the MLS Cup final. He walked behind Don Garber and Sunil Gullati. The announcers on tv mentioned Garber and Gullati names and not Victor"s name at all. Clearly states that MLS has no interest in Canadian soccer. I hope Victor gets more Canadian players in MLS but I do want him to continue his legacy to create our own Canadian League. We still are missing that factor in bidding for a World Cup. But the announcers completely snubbed Victor. Not even a name or what he means to Canadian soccer. Victor please get more players in their system but p
  14. During my lunch hour there was WCQ coverage on CP24 Canada vs El Salvador. I'm so happy to see one of the biggest networks in Canada broadcasting Canada Soccer. I hope they don't stop there.
  15. I agree that we should be aiming to beat Mexico at home and start acting like we can! Floro and his coaching staff should be analyzing Chicharito and Raúl Jiménez attack and figuring out ways to stop them from creating chances. Jakovic, Ouimette, Straith, De Jong have to be all on point. Hopefully Wandrille Lefevre and Doniel Henry can come out to the camp in January. I'm flying to BC from Toronto to support our team. Fans have to show a bigger spectacle than the Honduras game. They're might be a big presence of Mexicans coming. We have to be yelling PUTO when the Mexican goalie does his goal
  16. Ive been watching Ian Hume playing in India. He's been scoring like a mad man over there. We definitely need him against Mexico have him and Larin play up top. Hoilett, Johnson, Akindele in mid field moving up. Hutchinson and de Guzman helping the defence. Doniel Henry, Jakovic and de Jong as defense. Borjan as goalie. We stand a chance especially in BC Place. Common Floro you can set this up!
  17. yes there is. If you have tsn go app with valid credentials you can watch the whole Whitecaps vs timbers broadcast. Montagliani's interview is during the half time coverage. I think Montagliani needs to be more friendly and confident when talking about a potential c-league. Canada has 1000s of youth coming up the ranks and they need a 1st their Canadian league. If we have to start off small that's fine. More fans should come together (no Jay's pun intended) and support the clubs themselves. I think working with the cfl is an excellent thing. I went to the fury game this weekend and it was ex
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