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  1. Whitecaps hold his discovery rights, so any move would to another team starts with Vancouver.
  2. Complete lower bowl is about 29k capacity. So if mexico supporters consume 15% of that space that would be roughly 4500 ppl.
  3. the Mexican supporters section appears to be just as large as ours!
  4. no but there was am email blast from the club outlining the presale window from the 8th to the 14th. Here is what I gather from the Mexico supporters section, as per ticketmaster. -much larger designated area than the Hondurans -still several seats available -likely haven't sold the upper rows of the section
  5. Agreed. At the least members should realize this and then make additional contributions.
  6. Any idea why EA lists Larin's preferred foot as his Left? That's not accurate is it?
  7. I play Ultimate Team. here's my squad Need a top keeper in order to compete with better teams,, and needed some speed on the right side
  8. Spend the money, support the cause. That pitch was horrible last night!
  9. Yes, a breeze usually picks up when the roof is open. It can be brisk in there usually however I'd expect it to be cold tonight.
  10. does the umbro rep know where we can get shirts personalized in Vancouver?
  11. sorry and put me down for the roll call, taking three other newbs as well.
  12. how about where to get a newly acquired shirt personalized with player/number(with the proper font).
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